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David's Bridal / Unreliable service/shady business

1 overland, KS, United States Review updated:

There are so many consumer complaints out there on David's Bridal and rightly so. If you had a good to reasonable experience with them you just hit the jack pot, because the experiance could have been unimaginably insulting and unfair.
The company's focus is on taking your money upfront without any guarantee on their merchandise, service or consumer protection.
Talk about David's Bridal's policy on ordering merchandise. You have to pay the full amount upon ordering, and by the way, all sales are final, no exchange and no refund. Wouldn't it be fair to put down half the money upon ordering and pay the rest when their service and goods are deemed fair and you actually pick-up the merchandise? Specially when their ordering system is sloppy that they frequently order wrong sizes or item.
David's bridal does not want to improve customer service, actually, they don't want to hear from you . If they did, they would list their head quarter contact information radily available to customer from their website.
David's bridal company must mistreat their employees or doesn't provide adequate training. Their sales people seem stressed, unhappy and vendictive, not exactly a wedding business attitude.
My recent experience with them were aweful and most uncomfortable, from dirty merchandise, mis-ordering and vendictive sales manager. I am glad it's over and this complaint is the last thing I would ever involve myself with them.

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  • Ni
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    First of all, we do have a 100% gaurentee stating that nothing will leave the store less than perfect. Second of all if the dress doesn't leave the store, you can exchange and even refund it... If they told you diff, possesion is 9/10 of the law... it's in their possesion, you can get your money back... also there is a 3 day buyers remorse law... you have 3 days after pick up to return without penallty...

    The reason you have to pay it all down when you order it is because there is people out there that will continue ordering just to see different colors or things like that... the whole entire store would be filled with dresses...

    Next, the reason a number for a complaint department or what not is not on the website is because the stores and the website are two seperate things and are not affiliated.

    And honestly, we sell millions of wedding gowns a year at just one store... think about how many stores there are in the US... add it up and subtract it from a few hundread measly complaints... many more people are satisfied than those who are not... the complaints are only MABYE 1% of all the people who shop at Davids Bridal and those 1% usually try to go way against policy or don't like our policy... if you don't like it go some where else, but don't take it out on the people who work there, even the managers becuase they didn't make the policy and can't change it!!! Just like any where else you shop.

    And like I have said before, just because you have a bad experience with a few people at one store, don't try to take it out on all of us because there are a lot of us that do care.

  • Co
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    The store I went had the manager's discretion as their exchange and refund policy. The confusing and irregular exchange and refund policies seem so shady... Why can't they have a clear and open policies printed on the back of receipts or in the stores like any other retailers. Or matter a fact anywhere.
    Also you are saying... Customers shouldn't complain even if they have horrible experiences at the David's bridal bcause first, it's their own fault mostly and second, customers should expect to get bad services at times because the stores are busy...? Justifying bad service is not a good customer service policy!
    I just didn't know there is no customer rights at the David's bridal... very ususal and scary.

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