Dell Cocomputer

i went to dell web site and bought a stuido 17 fully loaded computer for 963.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Lebanon, TN00 on sept 18 2010 got email said will be delivered oct 7 2010 then i check my email next day email said oct 14 2010 so i went in chat with one of empolyee he said he do not know why so i called and they told me that a part number for screen was going to be different i said as lond as it is an 17 inch screen i do not care send my computer they said ok and i said for all my trouble i want an tv tuner they said we will check with sup and said ok so then they kept calling me said they could not get the part so will you cancel your order i said no no no you put the computer on your web for 899.00 so that is what i want they kept on calling about 5, 6 0r 7 times tring to get me to cancle order i said no my husband said no because all you want us to do is cancel order then you will jump the price up so no we will not cancel order so they called again last cancel you order we said no they called last night about 6:30 and said we are going to cancel your order now i want my computer the stuido 17 fully loaded with my tv tuner from them there order for my computer said it is in production they even took off 10.00 and now my computer is 953.00

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