Days Inn / hotel service

Rock Springs, WY, United States

Clerk started out by complaining about 3rd party booking saying they always came in wrong and she didn't know what we wanted. We took 2 beds non smoking and when we got to the room it was single. When I went back to the office two other people were in front of me that also had problems and complaints. She gave us a different room. This room stunk so bad of staleness that we had to leave the door open for hours. The sheets were stained which leaves a person to believe they were not washed. The ice machine was broke and when we asked at the desk we were told it was the only one. I had seen people with ice buckets in another area and found a working machine that the clerk didn't know about. The door was so hard to close you had to use all strength and result in a loud slam that shook the windows. The curtains didn't shut and I used a clip to close them that I forgot. The lightbulb in the bathroom didn't work and when we told the clerk she just said "really?" and offered no solution. We had to use flashlights or leave the door open. We couldn't get on the free WIFI but by now we knew better than to ask for help with anything. The fridge didn't work. We found our warm spoiled food in the morning . At checkout we were given the wrong price. The morning girl did honor the quoted price. When I asked her to add my Wyndym Account she sighed me up for a new account without telling me and now I have points on 2 accounts that I have to call and get fixed. The clerk that checked us in said she had only been working there a short time and only 1 day a week. A man complained that his room was freezing and she told him it was so old that things worked strangely and that he had to wait to 9:00 for the heat to turn on automatically. He said the Air conditioning was on and she went to tell him that there is no way to turn it off or it was really hard as you had to know the tricks of the trade and she went on with the crazy talk until she finally said she would call the manager at home and ask. The Girl had was not at all professional in this role. She needed a lot more customer service training and should never have been left alone in this job. I went to put a complaint on the regular website which didn't work either. I filled all field and when I clicked submit nothing happened

Sep 24, 2017

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