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I would be very careful when ordering any item from Dell.I have been debited with the cost of the computered ordered, but with no delivery.Their Courier Porulatot, delivered a package, with no contents listed.I assumed it was the dell computer, but it only contained batteries for the computer and the response I get is that I signed for it.
I am at a loss as to what to do next.Called Porulator, whose response is that it is a dell problem.
It is a business computer, they say they will replace it in the next 7 to 10 days.
My experience with dealing with them has been appalling to date.
I would caution all to be customers.Do not allow them to debit your credit card as once they have the money, the consumer as per them can go to hell.They have no intention of maintaining a long term relationship with you.
my oder no is [protected].

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      Mar 10, 2011

    In August 2010 my son ordered a Dell laptop for the new college year. They said it was shipped however it never arrived and was sent back to Dell in September. My son had to purchase a laptop for classes so he went and purchased a different model. In Sept 2010 he was told the refund has been sent and should expect a cheque in 10 days. No cheque arrived. Late Sept during follow up he was told an electronic money transfer would be made within 10 days. No transfer was made. Between school demands and then the Christmas holidays several months had passed. November 16 2011 I, as a father got very upset and my son had stated he has made every attempt to follow up on this refund. I decide it was time for me to get involved. As a father I did not want to over-step my bounders in my sons' life, but enough is enough, I explained to him. I spent from Nov 16th to Feb 8th hunting down the proper information to assist in this episode smoothly yet promptly. Feb 8th I finally get a hold of Dell explained the situation and felt I was getting somewhere. First I was told the refund was given. Then I had my son check all his accounts for fear he my have missed the deposit. All bank records show no such deposit. Feb 11th I get in touch with Dell again. They confirm that the payment did not go through and yes we are to receive the refund. I am given a case number and told it would be 7 to 10 days. Feb 25th I get a call from Dell at 8pm. No cheque has been sent yet as that department is still processing it. I have many notes at this point and see in my own writing all the "Red Flags" flying. I explain that if this is not settled I will take action in small claims court. On March 8th I receive yet another call saying that Dell is still working at writing the cheque. Then I explain, I will be filling a claim on March 11th 2011. On March 10th I called Dell to get an address so I can send the paperwork on this small claims action. I spent 1hour 33min trying to get an address from them. No one would tell me. I talked to managers and supervisors. They all kept saying they have my information and they are working on it. Finally I did get the Head office address. Also I was told that I would receive a call by the end of the workday as to this urgent request on my part. I can wait till the end of the day but on March 11th at 10am I will be filling at small claims court. After 8 months and waiting 7 months for a refund this has become a pain in the, assk me how I feel. If you have read this far then I may as well let you know the laptop top was a school promotion and the cost of the laptop was $544.38. Yes that's all. Why does it take Dell so long to refund $544.38 to a student struggling with money? The frustration I am feeling goes far beyond the $544.38. Dell should appreciate people like me that have the patience of "JOB"

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