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I went to David's Bridal in Canton, OH to get my wedding dress, MOH dress, flower girl dress, and other wedding items. First time I went in to try on dresses, the lady that was helping me find a dress was very nice at first but after I tried on a COUPLE of dresses, she had me try on a dress that was way over my budget and kept telling me this was my dress. I told her it was too much, so I tried on another dress (which is THE ONE). She made me feel like it looked bad on me and I should get the other one (the one that's too expensive). I love the dress I got, but she kept making me feel ugly in it. Another thing, every single time I set foot in that store, an employee is yelled at by a manager in front of customers, or an employee is crying there eyes out in front of customers. DB lacks professionalism and customer service. Don't go there if you don't have to!! It's Awful!

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      May 30, 2010

    I am sorry to join the band wagon & complain like everyone else does, but my experience at this store was not good at all. When I went in to purchase the dress, I knew what I was looking for. The sales girl was helping me and another person; as the store was quite busy. I didn't find that a problem. What I did find was that she just keep working with the other person and was not paying much attention to me, since I was only looking for a dress; not a bridal gown. She found a dress for me, asked me if I wanted it, didn't take any measurments and just ordered me a larger size. She took me to the cash register, told me to pay in full and that was it. It was completley business like, no niceness at all. I never got a call that the dress was in and I had to keep calling to see if it was in!
    Now I realize I only bought a dress & the price was only $300 plus tax and I wasn't a bride and I didn't need all the bells & whistles, but the least she could have done was shown a little smile now & then!
    I had the same reactions from the salespeople when I came to pick up the dress. It seemed to be a chore for them to get the dress, bring me to a room to try it on and I had to search for a girl to zip me up. Then when I asked for a bag to take it out in, I was told it was an extra $10 in quite a rude tone. I was never told anything about paying an extra $10 for the bag & I thought that was unfair. It was bad enough I couldn't get anyone to talk to me, yet when they did their tone was not very nice. Was it because I didn't spend enough money?
    This dress is for my 40th anniversary & is just as special to me as if it were my wedding day. I need a few alterations on the dress and because of everyones attitude, I refuse to have it done at this store and I will be taking it elsewhere. I also have a daughter that is getting married next year and I can assure you that she, nor her bridal party will be getting their gowns from your store!
    Times are hard everywhere and we should all be greatful we have jobs! A little smile goes a long way and a nice tone will bring a customer back and is good business. I'm sorry to say you just lost a bridal sale, bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother of bride, mother in law, grandmother & junior bridesmaid!

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      Jun 03, 2010

    You thought it was unfair that a garment bag costs $10 and they never told you? How is that even an issue? It's a product, of course it costs money.

    Maybe you weren't being very pleasant towards them. Maybe you walked in and the girl helping you was having a stressful day and had to take another person.

    You are in control of your purchases, you can always, you know, ASK to be measured.

    It's better that someone as rude as you don't shop there because you sure as hell sound like a momzilla. I'm sorry no one was there to wait on you hand and foot. if you took your daughter there, all you would have done is cause customer service issues that aren't even there.

    They have literally hundreds of dresses that have been ordered, so it's not unreasonable that you weren't called.

    And if you knew what you were looking for, why did you feel the need to be waited on hand and foot? Get over yourself, princess.

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      Jun 25, 2010

    wow Anonymous sounds like your a bitter employee!!!

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      Jul 28, 2010

    I was In a Davids Bridal In NEPA This Past Year, and the experience was despicable.I went because I had just got engaged and just wanted to poke around and see what it looked like and to set up an appointment.The lady(slightly older) was arrogant and just seemed like she didn't want to be hassled. My mom was with me and I guess maybe it was because I was so young that they didn't think I was serious, it's not like I was going to play dress up or something like that.I asked her several questions and she told me I had to set up an appointment, and when I looked unsure, she just threw a bunch of booklets in my face, and kindly left.I was puzzled by this because my dress budget was quite large and I was willing to make an appointment.Her arrogance was unnecessary, she didn't have to guilt me into making an appointment because I felt like I was wasting her time.So I made the appointment and it was literally three months later, again I sucked it up, and showed up.I waited almost an hour to get taken back and measured, and then she abandoned me I was like WTF! I had searched dresses I wanted and she would talk me out of them and get irritated when I did't like the ones she chose.I was going to take an $1100 dress and walked out with nothing because she just disappeared and after thirty minutes of waiting for her to get her you know what back there, I was done.I went to the bridal chateau and had the best experience of my life and dropped a lot more money, and they treated you with the utmost respect and knew how important that day was to you. thumbs down Davids Bridal!!!

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  •   Jul 29, 2011

    Maybe the more expensive dress that she picked out actually DID look better on you, and she was trying to help you.

    "I love the dress I got, but she kept making me feel ugly in it"
    Maybe there's a reason for that too..

    Can you imagine having to work at some ### ### wedding store.. dealing with emotional, irrational brides every day of your life. Ugh.. I feel bad for the employees. Contracts that bind you to another human indefinitely are just...not a good idea IMO.

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