Del Taco / 92692

Mission Viejo, CA, United States

I went to Del Taco in Mission Viejo at 9:38 a.m. on 9-25- 17 and I ordered a carne asada epic Scrambler burrito and I got something else instead not sure what it is but it has carne asada, refried beans, tomatoes and avocado sauce. this is the second time at this location this has happened. This location and other locations don't seem to get my order correct and I go to Del Taco several times a month. I'm about ready to hang Del Taco up and go somewhere else. Another complaint I have at this location is I ordered a minie shake and it tasted like water . It was a $1.00 but I expected it to taste good and without water added. I won't buy this again.

Del Taco

Sep 25, 2017

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