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Dell Computers / I will never buy another dell anything!

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I also needed help from the customer service and I could not understand a word they were saying. I talked to three technicians and I was given the run a round and not only that one tech put me on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes They even asked me to go and borrow some one else keyboard and try that and I finally said enough is enough. I paid for in home repair and I simply refused to unplug another cord and run up and down the road. I will never buy another dell anything!

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  • Mi
      4th of Sep, 2006
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    It is incredible how difficult it is to get to the right department at Dell..I just spent 2 hours on the phone circling between departments to find out how to contact the manager in charge for their catalogue marketing dept. And when I finally got the number in Austin, I could not even leave a message as their phone system kept on disconnecting me In addition, their phone system does not provide a MARKETING option, nor an operator option finally, I did get an operator line by pushing random numbers and was on hold for 22 minutes!!! Remember, this is not customer service/tech support/product issues this is simply their office in Austin, TX!!!

    We buy from Dell frequently but the non-product/non-sales contact information options are unbelievably bad why would Dell not have a list of numbers for their other departments online? Why can I not talk to a manager in charge? Why do I have to spend 2 hours on the phone with customer service dept., sales division dept. and all other departments (mainly in India) when I only need to speak to the head of Marketing in the U.S.???

    Dell, your prices and products seem good but if you don’t take care of the “overhead” side, you will go down the drain nobody wants frustration and there are already many people out there who are frustrated join me to that list!

    Why in heavens do we receive 11-16 monthly magazines when we are only 5 in the office??? We never subscribed for your magazine and did e-mail you on canceling your mailed magazines but even more disturbing, you have names on your distribution list that have nothing to do with our employees but with our customers instead! We do not give out the names of our customers so where did you get them from???

    If I do not get an efficient response, I will take further action.

  • Va
      19th of Jan, 2007
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    Got a new Dell from wife for birthday, My old pc will handle anything easily. This POS has all usb port's so ok I'll figure a way of making it work "No way" if the devise is not on there approved list forget about connecting anything else to it.

    I'm no comp wonk but my old pc would recognize anything and adjust to accommodate to it.If you have any 9db or 25 db serial or parallel devices your sol...I have bought cable converter's a printer port card all kind of stuff. It was a gift so my wife did not know exactly what i needed but come on an ol' pc that I'm on now easier and more compilable to adding devices and compliant to needs...IMHO Dell product's are Very user UNFRIENDLY...And have not heard anything from them when i stated my situation...this usually means they know exactly that there strategy is working to "pigeon hole" consumer's and direct there market share America it ain't your father's America anymore.All the best...!!!

  • Ro
      3rd of Apr, 2007
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    I have never had such a horrible experience with any company in my life! I will just summarize my horror with customer service:

    4 emails that have NEVER been answered, 2 phone calls, one in which the lady finally just said, "you will have to call back & talk to someone else, I don't know enough about your problem." and another in which I spent ONE HOUR on the line with 3 different reps and finally the rep (all had such thick accents I couldn't understand a word they were saying) told me "I would have to call back in about 15 minutes" & got rude when I asked him to repeat what he just said.

    Dell has gotten to big for it's britches, has moved all of it's so-called "customer service" overseas & is seriously biting the hand that feeds it. I can't believe Mr Dell is allowing his company to be run in such a shoddy manner.

    I will NEVER buy another Dell product EVER. If I buy something in America, I expect to have someone that speaks CLEAR, FLUENT, ENGLISH if that is the language I speak. I also expect my problem to be taken care of either by email or phone ASAP.

    I am dreading this, but I have to call Dell again regarding my issue. If I could, I would box up this computer & ship it back to them today. (The computer works fine, it's an upgrade issue that I'm having regarding Windows Vista)... My concern is, if I can't trust them to handle my problem with this, what's going to happen down the road if I have a hardware issue that needs to be resolved?

    Robert Stevenson

  • Te
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I couldn't agree with you more about Dell's offshore tech support being an abomination. I own a small business and routinely purchase computer equipment. I was buying Dell product until a relatively-new 20" LCD failed and I called to get a replacement. Funny thing is, I could easily understand everything the Indian folks on the other end were saying to me. Problem is they were seemingly incapable of understanding my clearly-spoken, proper English, even when I spoke slowly and kept repeating myself. They seemed to always be looking for buzz words in my speech, then rifling through info on their side for canned responses, and often giving "answers" that had nothing whatsoever to do with what I asked. For example, I tell their tech support: "The left half of the screen on one of my 20" Dell LCD monitors has failed. It has dark vertical bands on every computer that I try it with. I have several other identical Dell LCD monitors. None of my other monitors exhibit this behavior." One would think that such a discussion should need to last no more than a few minutes to reach a conclusion. But will Dell offshore tech support, the conversation continued for 90 minutes with mindless questions like "Is the monitor plugged in to the computer?" and "Is the power turned on?", asked not once mind you, but several times. Then when Dell finally agrees that the monitor is bad and says they are sending a "brand new one", they ship me a scratched-up refurbished monitor a generation older than what I have and the entire right side of the screen is dead. When I call back, I have to go through the same series of mindless questions all over again. Dell finally concedes, insists that a "brand new monitor" is really being sent this time because of the mix up. I receive the second replacement monitor the next day. I open it, turn it on, the screen is scratched and has a few dead pixels, plus the monitor stand has a big gouge in it. Clearly another refurbished monitor. This time, I give up. At least the second monitor functions and I have real work to do. A few of my colleagues had similar experiences. So, Dell has lost me permanently as a business and home customer. I now buy slightly more expensive equipment from companies offering real tech support and service.

  • Me
      21st of May, 2008
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    They gave me the run around in customer service and tech support too!

    I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot. So my mom suggested getting a Dell because they start at $800. This was much more appealing and so I agreed it was probably a better idea. So I started looking at the lap tops and looking at what I needed. It came out to about $1800 because unlike a Mac, you have to buy the software and pay for all of the things like wireless cards that just automatically come with a Mac. I also had to pay EXTRA to get Windows XP, the version before Vista. Let me say that again, I had to pay EXTRA to get the older version of Windows. I should have known after that not to buy a Dell but I did anyway. My mom actually had a credit card with them that would allow me to make monthly payments. So I thought ok this will be fine, I am not doing any photo work I really just need this for Internet and word processing. So the computer was ordered and delivered.

    I started setting up the wireless network at my house with my Internet because whats the point of a lap top if you have to be plugged in?? So I got everything working with Netgear on the phone and set all my passwords etc but when we finished the computer wouldn't connect to the wireless network. It recognised the network but wouldn't connect. So we called Time Warner Cable and worked with them. They said the Internet was working and the wireless router was fine and that we needed to call Dell. So we called Dell. We were on the phone with them for over and hour and a half. They couldn't tell us what was wrong but said we could call their wireless specialists for a fee and they would fix it.

    This was very upsetting - who wants to pay Dell to fix their brand new computer? So I took my computer to the studio where I work and tried to log onto the studio network. It didn't happen and when I asked the studio owner for help he said first "why did you buy a Dell?!" and second most PC's aren't compatible with the wireless networks in the studios we work in. OK, now I am really, really sorry I got a Dell. One more chance before giving up completely, I tried to log onto the free public network provided to the city - no dice! My computer asked for a network key to get onto every network I tried. You should need a pass word for a secure network that's it! And a free unlocked network is just that!

    So I went home immediately and called Dell to return my computer. I got an operator and told him what was wrong and he asked me to tell him the date of my invoice. I did and he said I'm sorry ma'am your computer is 24 days old and we only return up to 21 days. Are you kidding me?!! You can return anything to Dell for up to 30 days - except the actual computer. I was PISSED! So I said I still wanted to talk to customer service so he connected me. 47 minutes later I was still on hold. So I hung up and called back and went to tech support. I figured one more shot... they connected to my laptop through remote access and did the same stuff the Dell, Netgear and Time Warner people did the day before. When the Dell tech couldn't fix it after 45 minutes he said you have 2 options: "You can call Netgear and ask them to "hide" your network so you can turn off your security system" - um no security protection at all and you think a hacker can't "find" my unprotected network?? So I asked what the other option was. The Dell tech said "Well You can call our Dell network experts and they can help you but you have to pay them". I'm sorry, I am paying $1800 for this computer and you want me to PAY for network help?!! The guy on the phone said I'm sorry ma'am, we don't guarantee network compatibility, we only guarantee the computer and the wireless card are good. I shouldn't have to settle when it comes to my NEW lap top and security system. The security system, by the way, was the one Dell sent with the computer: Trend Micro. Which happens to be very good, but you would think that Dell would make sure their computer work with the security system they are recommending and sending to their customers.

    So you can buy a Dell lap top to use wirelessly but if it doesn't work - figure it out yourself and make sure you do it in 21 days. Oh, but remember if you return a Dell you are going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I can understand this because I am sure people buy lap tops and change their mind. But this is not a simple "I changed my mind". This is: I bought a lap top to use while I travel around and work in different locations and it is not compatible for what ever reason with wireless networks. It doesn't do what I bought it to do and what Dell advertises it can do.

    Moral of the story: Don't buy a Dell!

  • Sc
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    After being a dell customer for 10 years, I finally had a problem and they basically said "how can you serve us better" is a very very very long story but trust me i will never buy dell again. Please tell everyone they suck!!!

  • Li
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    my sons computer is a dell studio 1535. it is a piece of garbage.hasnt work well from day one. we had it custom made so he could play games one it and it dosent.have called tech support many times and always got the run around.i have spoken to many managers.finally the y said they would fix it for free . they tried to nget me to by an extended warranty for $350.00.I TOLD THEM NO WAY.a computer shouldnt break after almost 1 year. after theysaid they fixed it, it came back not working at all. i was on the phone i go again.they fix it and now after a couple of weeks it dosent work again.I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL PRODUCT AGAIN. i have 3 pcs and 4 lap tops. never again

  • Tr
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    I recently had a problem with my new Dell studio computer (5 months old). Mother board went out and Dell replaced the part. Now the sound is not working (read that motherboard is probably not compatable with sound device) eventhough diagnostics indicate sound is working and meters are moving up and down. Dell has offered me a refurbished computer (why not a new one since it is still under warranty and not even paid off).

    I found on line chat with customer service is much easier than dealing with people on the phone. The language barrier is has to constantly repeat sentences. The home service so far has been excellent (someone was out to the house withing 1 day) but unfortunately, the part change created another problem. If the refurbished computer has the same problem, small claims court will be the final issue since I refuse to pay for something that is not fixed and under warranty. I too have purchased Dell over the past 10 years at it usually takes 3 years before the computer starts crapping out...that's what we get for demanding cheap electronis from China!!!

  • Co
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    Dell - computer
    United States

    on approximetle the second week in july around 10 am dell called myh work phone and spoke to a coworker about my account that is against the law dell has denied doing so but when the call came in they put it on speaker phone so i could hear it so dell you are busted i would like to be compensated for this are there will be legal action taken

  • Gu
      28th of Aug, 2018
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    Dell - Product: Battery Order
    United States

    I ordered a 14-3452 Dell battery for my computer, which is the correct battery for it, and I unfortunately received a battery that was not of the same model. It will not charge on this computer, and I request that the correct one be delivered to the same address: 1386 Trail Terrace Drive. I thank you for your cooperation.
    -Guy Cogan

  • Vi
      16th of Oct, 2018
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    Dell - My Dell laptop Inspiron 3558 not Working, Only showing Black screen

    I purchased Dell Inspiron 3558 from local dealer in Visnagar before 11 months. But since last week It's not working. when I start, It's only showing Black screen nothing else. I have 1 month warranty remaining and also registered complain in dell company but they are not properly reply to my complain.

    Please help me what I can do now.


  • Ka
      4th of Nov, 2018
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    Dell - complaining about service provided by salesman

    The person working in dell showroom does not know how a sale a product as soon as possible.I have order a dell laptop of series 3568 worth of 45000 through Bajaj finance but still now he doesn't even given a proper response.

  • De
      4th of Nov, 2018
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    Dell Services Corporate Headquarters - display problem
    Saudi Arabia

    I am going get a laptob from a laptob that has a laptob and I want to show you how to use it and I am sure you will be able to give it a new look and feel as soon as possible

  • Je
      12th of Nov, 2018
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    Dell - Dell customer service
    United States

    I have been paying faithfully on my account for 5 to 6 years and I recently asked them to lower my interest rate and to settle the whole account now, but they said I was not eligible and now I am still paying 27% interest on this account.

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