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Days Inn / caught in the act

1 I-75 Business LoopGrayling, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 989-344-0204

The rooms were excellent and clean an average hotel. I was having a wonderful day until I stumbled upon some employee being mistreated. One lady was making derrogatory comments on how slow, overweight and how stupid one of the employees was..I couldnt believe my ears. I left the premises to go to a meeting that I had in town and realized that I had forgotten some papers and some other belongs. I was in a stayover when I left my door was shut when I returned to get my belongings the same woman that was complaining and talking about other workers was in my room. I found her stuffing a twenty dollar bill in her shirt and I then asked her if the girl cleaning my room would recieve it...she nervously stuttered yes...Ill make sure of it. I still couldnt get over why she was in my room there was no cleaning supplies and no cart in front of my room that seemed really sketchy. It made me wonder how many other people would be going in and out of my room? Plus It made me wonder if they do that to all people and guests who stay at theie hotel. I was really upset how unprofessional this woman was. I now regret
t not saying something sooner. I guess the next time I want a hotel Ill have to pay a little more money for privacy and and respect for my rights and my belongings..I talked to the woman at the front desk and they told me that the older woman with the short hair that she was head of housekeeping. I then wondered how many times she was embezzeling money from the company and employees. Well Beware of this Her name is Karen at the Grayling Days Inn. She does not have a very friendly dispostion at all. I wonder how she knew that the 20 dollar bill was even a tip. Its a shame and I will not be returning there ever again. Now I really know what those Do Not Disturb Signs are really about people like her!!! That Head Housekeeper should be FIRED...I just couldnt believe that she had the audacity to do such a thing. This woman is completely unprofessional. Beware anyone who stays here. Take your valuables with you..especailly if you have numerous people coming in and out of your room to think that I was only gone for about 5 minutes to come back to someone taking your tips for the maidservice...totally untrustworthy and I will not recommend this hotel to ANYONE!!!
Christopher G. Wellington
Days INN Grayling Michigan
I-75 Business Loop

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      13th of Jul, 2008
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    This is one of the worst complaints I have read on husband and I were going to Vacation in Grayling this summer and we were looking into hotels. There arent very many around that we decided to go with Days Inn...well needless to say we wanted to see if it was a nice enough hotel. Also to see if there ever has been any problems. After reading what you have posted my husband and I changed our minds totally. We will not be staying there. I dont want to hear bickering amongst staff while I am on vacation. And I definitely dont want a ton of people in my room while I am away. That really bothers me the most. I thought that people could trust going to places like that. I guess you were right you will have to go elsewhere for privacy and respect. I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you..well at least you put a warning out there for people to stear clear of that place. Well I hope that this woman gets dealt with...I would just hate to think that she is getting away with such things especially going thru peoples rooms. And I thank you again..because without you I would have never of guessed to even think about how many people go in and out of your rooms.
    I wonder how the woman knew that your money was even for tips..If I were you Id definitely look deeper into this!
    Chelsea Peterson

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      30th of Jun, 2012
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    I was reading this site and decided to take a look at the company i work for surpsing to see this so i just want to say something about it.

    I have worked here for a year now, and I have never heard of Karen, so she is no longer here.
    I am sorry to hear about both of those things, but none of that goes on anymore the only people who go into your rooms are house keepers and you the front desk staff will only enter to deliver something off, or apon request (like some type of issue that they will have to fix)
    I'm not a manager or anything like that I am a Front Desk Clerk my name is Andrew.

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