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Days Inn / never stay in this days inn!

1 United States Review updated:

Short Version of the story - I had a family emergency and had to cancel a noncancellabe reservation in July (which I made in February, how could ia not predict an emergency 6 months in advance!!)I called in June, a complete month ahead to see if anything could be done, knowing I ran the chance that it couldn't.

The deal was made I would pay one night of the two nights and the reservation would be taken care of, which is better than nothing. I was sent a fictious bill for a stay in June I never had to cover the no show fee. I complained to corporate about a fictious bill as that seemed awfully fishy (I figured zi would be charged after the reservation since the hotel may have been full and then they would get double revenue) - who said I would hear from the hotel within 48 hours. I didn't. Seems corporate really doesn't care since all their hotels are franchises, and they can do their own thing. Then, I was charged for one night of stay in July which I had cancelled in June and paid for through a ficitious nights stay. So, the manager went back on their deal AND accused me of lieing about them making the reservation in June when I called to dispute it. She says I made the June reservation and was a no show. I would highly suggest that NO ONE STAYS AT A DAYS INN since you have no recourse with corporate if their franchises do not follow through on their "deals." I have already canceled my trips rewards account and will find every way to speak out against the hotel I can. I am drafting a letter to the local newspaper there, and am even considering taking out an advertisement in their local tourist flyer stating the facts, no slander or libel.

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    what I said before

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    See above listed complaints!

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  • Va
      17th of Aug, 2006
    +1 Votes

    I get that it's the principle that counts here but principle isnt a legal recourse. As you stated, they normally don't refund/cancel - so if they ultimately did charge you - unfortunately it's within their limits since you were well aware.

  • Va
      17th of Aug, 2006
    0 Votes

    Duh. You just taught me to NEVER stay at Days Inn. I looked at their website and sure enough: PREPAID, NO CANCELLATION, NO MODIFICATION I am very surprised, most hotels have a 24-hour advance cancellation policy with no charge. But a totally no cancellation policy? Wow, I mean Days Inn is not exactly the Taj Mahal.

  • Va
      2nd of Feb, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My husband and I recently stayed at the Days Inn Atlanta-Airport West in College Park, GA. I made the reservation in advance and informed them we would be arriving around 9 PM.

    When we arrived, there were no signs directing us to the motel... the restaurant that was mentioned in the booklet was closed so there were no landmarks. Okay, I can understand that...but when we went to check in, the night receptionist informed me that I would have to remain outside the small window as she was alone and was afraid to let anyone in. Finally, because the window was partially blocked, she asked me to come to an adjoining room for admittance. She then informed me that, because there were still so many refugees from Katrina PLUS the fact that it was a full moon, she was in fear and had to be selective as to whom she admitted. We asked for a room that was handicapped accessible. When we arrived at the room (after having to roam the premises to find the room, which was on a level overlooking the pool with no access other than walking to either end of the long corridor) we found the room to be absent of a remote for the tv. We called the front desk to ask for one and were told there were non available- that apparently it had been stolen by the previous tenants. I then asked if we could be given another room and was told there were none available (even though there were only ours and two other vehicles in the parking area). Okay, so we would have to live without a remote. then... we checked the room. There was no light in the bathroom. The towel rack was gone. There were no washcloths or toilet tissue. The heating unit did not work and it was cold! The room itself was smelled like dog pee. Spots all over the carpet plus the bedding. I had to go to the car to get a blanket to lie on.

    It was, by then, 11 PM so we had no choice but to spend the night (if you have ever arrived in Atlanta area at night, you will understand why) When we arrived home, I called the corporate office to let them know the condition of this motel. They, in turn, sent a letter to let me know the matter had been reported to the general manager (OF THE SAME MOTEL!) I received a form letter from this lady who apologized for our experience and sent a $25 gift certificate towards our next stay at any Days Inn. She also left her number if I would like to speak with her. I called the number and she was not available so I left my number. She did not return my call. I called back on two different occasions and never heard from her. What I wanted to tell her was that I appreciated the gift but that my main concern was that something be done about the condition of her motel. This was like leaving one of their surveys at the front desk... if you have a complaint, it is put in file thirteen....OR like putting the wolf in charge of the sheep! To begin with, if she was any kind of a manager, this motel would NEVER have gotten in this condition! Now, I've stayed in some pretty rough places out of necessity in my life but this was, without a doubt, the MOST horrible experience I have ever had!! We have had wonderful experiences at other Days Inn motels (which I have also reported as such) but if this is any indication of how Days Inn Corporate Office handles complaints, I promise to take my business elsewhere- ANYWHERE except for Days Inn!

  • Ch
      26th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes
    Days Inn Hotel - Chester Philadelphia Airport - Horrible customer service!
    United States

    My complaint is about the Days Inn located in Chester, PA, next to Widener University. Address:

    1300 Providence Avenue
    I-95 S Exit 6
    Chester, PA 19013
    Phone 610-876-7211

    I arrived on Friday morning at about 2AM, and found there to be no parking available in the hotel’s lot, and the only available parking was across the street in another business’ lot. I am a reasonable man, however, and I understand that certain situations can result in inconveniences like this.

    My main complaint is about the attendant in the lobby, who was unfriendly and unwilling to do more than the bare minimum. He showed no courtesy, tossed my key on the counter, and did not direct me to the room. When I asked for directions to the room, he said “upstairs”.

    I had reserved two nights in advance, but I decided not to remain the second night. I checked out early that morning and asked to cancel my reservation for the following night, which the same attendant said was impossible. I had gotten some discount by reserving two nights in advance, and he was unwilling to do anything for me to remove the following night, citing some policy on the website that I have not been able to find.

    I will not stay at another Days Inn, and I have informed my 68 employees, each of whom travel and stay in hotels daily, that my accounting department can no longer reimburse them for receipts that come from hotels that participate in the Trip Rewards program, due to problems with their reservation policies.

    Chad B. Hedgcock

  • Lc
      28th of Mar, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I made a reservation online and my husband did not know. My husband made a reservation by phone this was done within 2 hrs of each other, the same email address, same credit card number, same last name etc. When we saw two confirmation receipts in our email the next morning, we called to explain our error and cancel one of the rooms. This was not allowed... so therefore Days inn has lost a loyal customer... I will never stay in a days inn again. All policies should have some grey area to allow for honest mistakes. Mistakes happen to us all. If Days inn has no loyalty to me, why should I have any loyalty to them. We have struggled to save money for this vacation and do not have money to throw away. I am very disappointed, we will not go to Sea World now.

  • Ma
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    Days Inn - Dirty rooms and poor service!
    United States

    Our family booked several rooms at the Days Inn in Bedford VA for a family reunion. The rooms were actually gross. Ceiling tile black and falling. A moldy towel under the sink. Chairs to dirty to set on. The bed frame was broken. The lights didn't work. Around the edges of the room the dirt was disgusting. We had no choice as there were no other rooms in the area. On top of all that they screwed up the names on the reservations. I am done with days inn. This has happened before and our rooms were in the 60.00 range. Horrible experience. Oh yes, also found a cockroach!

  • An
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    United States
    Phone: 614-299-4300


  • Mh
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    Days Inn Port Wentworth - Accused of smoking in a non-smoking room.
    105 Travelers Way
    Port Wentworth
    United States
    Phone: 912-629-1900

    My husband and I checked into the Days Inn Port Wentworth, Georgia. We asked for a non-smoking room. We checked out around 6:00 AM. When I looked at what I was charged, I found an additional $50 charge. After calling the hotel, and speaking with the manager, I was told that housekeeping said we had smoked in the room. This is impossible. I disputed this with my credit card company. When I received a copy of the letter sent by the hotel to the credit card company, explaining the charge, I became enraged.

    I quote from the letter: "After the guest checked out of the hotel, housekeeping went to inspect the room they stayed in for any damages for smoke. Housekeeping quickly notified the front desk manager on duty of their findings. By this time, the guest were already gone. Management went to the room to inspect it as well. All 3 employees agreed that the prior guest had smoked heavily in the room.

    Proper procedure was followed, as stated on the guest registration paper. A charge of $50.00 will be deducted from account in the event that you smoke in the room. Housekeeping had to deep clean the room and block it off from public use for a minimum of 48 hours until the air was filtered again."

    That is a bold faced lie, since neither I nor my husband smoke. In order for the room to have been that "heavily" scented with smoke, we would have been up smoking most of the evening! Too bad we were not there to defend this incredulous accusation. When I spoke with the rude hotel manager, he indicated that it was too bad for us!

  • We
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Days Inn - Terrible everything!
    Days Inn
    182 chaffin place
    United States
    Phone: 6158938170 13296

    Sam, the gm lied to us about having a pet (which was against the rules) and he took money for it. He also when approached gave us a false name and said the manager was not available. He put us (and everyone we spoke to) on the third floor. When asked why, he said the rooms were booked, which was not the case. I called the complaint # and spoke to two different people, getting a case # 2150826. I have not heard from them. The night was thursday Feb 21st.

  • He
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    Days Inn - Wrongful termination, wages
    Days Inn
    308 S Hughes Blvd.
    Elizabeth City
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 252-335-4316

    The manager of the Days Inn in Elizabeth City, Yashi, fired me after my vehicle broke down after I picked up many extra shifts for her and was asked to stay at the hotel in case she needed me. I gave six hours notice about not being able to come in and the women who was to cover my shift drove drunk and the police followed her to days inn and gave her a ticket and I was blamed for that. She has had problems with this persons drinking before. Guests have even complained about it. I told her that my vehicle was still not running, she then said that she was going to put me on a leave of absense, but instead fired me. I know of at least two employees that were continuosly out due to vehicle problems and the both of them are still employed. I know of employees who did not call or show up that are still employed by Yashi. she constantly slanders my name to other employees and tells flat out lies about everyone which constantly causes problems. My identical twin sister is currently the head housekeeper, but in order to keep from having to give her a raise Yashi put herself down as head housekeeper to Days Inn Corp. My sister washes the laundry, cleans rooms, inspects rooms, and is responsible when the other housekeepers don't due thier jobs properly. Even though she has head housekeeper responsibilities, she only gets paid the same amount as the regular housekeepers. I know for a fact that Yashi is pocketing Days Inn profits. She has asked me and other front desk clerks to put one of the cash paying customers folios and money into an envelope and slide it under the door to the apartment that is attached to the front office. We are told not to put them into the computer, I have seen her pocket this money on numerous occassions. I have worked overtime for her countless times. She does not report overtime to Days Inn, and does not pay the proper overtime wages which is time and a half. Instead she will pay regular wages from her pocket. I have witnesses to back up everything I have stated in my complaint. Something needs to be done about her she is very childish, and has admitted to favoritism several times. Currently she still runs off at the mouth about things regarding my personal life. She is very unprofessional, and I will continue to do what I have to do to put a stop this.

  • Ch
      13th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    My wife and i and are 10 month old son went to days inn in claremore ok. We arrived at 9:00 pm rented one of the last rooms they had it was a none smoking room and one none smoking sweet i asked her if she would discount it and she said no so we left without counseling are room and went to another motel all the other motels where booked and we never into are room so we rented the room. We then left to go eat and see are family we then come back at 12:00 am. Another servant was in there and so i asked her if there was anything that she could do mind you i already payed for the room in cash, they said i can put you into a sweet but i need a credit card so if you cause any damages they can charge you for it i said ok thats fine we ARRIVE HOME A FEW DAYS LATER AND THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN FOR THE SWEET. I call them and ask them why i was charged and they said because i stayed in the sweet my son is allergic to smoke and all they are worried is getting there money and tell me that i cannot get my money back because thats not there policy and not there problem that my son is allergic to smoke. They have surveillance with a video recording that they told me that they have and then i asked if they would let me see and hear the recording they said that its over and that its none of my business to see or hear that recording.

  • Kr
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Days Inn North Miami Beach - Scam and fraud
    Days Inn North Miami Beach
    7450 Ocean Terrace
    North Miami Beach
    United States
    Phone: 305-866-1631

    The staff at this hotel were some of the worst I have ever encountered. Days Inn charged $600 for our stay but also with-held $600 for using a debit card, without telling myself. (cardholder) When we found out, the MANAGER on duty said he could not do anything for us until the morning. Which was total BS because HE WAS THE MANAGER!!! But without his assistance, the next day my bank released the money. My grandfather passed away while on vacation there and it was 2 days before i was sched. to come home. So my boyfriend and I were going to come home at 3:30pm on Tuesday. Only to find out, that the Days Inn CHARGED me on 6/23 for $76.50. So as a result, my boyfriend did not come home with me, due to this hold, because I would have had to pay almost $210 for the both of us to return. All of the rooms are non smoking, and as we went to sit at a table outside on the deck, we were told we couldn't sit there, unless we were purchasing something. So for $600 we sat on concrete steps to smoke. I am outraged at the staff and will NEVER stay here again. And I urge everyone to do the same. I am trying to get my $76.50 back, but this looks like this is going to be a long process.

  • Jd
      14th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm staying two nights on business. I checked in, unpacked, and went to meet my clients. Upon my return, I tried to access the wireless internet, but the router it gave me would only allow local access. I called the front desk and was basically told that their computer worked, so mine should or it was a problem with my computer. I work out of town all the time, so I'm familiar with routers. I walked to the front office with my laptop in hand and was able to access the internet using the router the clerk was using, which means it's NOT my computer. I asked her if she would mind unplugging the router closer to my room and she informed me that all the routers were on the same system. She's an older, hunched-over woman (who is currently sleeping while "Reba" is on in front of her) with a poor attitude and even worse work ethic. She informed me when I walked in the lobby that the router had been "rebooted". If it had been, I would certainly not be in the lobby when I could be in the comfort of my own room.

  • Ad
      30th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Can you speak? I had trouble understanding any part of your review, especailly saying 'are' instead of 'our'

  • Mi
      5th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I found this motel on the website along with pictures showing what they had to offer. Obviously, the pictures were severely outdated. My husband and I took a church group of teenagers for a youth trip to Kings Dominion. We had reserved this motel for our first night stay. We headed to our rooms. Our first incident was a broken security door. We walked through the door and was hit with the strong smell of urine, and stains all over the carpet. With this door also being held open by a trash can, full of trash. This was the non-smoking area also, however, the smell of cigarettes was heavy in the air. The bathroom floor did not look like it had been swept. Hair was in the bathtub. We only had three towels for 4 people and the desk would not give us anymore. There was some kind of gunk on the carpet in the rooms, and going up the tv cable. The furniture was stained with something that looked like blood. There was ants in the room. Some of the lighting did not work. The supposed offered internet was not available in the rooms. There was poison ivy growing up the outside walls of the building. Our group found a sanitary napkin in the parking lot. And a prostitute was sighted living at the property. We could not even get our keys to work for the security door at the other end of the hallway after we had gone through it. So in using the stairs on that side of the building we noticed another trash can overflowing with trash, with the trash tumbling down the steps. This place was just nasty. I have complained to them and have heard nothing back. I turned them into the Better Business Bureau in that area, and of course haven't heard anything. I turned them into the health department in that area. They went to check things out, and found some problems. They, however, could not do anything about the poison ivy, or the prostitute. I do not know why. I was called back and told that the motel was told to fix things. I dare say, to this day, you can go there and find the very same problems, if not more.

  • Ro
      12th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes
    Days Inn - best rate guaranteed
    days inn
    United States
    Phone: 772-359-4256

    I found a cheaper rate at travelocity I was going to put my credit card info in when I decided to check the days inn site to see if it would be cheaper well it was not but they had a best rate guaranteed are your first night is free I called they told me to book it then fill out a clam form online I did then I was denied I tryed calling customer service I was the phone for 30 min before someone finally answered only to be transfered again to the best rate guarenteed dept they were no help they stated they seen the lower rate advertised but they could not purchase it. So long story short dont fall for the guarantee like I did save yourself alot of trouble

  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I too had an extremly bad experience, we stayed and the Days Inn and Suites in Rancho Cordova, Ca, , , , with the following out of date elevetor permits bird fecis on the steps, my husband was solicited at the pool by oh my god!! then upon returning to our room we realized the door had not shut all the way, , , when we tried to talk to the front desk clerk she did not speak english...we left and came back in the morning to be told that the manager had just left...but the front desk clerk told another unsatisified customer that she had resigned that morning, , , corporate DOES NOT CARE, , , , they sent us two "brush off letters" apologizing and saying we would need to contac the manager and listed no name and no muber to contact them to this day I have not heard from anyone at that facility...this site use to be a Quallity Inn and we could see why they are no longer lending their name here...I have disputed the charges with my bank and WILL NEVER AGAIN STAY AT A DAYS INN...They have lost a customer but no one seems to care

  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes
    Days Inn - Terrible service
    Days Inn
    Rancho Cordova
    United States
    Phone: 9163633344

    We booked a stay at this hotel and had an awful experience, first their elevator permits were outdated with metal protruding from one of the walls, the front desk clerk barely spoke english and could not open our phone lines, the sheets were stained the curtains were falling down, my husband was solicited at the pool by a gentlemen who had two women with him, we immediately went back to our room to find that our door had not shut all the way (as all hotels doors should do you hear it shut behind you) and there was a man standing in our room, of course the desk clerk could not get what we were talking about so we left and returned in the morning as I wanted to speak with someone who I thought would be able to help, the front desk clerk said the manager was not in and that I would have to call later, while I was trying to resolve this another unsatisfied customer came and and was told the manager had resigned that morning... when I called Customer Care I was told someone would be in contact, yea they wrote me two "brush off letters" of apology saying the location was a franchise and the manager and general manager would be in contact and if I did not hear from them to contact them at: No name and No number, yes the letter had no names and numbers so if they do not know who to contact how am I suppose to, we could have been killed that night what if we had lain down to sleep not realizing the door did not engage and the man had come in then... I often travel alone and will never ever stay at Days Inns, this facility use to be a Quality Inn and we could see why they no longer lend their name to this location IT WAS A DUMP and no one cares that our SAFETY had been in jeapordy I really think this was a spot where people live and unsavory ones at that, to this day I have heard from NOONE at the location... I would recommend that anyone traveling go a few extra miles if necessary and find a hotel chain that will actually care and not give their customer the brush off... so much for DAYS INN new Sunny look, there was nothing sunny about it...

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    What i dont understand is when you called in June 1 month prior to see what you could do, how did you know you were going to have a family emergency in July?

  • Ve
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes
    5860 Fortune Circle W
    United States
    Phone: 327-248-0621

    I booked 12 rooms at this hotel with the manager Dennis Henderson. I booked them Aug 4 2008 with a price for the park and fly and taxes for a rate of $97.44 per room. The price was for 7 days plus the 5 days additional to keep the car and the taxes. We mailed a check for $1169.68 on Aug 22 for the 12 rooms. In the mean time we added another room and gave him a company credit card for that room. I get a call from the lady tonight (Sept 23) who is taking this group on a 12 day cruise and the person in charge( a Jennifer) they had to pay for the rooms. I told her a check was mailed in Aug for the amount that was agreed on. She says I was rude well she has no business behind the desk. She called Dennis and of course he has no idea what is going on. I came to the office to check the confirmation numbers and the check date. We called my lady and that is when she informed me he is going to renege on the price and charge every one the $5 extra per day. I can not believe they can do this but guess they can. When I called corporate they told me they could do this. I can only think of one reason that anyone would stay here is for the convenience...sure not the service or the quality.
    We do a lot of business in Nashville TN with hotels and none of them have the LOGO DAYS INN.

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