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I am writing to you to share my most recent and my last experience with Days Inn. I went on line to trip rewards as I usually do to book. I booked six rooms at the AARP rate. I went to submit and accidentally hit the prepay button. I admit that is not what I wanted to do, as my family was each going to pay for their own room. I immediately called the hotel; Days Inn at 20th and Market in Chattanooga, TN, and was informed that I could pay cash for each room upon check in. However I was bound to all six rooms and if I did not use them they would be billed to my American Express card, of which I said was fine.

Upon arrival to the hotel, we were greeted by a very unprofessional and unfriendly desk agent. After several times of being interrupted by the phone, we went to check in. She informed me that the rooms were already prepaid to my credit card. I tried to explain to her that I was told we could pay cash for the rooms and that there were no charges on my card. She again and again and again referred to the agreement of when I booked the rooms. I tried again to explain to her that I was told we could pay cash for the rooms and that my card had not been charged. I have always paid cash and could not understand why she would not take cash. I then explained to her that I would call Days Inn customer service and American Express. American Express said there were no charges or authorizations. I talked to a Days Inn representative at customer service. He contacted the hotel and then came back on the line to tell me that I had been rude to the agent and stormed out of the hotel. I was with my family and they can vouch that was not true. I was made to feel the victim by your Days Inn representative who told me too cool down and perhaps have a family member get our rooms. We went to lunch and then returned to the hotel. The same agent said that she had checked us out of the rooms and that she would have to see if there were any. She then said that she would prefer that we leave and go elsewhere. I told her that event thought the hotel was disgusting in look and no pool open, we wanted out rooms. She once again said NO, go somewhere else. Upon calling Carrie at the presidents office, she took the complaint and expressed that there was little she could do. I talked to the general manger at the hotel as well as the owner and to be frank, they didn’t give a damn. We lost money for the catering we had for the next day, as all my family had to drive back home, as the rooms in Chattanooga were all booked in other hotels. This is the worst experience I have ever had at any hotel brand. I intend to post this message story everywhere I can on the internet to warn people to stay away from Days Inn hotels. Had this been a Hilton property, I can assure you this would never have happened like this. As far as I am concerned as well as well over 100 people that I have talked to so far, we would rather sleep in a park than ever stay at another Days Inn again.


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    Andrew Holden Jun 25, 2007

    It is true that Days Inn doesn't care how patrons are treated and will stand behind the hotel owners in any situation, the hotel owners know this and therefore have no incentive to make happy customers, after all there is enough business out there for everyone without having to rely on repeat business. The bottom line is that Days Inn gives a franchise to just about anyone that will take one these days and after they do, they just don't care.

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    Anonymous Jul 09, 2007

    I feel sorry for the gentleman that had the bad experience at the Days Inn in TN. However, it is a little unfair to judge the rest based on just one Days Inn.

    It is not true that the management of Days Inn does not care about their customers. Everyone at the Days Inn HQ and the numerous Days Inn motels around the World is concerned about the customer service their employees provide.

    A lot of money is spent on training the staff to provide excellent customer service. I agree, that the front desg agent and the customer care agent the gentleman happened to talk to do not set good examples for the franchise. However, not everyone is like that. Days Inn has strict rules when it comes to customer complaints and any complaint is not taken lightly either by the HQ or the motel.

    I would request the gentleman to give them another chance. I am sure he will not be disappointed.

    Thank you...

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    frances smith Oct 29, 2007

    We stayed at 3 Days inn in our traveling the last 2 weeks,but the on in Natchitoches Louisiana, was disgraceful. first room ,we opened the door and a lady was in bed, we told the clerk he gave us another room number that one also was being used, the room next to it had a window broken out and scattered all over the walk way (2nd floor) and the smell of beer was terribly we got our money back and left and went to the Holiday Inn which was beautiful , friendly and secure.

    We were very disappointed and we are now wary of Days Inn. I would not want my name connected to this sort of filth if I had the Day Inn name I would advise don't stay at this motel.

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    Marcia Wilson Nov 16, 2007

    One thing for sure, After just one night at the Days Inn in Gadsden, AL ,. I will never stay at another Days Inn, anywhere. The Days Inn 1-800 number for complaints is a joke. Each Days Inn are individually owned and operated. Your on your own with the complaints at the motel you've stayed.

    Oct. 2007, at approx. 2:24 am, my husband and I were awaken by someone banging on a door somewhere close by. We figured it might be a domestic problem. Then we heard sirens, then there were police cars, firetruck, and someone dressed in a space looking suit. Needless to say we never slept another wink. I even tried to call the office to see if we needed to get out of the place. No one answered the phone. We were to scared to go out the door. While checking out, at 6:00 am, we found out there had been a bomb threat made to the motel, and the reason I didn't get someone on the phone earlier is because they had evacuated! WELL HELLO ! What about the guest? there we were, awake, scared, and didn't know what was going on. By the way, the person in the space looking suit- was the bomb squad, and they Did find an explosive device. Thank God, the place didn't blow up, I wouldn't be here to tell it. After complaining about not being told to evacuate and the danger that was there, no one cared . I didn't think we should have had to pay for a full night stay after all of that, but we did. Since then, I've read alot of complaints on the internet from other people, and now I see, Thats the way Days Inn treats all their guest!

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    Kat Mahoney Dec 04, 2007

    I will never use this hotel chain again. Long story short: we had to pay more for our rooms because the original agent mislead us with an 'unethical practice' of booking then confirming at a lower rate when we knew how many rooms we needed. Apparently this is against policy. Then the resolution specialist berated me until I had no choice to say it was resolved, although they did absolutely nothing to fix the problem beyond take my money. And then the actual visit itself where we shared the overcharged room with dead cockroaches. My husband refused to shower in the stained tub, and my teen girls were just grossed out over the state of the room. Keep in mind - they are teenagers. Their rooms alone are bad enough, so for them to skeeve a hotel room... it was bad.

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    Bill Kaiser Mar 20, 2008

    My wife and I spent one night at Days Inn in Pensacola, Florida. This hotel was advertised as newly renovated. Turns out it was a dump.
    The wifi access was unavailable because the 'antenna was broken'. The carpet in the room was stained and looked like it had not been cleaned in months. The TV remote did not work. The toilet was not bolted down properly and tended to tip over. The toilet paper holder was falling out of the wall and the towel rack was ready to fall down. The tub had not been cleaned and had hair from the previous occupant. The shower control was hooked up backward and had hot water on the right and cold on the left even though it was marked the other way (great for getting scorched). I requested a room on the ground floor because I have a walking disability but got one on the second floor because "the hotel was full". Checking the next morning there were no more than 8 vehicles in the parking lot. Then I noticed that 2 of the 3 buildings in the complex were closed and not available, probably because they were not fit for human occupation.

    My advise to anyone planning to stay at a Days Inn: DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL BE SORRY.

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    Just me Apr 13, 2008

    It's true. Days Inn is ONE star hotel. I don't know why people expect better treatment. The rooms are cheap, there are no perks and if you don't take a room or six there will be seven truckers or construction workers right behind you filling up the rooms.

    Next time spend more for a better hotel.

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    Ollie Lynch May 06, 2008

    Recently I booked a two room stay at the Days Inn Downtown in Gatlinberg, Tn. When I arrived, the front desk clerk was very nice. I had booked online and she just gave me the keys and told me how to find the room. That is all good I can say about my stay.
    The room was dusty, looked as if it had not been cleaned in years. The balcony was dirty and I had to clean a chair before I could sit down. The carpet in the hall was disgraceful, dirty and had something spilled on it five years ago, (or so it looked) and had not been cleaned. The ceiling of the hallway was so dirty, in other words, the place is a DUMP. In the parking garage, water was leaking from the swimming pool above. When I went to the complimentary breakfast the next day, the bread was so stale it surely had been there for at least a week.
    I have stayed in Days Inn's before but this one is giving your company a bad name. Please do something about it before you go bankrupt because I would never book with a Days Inn again after seeing that one. What more can I say!!!

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    Joanne Collins May 12, 2008

    I stayed in the Days Inn in Niagara on May 9th 2008. This was my bday, and we drove in from Toronto. We got to the room, and found trash still in the room from previous guests. That is disgusting... I reported it to the front desk and my response was" we will speak to the housekeeping". That is not good enough for me!!! Driving two hours and paying over $ 100 for the room, and we have to look at garbage sitting in our room. I would like a refund or a discount for another stay!!!

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    Mark Jun 06, 2008

    I travel often on business, usually averaging 40 weeks per year for the past 20+ years. I am not a stranger to motel rooms or the Days Inn chain. As a example, this week alone, I rented 2 rooms per night for me and one of my employees at the Days Inn location in Columbus, NC Folio # 280352, 2 rooms in Hendersonville, NC Folio # 114229 & 114230. Also, 2 rooms last night, June 4, 2008 at the Marion, NC Location, Folio # 65985 & 65984. The same person whom checked me in at 2:00 pm yesterday, also checked me out at 6:00 am this morning. I assume he is the owner / manager of this location.

    I had a dinner meeting, and returned to the room at 9:00 pm. The room was warm, so I turned the air conditioner on high. I readied for bed, and noticed that the air conditioner was blowing, just not real cool. I was tired, and I didn't want the bother of trading rooms. I turned on the TV, and tried shutting the window curtains when I noticed the curtains were held in place using wood clothes pins. I used the clothes pins to hold the curtains closed. However, there were many other problems I encountered, heavy mold in the tub area, and water would not drain from the tub in process of taking a shower. Water would not drain from the sink, and approached overfilling while brushing my teeth, washing my face. There were 2 different ### Roaches in the room in the morning. The room temperature after 8 hours of the air conditioning on high was 81 degrees, 9 degrees warmer than the outside temperature at 5:45am.

    My employee stated he had drain problems also, and the cold water knob would not work in his room. He had to shower with only hot water.

    Upon check out, and after I signed for credit card payment, I mentioned to the owner / manager of my displeasure with the room. I told him what was broken, and that I had awoke in sweat. He immediately became very defensive, insisting that I show him the ### roaches, and point out whatever I was displeasured with.

    We walked back to the room I had rented. Upon entering, he noticed that the AC was on high, but the room was very warm. He wanted to know why I did not ask for a different room? I told him it was late, and I didn't want the hassle of changing. He stated that now I wanted the room for free after spending the night, and I replied, I never requested a free nights stay, I was only pointing out that the room I rented was in horrible condition by normal Days Inn standards.

    Then he told me that I must have brought the ### roaches with me, and I looked like a strong man, that I ripped the curtains down! At this moment, I turned and walked from the doorway, toward my vehicle to leave.

    The owner / manager followed behind me, screaming that I had no right to sleep in that room all night and then not want to pay. Again, I informed him that I never at anytime asked for a free nights room. I was only pointing out what was broken with the room, this was probably the worst hotel / motel room I had ever stayed in. He screamed at me and my employee that we were sissy Americans, and that we should complain to Bush, not him.

    I spoke up, and said that I would complain to Days Inn. I then entered my vehicle, and the owner / manager was screaming that we were irresponsible Americans, just like George Bush ...

    I drove away.

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  • Al
    Alison Richins Jun 14, 2008

    My children and I stayed at the DaysInn in Ogden Utah, on 6/13-14/08. My daughter left her Nintendo DS in the room we was in (106). We no it was left there and had to have fallen between the bed and wall when she was a sleep. The cleaning lady didn't turn it in or the person that runs the lobby. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO DISHONEST??? My daughter really wants it back with the game that was in it Mario Bro. I'm a single mother with three kids and that was not a cheap b-day gift. We no it was left in that room. Please help us get it back...

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    lik Jun 27, 2008

    I stayed at a Days Inn on Adobe Falls Road in San Diego and the sink in the kitchen was missing and the cabinet underneath the sink in the bathroom was missing and their appear to be mold on the wall in the bathroom. I was stuck in this room for 2 nights as I could not find a hotel in the vicinity, all were sold out. I was attending a convention. The light in the bathroom went out on the morning we were checking out and a man in the lobby said his bathroom light went out too in his room. The Hotel refused to accommodate me in any way since it had taken my full payment on the night I checked in which was unusal. They said it was their policy, howecer I was told when I made the reservation that I would pay upon checking out. The only answer they gave me for the room looking like that is that they were under construction. DON'T STAY IN THIS HOTEL.

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    brenda hecht Aug 03, 2008

    My name is Brenda Hecht and my two daughters and their friend went on a road trip out east to Gettysburg and Baltimore maryland
    I called ahead and made reservations asking specifically if there would be any problem because of their age. I WAS TOLD NO PROBLEM THEY ONLY HAD TO BE AND ADULT WITH 2 FORMS OF ID. When my daughters arrived at the hotels they were told they could not stay because they were not 21. I specifically asked the age issue ahead of time so they would not have this problem and NOW they are across the United States in unfamiliar place with no where to stay. So I then had to make several phone calls to find them somewhere and one night they had to stay at a wayside. Although I do understand the issue with parties and such, I did not expect them to be thrown in the street with nowhere to go. I am very dissatisified with Days Inn. I would think that they would put customer safety first. I called and talked to all managers and wonder how theire employees are trained if we are getting conflicting stories and causing dangerous situations.
    We use Days Inn alot and I would hope that this problem is resolved so that other mothers do not have to worry if ther daughters will be raped or killed while sleeping on the streets.
    thank you for your time
    Brenda Hecht

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  • Br
    brenda hecht Aug 08, 2008

    My name is Brenda Hecht
    address 215 foster st
    Ft ATkinson, WI 53538
    I have filled out a previous complaint about the Days INN.
    My daughters were put out on the street because they were not 21, after I called and SPECIFICALLY asked about the age so this would not happen and it is on your internet site that you only have to be 18. I am expecting some kind of compensation for the Hardship, fear, worry this caused both me and my daughters. If I do not receive a response SOON, I will take this to the public and let the country know how INCOMPTETENT the DAYS INN employees and managers are.
    I trust to hear from you SOON
    Brenda Hecht

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  • Mp
    MP Aug 15, 2008

    When you choose a Days Inn, you think because it is an established chain, you will be defended if something is not right. You could not be more wrong. Most Days Inns are indepentently owned and operated. Complaints to customer service are useless. They will tell you to work it out with the hotels. Most of these hotels are owned by foreigners who know nothing of customer service. My suggestion is when you don't get the basic service you expect, such as a clean room, good security or anything else you are promised in writing, dispute it with your credit card. Take photos. If more people did that, they would clean up their act.

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  • Me
    Melissa Harris Aug 19, 2008

    To be honest, I have stayed at several Days Inn hotels. Though I will likely never do this again after my experience on Saturday August 16th/17th.
    I drove to Sevierville TN on Saturday to meet up with my friends, for a little R&R. Unfortunately, that is most definitely not what we got.
    I stopped at this hotel at approx. 11:30 p.m. and was informed upon entering the building and requesting a room that they only had one room available and the room would be $70.00. I called my friends to double check that the price would not be a problem, as we would be splitting the bill anyways. While I was on the phone the clerk insisted that this would be the only vacancy we would find in the area and that he would throw in the jacuzzi room for free. Deal sealed. We took it. It was late and we were most definitely not familiar with the area.
    I entered the room first and the outward appearance while worn was not completely horrible. The carpets were stained and the air conditioner was not working properly, but we could deal with that. It was only going to be one night, long enough for us to catch some sleep and then head home.
    Upon finally getting ready to go to bed at approx. 1:30 a.m., after we had all showered and gotten food. My best friend turned down the covers only to find 6 - 8 cockroaches scattering in all different directions. Mind you I don't know how other people would react to this, myself I don't sleep with bugs.
    My friend promptly got up and walked down stairs with a dead cockroach in a napkin to show the front desk clerk. Upon showing him the bug and explaining to him that this was unacceptable. He promptly told her not to give him any ###. Upon which she replied for him not to give her cockroaches and that she wanted to be refunded for the room, so that we could try our luck at another hotel...and hopefully get some sleep before setting out in the morning. He told her that he could not give a refund for the room and that we could either stay or leave. When she asked for a manager he told her that the manager was in England and would not be back until Monday, and she then asked for another manager to speak with. He gave her a name and a name of a hotel and told her that the morning manager was working at one of them in the area.
    Upon returning to the room, we tried to get a hold of this manager. Of course, we were unable to get a hold of any manager.
    At that point the phone rang and the clerk informed my friend that he could give us $25.00 back and that we could take it or wait on the manager who was to be in @ 7am. We explained that we would like a full refund that, the room was very dis satisfactory and that it was very unacceptable. He informed us we would have to wait on the manager and hung up.
    An hour later one of my friends closed the door to the jacuzzi room, locking up our clothes and such. So, she had to go down to request a key from the clerk. Who informed her that she had no business being in that room in the first place, and that it was locked. To which she replied that our stuff was in the supposed locked room and that we would need the key to get it out. The clerk then told her that he didn't understand why, if we were so upset with the room, why we didn't take the full refund and leave...he obviously didn't realize that she was the girl he had talked to on the phone. She promptly replied that we would gladly take the full refund and be on our way. To which he stated he couldn't give us the refund now, that it was entirely too late.
    She then came upstairs and informed us of this. I called down to the desk to request the phone number of the manager he had spoken with to get the approval for the full refund to which this man replied..."I can not give that information out. And let me give you a little bit of friendly advice. ... If you do not stop harassing me I will call the cops and you will be escorted off of the property, you do not know this area and you will be put in jail." I promptly thanked him for his advice and that I would keep it in mind.
    7 a.m. came slowly, we could not sleep because cockroaches kept coming out of nowhere so we took turns walking around and sitting in the chairs available.
    At 7:30ish the day shift manager finally arrived. After explaining to him the events and handing him a cup full of the Days Inn pets, we were given a 50% refund because we had stayed the night.
    The employee from the night before left without a word nor do I believe he will be reprimanded in any way.
    I will never again stay in another Days INN, they are unappreciative of their patrons and they do not handle complaints with any regard to keeping repeat business.
    I warn all who do stay, check the beds and check them well.
    We have pictures and video of the state of our room...It is appalling and very bad for business I would suggest that the Days INN corporation take more interest in their hotels, because the owners of the individual hotels do not give a care about the good of the name.

    A little side note: The 1-800 number will do you no real good, they will take your complaint and give you a case number. Though nothing will ever come of it, or so I suspect, I still have a few days before I can call the 1-800 number back,

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  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 13, 2008

    Today was the last straw with Days Inn on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, La!

    I had stayed there about two Q!1years ago and the room they gave me was already occupied. When they gave me another room, it was filthy. At that point, I stopped staying at Days Inn. About 6 months ago, I decided to give them another try. Some friends and I get together in Baton Rouge once a month for a party and we usually stay at a hotel near I-10 and near the location of the party. Days Inn has the perfect location, so I gave them another try. For 4 months (4 different stays), they were pretty good. The desk workers were not as friendly as Holiday Inn's desk workers, but I figure if I worked at Days Inn, I wouldn't be friendly either. Well today was the worse experience I EVER had at a hotel. I reserved 2 rooms for today (September 13th) because my friends and I were getting together. I reserved the rooms 2 weeks in advance and received a confirmation number and everything. Well, today when I drove 70 miles to the hotel, I was told that there were no rooms. I stated that I had 2 rooms reserved and the desk worker asked if no one called me to tell me that all reservations had been cancelled. YES, CANCELLED! He explained that the Governor of La had sent them letters stating that they could not evict utility workers that were staying at the hotels to help with recovery from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. It seems that they make more money having utility workers there, then joe public, so they kept the utility workers and cancelled everyone's reservations. He said that someone was supposed to call me to advise me of this, yet no one did! The girl that was gonna use the other room had driven 2 1/2 hours to the hotel, to find out our reservations were cancelled! When I called "customer" service, the guy I spoke to seemed surprised that the reservation was cancelled and I wasn't notified. He took down my information and passed the phone to the manager. She came on the phone and, although she seemed interested, she pretty much told me that there wasn't anything she could do. She stated that "the last time" she checked, there were no hotel rooms in the BR area. I guess someone else had the same issue as me. I am really pissed that I drove that far and had to drive back home (I went to the party, but only stayed an hour) and it all coulda been avoided by calling me.

    Our group is planning another get together October 4, but I will NOT be staying at Days Inn.

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  • Th
    thehappyscientist Mar 17, 2009

    I had a HORRIBLE experience! I found them in the AAA Petfriendly book, and made a reservation online for the Days Inn in Modesto. I called to confirm they had recieved the reservation and told them I was going to a dog show in the area. I was booked for Friday, andn Saturday night. On Saturday morning the maid came in found dog hair in the bathroom and charged me 150$ FINE! Then they said I had not been put in a PET ROOM! There are no signs in the lobby or room saying what is a pet room and what isnt!
    Since I said I was going to a dog show, I figured it was a PET ROOM!
    So then I asked if I should switch rooms on Saturday, but they said it wasn't needed since they already took my fine, then they took ANOTHER 150$ for SUNDAY! They also had a gaming convention which was loud right next to me, I was alone with my mom and three daughters including a baby. The convention on the other side of the wall went late in the night, and they were smoking outside the door. We called to complain about the smoke, at which point they just put a giant ashtray 6' from our room. What so they would smoke more? My daughter has asthma, I told them about it, they didnt care. They are a horrible hotel with HORRIBLE people.
    NEVER AGAIN. I would rather sleep in my CAR with three kids and the dogs than EVER go into a Days Inn.
    My daughter had to be put on prednisone the next day for her asthma. They are horrible!

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  • Um
    umai Mar 27, 2009

    I agree with the terrible service offered by Days inn. It was our first time at Days inn in California Milpitas. The room door does not close properly untill you force the door to close. The hot water tap did not work, and when you turn the hot water tap, you got cold water. When I complained, the manager ( apparently he is the owner ), accused me that I am trying to get money, and I am lying, and I am doing all this because I am Asian. I was alone in the hotel room when he spoke to me in this manner, and I was afraid that he was going to hit me. He kept saying " you want money beccause of your background, tell me where are you from, you are an asian". He also humiliated me infront of the guests at the front desk. I was on vacation with good feelings, but I started crying and my vacation was ruined. I complained to the presidential office, but they said they can not do much other than forward my complaint. This has been going on for 4 months, and the managment does not care. They just dont give a damn. I have better experience staying with Best Western, and even low cost motels. They have treated me with full respect and excellent service. I wonder who I can complain, so that the franchise Days inn has some regulation, and they treat people with respect. This was the most horrible experience I have ever had, and will never ever stay with Days Inn.

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  • So
    somehotelsaregreat Mar 28, 2009

    I understand that people have bad experiences, but like it has been stated before...All Days Inns are independantly owned and operated and are NOT all the same. I am employed at a wonderful Days Inn property that has won many awards for customer service, etc. Please don't tarnish the reputation of every property because you have had a bad experience. Think about this.

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  • 50
    5077po Apr 14, 2009

    I work at a Days Inn and you people complain about the stupidest things ever.

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  • 50
    5077po Apr 14, 2009

    Whaa Whaa Whaa, my shower head is too low, I only got 15 towels, front desk clerk didn't pay attention to me right away because she was busy whaa whaa whaa

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  • Yp
    yppp123 Jun 22, 2009

    I had very bad experience with Days inn at Niagara. Please don't go to such hotels and pay them what it is not worth. The room #503 that I stayed has blood stains on the curtain and the bathroom was not cleaned, the sink was leaking. Carpet is hopeless and the chairs has years together formed dust on it.

    Please don't encorage such hotels going to them.

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  • Kr
    Kristin G Jul 21, 2009

    After driving for 12 hours I arrived at the Days Inn in Cleveland Mississippi on July 12 at 1:30 am. I was kept standing there 20 minutes while the desk clerk fooled with the computer because I had arrived a day earlier than my reservation although I called from the road and was told that it was not a problem. I was made to pay for the week upfront even though I questioned the practice.

    The first room I got was disappointing and shabby. After the faucet came off in my hand I asked for another room. Finally got settled in about 2:30 am. Second room looked better, but A/C did not cool. Next day was 100 degrees. I asked about the A/C and was offered another room, but it was so run down with old bashed up furnishings that looked like they were acquired from the curbside on trash day. I stayed with the warm room. They did come to fix the A/C, but after that the rug was wet around it. I had to go through a box of remote controls to find one that worked. The pool was locked up because the pump was broken, and would not be fixed until after I left. The continental breakfast made you lose your appetite. Cold pancakes in a tupperware box, bread slices in another, a few apples, and tired looking cereal from old dispensers. One morning there was hot fresh coffee but no cups and no one around to help you.

    Worst of all, one morning I woke up with blood spots on the tank top I wore to sleep. I had bumps on my chest and back and my son on his feet that itched like mad. These were not mosquito bites. Now I have medicine from my doctor that kills larvae like I put on my dog once a month! We transferred to a Holiday Inn for the last day and finally had a very nice stay there in a pretty and clean room.

    The pictures online were deceptively quite pretty and the price was right. The undoubtedly photographed their best room.
    After my experience and seeing all the other horror stories, I will not be staying in a Days Inn ever again.

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  • Tr
    tristan7853 Jan 29, 2010

    It was our honeymoon my wife and I are newly wed couples. After check in the room smelled like cigar then we asked them to sanitize the room or disinfect few minutes later housekeeper entered without knocking and sprayed in our room without saying anything I was getting mad already but then I calmed down. I asked him if he could get me some water since there are no complimentary in the room even if it wasn't his job. He entered again with a glass of water and STUPIDLY spilled it on my wife! I sent him out my wife immediately took a bath and we she found out that there were no towels! so I called the front office for towel and it never came! My wife was frustrated so she went to the front office immediately and complained but the front office do not know how to solve problems!

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  • Un
    Un satisfied customer Mar 01, 2010

    Ok.. where do I start. Well, first of I had made reservations online for Valentine's Day, thinking I was going to have a wonderful nite, boy was I wrong.My husband and I get there and they tell us that they wer'e overbooked and that we wouldn't get a room that night! I was in total shock!I knew that we couldn't get a room at a desent place, concidering that it was Vanlentine's so I was so Irate! Then I proceed to call the reservation number that I had from my conformation receipt and made a complaint.The gentelman I had spoke with seemed to be understating and was upset as well about the whole situation.So he gave me a complaint # and advised me to contact them if the hotel didn't respond back to me within 10 days.So I waited.Guess what NO CALL! Go figure.So I contact what is suppose to be customer service(which they didnt service the customer at all)and advise them of the situation. They say that there's nothing they can do, that they refunded my money and that was all they would do. Can you beleive this?Also, the manager from the Days Inn hotel in Sherman Tx had sent an email stating that there WAS rooms that nite and they didnt turn down anyone.I will NEVER concider going back there again!

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  • Wi
    William Duguay Mar 06, 2010

    I agree the hotels suck ### I stayed at 2 different one in Jersy City one had an in the wall heating system and sounded like a boiler furnace in the room to sleep I had to turn it off and woke up freezing. and also had the heat lamp on in the bathroom hoping to help heat it.

    The other one had roaches all over the place, when I went to the front desk the woman said we had that room sprayed [email protected]!!!and we got a whole $15.00 of the bill nice ###s.

    Why were you renting before you new there wer no more hello!!!

    If I have any uninvited guest in my house from the luggage watch out for a bill.

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  • Sa
    Sarah from Texas Jun 26, 2010

    We were on vacation going to Florida and we call Expendia/hotels and got a room in Mobile Al. We could fine the hotels so we called the hotel the manger we so rude to us we drove around cause he gaves us the wrong directions. When we got there he said that they had no info. on us coming so we had to call expendia again and he didn't want to work with them. He made us wait for an hour while he waited on other people that were coming in. I asked him to help us and he said I would have to wait, I did because my room was already paid for. When we finnally got a room the hotel was so dirty, the halls were dirty and the room smells so bad, the beds had beds bugs and the bathroom was dirty. I called the service desk and he said that they didn't have another room and that there was no one that could come and clean the room. In the morning I told the man that was at the desk( the same man that was there the night before) and he didn't say anything about my complain. I fell someone needs to give me my money back and to clean that hotel bed bugs come on somebody is not doing there job. I will never stay there again and I will tell my friends going that way the same to stay away for that place.

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  • I was supposed to have stayed at the DAYS INN in Ghettho West Palm Beach, Florida (2300 45th Street WPB, FL 33407). I had my sister reserve the room for me and she failed to mention I was bringing my pet, ok, fine. I bring my dog (I was obvious because I wasn't trying to be sneaky). I walked in my room to drop off my belongings to then leave again to return later. Well this man (ANDREW HILL "manager") bangs on the door with another guy and does not say who he was and went on about the dog not being permitted. Since it was my husband who answered the door and the room was in my name, I went to the front desk and asked to speak to ANDREW HILL the "manager". He brought me into his office and I explained to him I was not aware this was going to be an issue and he said I would have to pay a fee of $50 or I cannot stay. He went on to say the fee was actually $90 but he was only charging me $50 for the dog. I told him I could not afford to pay the extra $50 and he said that he could not help me that I would either have to pay or I would have to leave. I said ok, I will return. I had to take a minute to think about what I was going to do since this was unexpected. I went to my room where my belongings were while I thought about it and he DEACTIVATED my card giving me no access to my room. I talked about it with my husband and we decided to leave. Mind you this was all within a 25 minute period. My card had already been charged $58 and some change for the initial reservation in which I was only is the room for those 25 minutes for the cost of $58. I turned in the card to the room and left. When I call to check if my account was was. Not only was my card charged, it was charged more than $50 AND without my authorization AND after the fact that I decided to leave rather than to pay, why give me the option if your going to charge me anyways. When I called the DAYS INN regarding the charge, the "ASSISTANT" David said that Supposedly I was told i was going to be charged REGARDLESS! REALLY! IF!!! and only IF i was going to be charged REGARDLESS, why would I have left? MONEY HUNGRY, RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, ANAL, MISERABLE, LIAR!!! I WILL NOT STOP HERE, TRUST AND BELIEVE ME I'M GOING TO LET IT BE KNOWN WHAT HE HAS DONE!

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  • Jo
    john817 Aug 23, 2010

    it as 3 in the morning and it was my sisters b day we hade to chang rooms 3 times there was bugs we got kick out with a babby cuz my sister got droped pff by her friends we went to go talk to the guy he was rude he was saying things like (get the f out of my hotel) ww where dun founded of how we got spocken to and we are still trying to get wht we paid back.SO IF YOU ARE THINKING OF GOING I WOULD TELL YOU DONT IT IS REPOLSIVE

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  • Ma
    Martin Leymon Sep 26, 2010

    We recently stayed at the Days Inn at Hillsdale, Michigan. It was by far the worst experience at a hotel I may have ever been to. The first room they gave us had spider webs, dirt, torn and matted carpeting, and the stench from cigarette smoke was ridiculous. There were people on the same floor smoking, but also just an old smell from previous guests. They then after complaining about the first floor room, put us in a room on the second floor, and our youngest son who has bad allergies, was miserable most of the night because of the smoke on that floor as well. I have enjoyed my stay at other Days Inn, but I may not visit another if this is what I can expect. Thanks for your time and allowing me to voice my displeasure. Best Regards, Mr. Martin Leymon- Cuyahoga Falls, ohio

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  • De
    Debbie in WV Oct 27, 2010

    A major local hospital recommened Days Inn and metioned there was a special rate with the hotel when the stay was do to a hospital stay with the Greater Baltimore Hospital.Maryland Univeristy.
    I call and attempted to book. The hotel was unaware of any special rate, except booking on line. I took the advice and booked on line.My daughter's surgery was reschedule to a different day. (Major surgery) cancer and organs removed. I was informed I could not cancel because I made the reservation on line. Something Days Inn forgot to mention. YES I over looked the fineprint on policy of cancellation. My resevation was for 11-4-5-2010. I am trying to cancel on 10-27-2010. The local office in Glenburnie, MD stated they did not have the capabilty to cancel perhaps the co-orporate office could cancel the reservation. No luck there. The operator transferred me to customer relations. She indicated since this was a medical issue perhaps some else could help. No luck . I was informed it is clear before booking no cancellation were permitted. My credit card will be charged reguardless if I stay or not and no notice even 7 days can cancel. The best I can do because coporate is not able to due cancellations. ( I guess coprate only thinks they run the operation.) I need to call Glenburnie's Days Inn tomorrow and hope re will due the cancellation. Do Iyou see the circle, I feel like I am wiping my butt on a hoop. Needless to say I have torn up my rewards card. I do intent to express and post your policy at this hospital. I sincerly hope they remove you from thier visitor site that also recommends the Days Inn . I will not be re-booking in the future on her new surgery date.

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  • He
    HECTOR GARCIA Sep 13, 2011


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  • Ml
    Mle c Sep 24, 2011

    Wow. It's amazing seeing all these similar instances at Days Inn. Ours was at the Mt. Hope, WV Days Inn. First room was tore completely apart. Beds up against walls, furniture everywhere. Second room had no towels. So we went to pool with hopes of towels there. Nope. So we called front desk and they said you have to come up front for towels for the pool. I asked what we had to do to get towels in the room! When we went to bed I called for one pillow for my 4year old, but it was against policy to give extra pillows!! Should I mention watery juice, stale donuts, and 2 week old oranges you couldnt peel they were so hard? On top of that, we called ahead about a discount for friends of students to a nearby college. So they quoted a price, and go figure they charged us more.

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  • Kd
    kdnusser Apr 16, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing in regards to my stay at the Sleep-Inn Evansville, Wyoming (room 114) on 4/13/12. Upon checking in, I opted to pay for my room with cash. I was told that I needed to provide a credit or debit card. Before giving my debit card to the check-in clerk, I SPECIFICALLY ASKED if there would be any charges on this card, including any type of authorization fee. She assured me that there would not be. I again asked if there would be ANY charges on my card as this was a debit card and I needed the money in my account first thing that Monday morning. She AGAIN assured me that there would be no charges. I gave her my card and my cash payment and went to my room.

    The next day, there was an $81 pending charge on my debit card. I went back to the hotel and asked the same woman who checked me in the previous night (kgilbe.wy057) why there had been a charge when she assure me that there would not be. She said that there should not have been a charge, but if there were it was simply an authorization. I explained that I understood that the charge was pending. The issue is:

    *My bank does not allow me to have access to pending funds.

    My vehicle payment is now late and I will have to take a hit on my credit for not making my payment on time. This is why I paid cash in the first place.

    *I needed ALL funds in my account on MONDAY morning

    * I asked if funds would be taken out or pending in any way more than once and as specifically as I could, and was lied to.

    * Had I been told the TRUTH about fees being charged to my debit card, I would have gone elsewhere as to not deal with the situation I am now in.

    She told me that there was nothing she could do and gave me the card to her manager.

    I called the manager and explained the situation. The manager then assured me (again) that there should not be any pending charges, but if there were, they should drop off of my account before that Monday morning. If not, she would fax something to my bank.

    Unfortunately, faxing something to my bank is not going to persuade them to release the pending funds as that is against their policy.

    The fact of the matter is that it is now 2:00 pm on Monday afternoon and the pending charge is still on my account, leaving me $80 short of making my vehicle payment. Any fax to my bank is useless and a rediculous way to try to solve a problem that your hotel caused.

    Your clerk was allowed to lie to me and her manager did nothing to solve my issue. I know that complaining doesn't do much, but I thought it should come to someone's attention that there might need to be a policy regarding questions about check-inn fees and debit cards.

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  • De
    DebAnn Dec 28, 2012

    I arrived at the Days Inn, Great Falls, Montana the day after Christmas exhausted. Checking in about midnight, and my son arrived and checked in at about 1:30 in the morning after me. I read till he arrived safely. At no time did they indicate to either myself or my son that they would be doing construction in the room directly above ours and replacing carpets the following morning. We were woken up to hammers dropping and loud banging. Although we are typically up in the mornings, this particular morning due to travels and the Christmas holiday, we wanted to sleep. We asked about check out times, and believed outside of other guests in the hallways, or the slamming of another guests room, we would be left to get some much needed sleep. Wrong. Upon check out, I quietly mentioned to the front desk help that I did not appreciate the construction waking us up, and inquired as to why we were not placed somewhere else or at least notified of the construction so we could decide on another hotel. She did not attempt to be polite, apologetic, or helpful. She shrugged her shoulders and said to a man standing close by that she would get the Manager and he came over. He had the same give-a-care attitude, said it's morning and looked at a clock on the wall. I attempted to state that I have a right to sleep (that's why I am in a hotel, paying) and as long as I am out of the hotel room by check out time, I should not have had to listen to hammers and banging. I mentioned to him that my room was so loud that I was not able to use the phone, and I was being honest and sincere about my complaints. He looked at the wall clock again and said, "it's morning, you should be up." I was appalled that both, the Manager and the morning guest service/front desk had the same unprofessional approach with their guests. I then asked to have the number of the Corporate office, and the "manager" handed me his business card and said to me with his smart mouth, "knock yourself out, I am not only the manager, I am the owner of this building and this Days Inn, " then reminded me that it's morning and we should have been up. His exact words.

    I wonder why, he was not professional enough to look like a manager/owner? Why he had no customer care training? Why when construction is scheduled that he is not organized enough to simply inform the night staff that there is scheduled maintenance and try to not place a guest near the construction, and if the hotel fills to at lease inform guests of the construction and give them the option to stay with days Inn, or seek another hotel? What kind of owner/manager has no commonsense? and one would question why the front desk employee had no customer skills, and I was immediately greeted with conflict instead of a "good morning, how was your stay?" They owe me my money back.

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  • Li
    Lisa R Howard Mar 10, 2014

    I also had a bad experience with Days Inn Chattanooga Tn (Hamilton Place Location). The staff on duty at my time of arrival was very friendly and polite. We had come down to take care of some business so we put our bags down and left for the day, upon returning I had to make several phone calls, but my phone was out of order, I reported it and was told it was placed on a work order list, never got fixed. I laid down to sleep and smelled perfume on the pillow case, then noticed make up as well. Luckily we travel with pillows and a blanket, being so late I didn't want the hassle of changing rooms. Keep this mind my foot is broken in a cast so walking up to the desk was not an option. I was very disappointed in the cleanliness of the room the curtains filthy and half hung, bathroom had hair on the floor, toe nail clipping found in the bed later also on the floor. YUCK I WILL NEVER EVER STAY AT ANOTHER DAYS INN AGAIN. I did however called in a complaint and have yet to get a call back or response. Please if your planning a trip of any kind do not I repeat DO NOT STAY HERE YOU WILL REGET IT!!! Lisa Howard Cincinnati Ohio

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  • Ma
    mary guyette Jan 16, 2015

    is it your policy not to let handicap victims stay at days inn? ON OUR WAY BACK FROM fL. WE STOPPED IN Hagerstown Maryland to get a room, went to days inn asked for handicap room the clerk said they do not allow wheelchairs there as they mark the rugs and damage the walls! and said we could not stay there!! I have been in a wheelchair for forty years and have never been treated with such cruelty!! Is this your policy?

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  • Ma
    mary guyette Jan 18, 2015

    refused to let me stay at days inn because I was in a wheelchair

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Jan 18, 2015

    You are not telling the truth here, I mean obviously with the way you behave the credit card was not yours because you are too young to have a credit card. This was your fault, you pressed the pre pay button. An adult would be able to admit fault, an adult would also not mistake being told no as rudeness, and an adult would have been able to wait patiently for her to answer the phone. If it has been you calling and she was busy dealing with customers you would be complaining about how long it took to answer the phone, if it was answered at all. If you are not six years old and just acting that age grow up. You sound like someone who has a temper, it is possible that your family will only vouch for you because they are afraid you would physically harm them if you don't. Even then families stand up for each other even if their member is lying and from your attitude I doubt that you are telling the truth about not storming out. The hotel would not refuse you service unless you were posing as a threat, they have other people staying there to watch out for and have concern about their safety. You are not the victim, you were careless when booking line and are acting like a six year old child by blaming them for your mistake. Not once did you take responsibility for your mistake, grow up. I am sure the 100 people you talked to only said they would rather sleep in a park than a hotel only did that out of fear that you would react violently if you disagreed with them.

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