Days Inn / rude/unhelpful manager - pam patel

Missoula, MontanaMissoula, United States

9.18.17 Days Inn Missoula Downtown - Pam Patel is unprofessional and rude. We walked rooms to her hotel and she submitted folios for payment. I contacted her and left a message that I would have to have an invoice as required by our company. When no invoices showed up my assistant called and Pam was rude to her as well. She stated that she would not send us an invoice to submit payment. She then called me today and demanded to know why we haven't paid them. I told her that I have to have invoices. She said that they don't have them. I suggested that she get a template through Microsoft Word and make a simple invoice that she could send over. She then demanded angrily that I should have called and told her that. I let her know that we did call (my assistant and I). She called me a liar and then talked over me the rest of the call. She ended by telling me that I should have called her again.

Sep 18, 2017

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