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You know that one time where a delivery service, especially with fast-food joints, messes up your order? You may react differently- either a sigh, roll of the eyes and acceptance or you may get into a yelling match with the delivery person who can only apologize... which is generally met with an expectance to magically fix your order on the spot.

I've ordered from Debonairs plenty of times to know that they can screw up sometimes but they outdid themselves this time. Over the past four days, myself and my colleagues have ordered separate meals to receive extra tomato in a sub specified not to have, missing any actual topping on a pizza to stare blankly at a base of pure cheese disappointment or -what I've experienced recently- consistently bringing incorrect sizes.

I try order online as much as possible to avoid confusion; so that everything is in black and white and there would be no no avail.
This week goes to the delivery of a 500ml buddy Fanta instead of a 1l coke.. which the delivery guy said he'd go fetch to replace. Like a logical human, I refused to pay for the buddy and said I would pay for the 1l when he gets back. Fast forward almost 30 minutes later where I call to ask where he is, to be greeted by a reasonable manager who apologizes and says he will see to it. Mind you, he had no idea I could hear the background asking for this staff member after which hearing "he's just outside having a smoke'.
The organization or basic attention to minor detail baffles me.
Why do I continue ordering from there? Why don't I get from somewhere else?
Because I love pizza and Romans doesn't deliver.

Jan 19, 2017

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