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Dawn / Terrible company!

1 31700 Telegraph RoadSouthfield, MI, United States

It was years ago. I hired them for my divorce case. I told them I don't want any fight in the court, we don’t need mediators, I just need their assistance to file documents. We'll write our agreements. He said OK. So we started to write the agreement, it took a while since we were still in emotional adjustment, we couldn’t sit down right away and do the paper. So we received orders from the court for the "next" step. We waved it, then received another... We have to pay the fee's for canceling the court procedure and didn't get any word from him about what’s coning next if we didn’t finish the agreement by what time... I got billed on all the unnecessary fees either to propane or cancel the procedures(he knew it should be canceled) but he instead sending me coped mails of court order, I had to call him to cancel, so he charge me for everything... I was frustrated so I talked to him saying he should telling me at the same time what's come next if I don't get the agreement ready by when so we could hurry, or he should cancel all the court steps. And also I told him each time I had to call him to cancel it, I had to paid $40 dollar for 5 minutes or less call. They added up more then $400 for just phone calls. I wanted him to letting me know ahead what’s coming next time. He was angry and quit me as client without finish the case. I had to hire another attorney to finish all the documents. It’s been many years now. At the time, I couldn't even think about this because I was really angry about his attitude and didn’t know how make a complain. I have paid more than $4500 get no advice or help from him (he basically just filed the divorce paper) with an unfinished case.

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