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Wedding flowers. Do not use this woman

I ordered flowers for my sons wedding 2 months in advance. Susan Ketchum would not accept paypal or a credit card. Only a check. She cashed that right away. After that she refused to answer calls or emails. 3 weeks before the wedding she finally responded and said my flowers were done and she was shipping them. Of course, she didn't. 2 weeks before- no flowers. Now just a few days before--NO FLOWERS. She swears she shipped them but I have no evidence of such. I am going to have to go order more flowers at the last minute. DO NOT USE THIS WOMAN. SHE IS A SCAMMER AND A LIAR. SHE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.

Resolved Recieved flowers that weren't what we asked for then asked for a full credit and got half back. Susan won't give us the rest back.

We ordered our flowers in May of 2012. We never got a phone call to confirm our order. Susan took $157.94 from us and sent us flowers that we did not approve. She didn't even send a picture before she sent us the flowers. They were not what we asked for. Susan then claimed that the flowers were destroyed after we sent them back for a refund when we opened the box and looked at the flowers not touching them cause they were not raped in anything but a large clear trash bag.. After sending the flowers back, Susan gave us a refund back to our card but was only $78.97 After we had to e-mail her over and over again for her to even do that. Susan will not give us the rest of our money back because she says that the remaining $78.97 was for her serivces and we will get it back when she sells the flowers to someone else. Susan did this a week before our wedding, she didn't want to fix the flowers cause she said they looked perfect. When I looked on her website she only posts good reviews and I looked on another website and found that other customers complained about her and how she said her husband was sick and she would get their flowers to them as soon as possible, as she said the same thing to us. Susan won't return any phone calls, she e-mails us but its only to defend her work. Susan wont fix the flowers and send them to us unless we pay her another $157.94 to get new ones. I would not recomend this website to any one.

Resolved Wedding Flowers Never Received

I have already submitted a complaint for Susan Ketchum's services but have recently noticed that she has now changed the title of her website, but not the address. I just want to make sure that when people search for the title Ketchum's Wedding Flowers...they can see all of the hundreds of complaints that have been made.

Save yourself tons of stress and don't even consider buying flowers from her...
1. She doesn't answer her phone.
2. She rarely responds to emails.
3. She takes your money right away and then does not communicate about the product.
4. She is rude when you do talk to her.
5. She does not keep organized files of your communications (which rarely occur) so if you make changes to what you want or give her added information she does not remember what you have previously talked about. She told me that I needed to send her every picture, and email that we have ever had, every time that I email her so that she will know what I am talking about.
6. I ordered in January when my wedding was in August. Not only did it take longer than the promised amount of time...they never arrived. Two weeks before the wedding I was told in an email that they would be to my house in a week. Luckily, since she hadn't responded to my emails in several months, I had ordered alternate flowers. Susan's flowers never came.
7. After the wedding I emailed her and told her of the situation and that I wanted a refund. Susan said that I had canceled my order (I hadn't).
8. Susan refused to give me a refund, saying that I could only get in-store credit which, obviously, is useless after my wedding.
9. She blocked my email address so I could no longer communciate with her, asking her to refund my mother who paid for the flowers.

1. Search Custom Silk Creations online and read all of the complaints about Susan Ketchum and her service.
2. Buy your flowers somewhere else.
3. If you were ripped off by her too, file a complaint with the attorny general of Pennsylvania. It took almost a year, but I just got a refund for my mom. If enough people file complaints, hopefully she will get shut down!

  • Ta
    Tarblueyes1 Aug 20, 2010

    I really think this compaint was useful to me due to the fact that I hadn't recieved a phone call back from her and before she would even really discuss anything she wanted the money first. I saw this complaint and my fiance called her and they had no clue who I was and she started getting pissy with him after he told her about us googling her and all the complaint and finally she hung up on not use her at all!!! it is now 5 weeks till my wedding and after wasting 3 weeks on waiting for her I am now scrambling to find someone affordable that can get it done in time

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  • I got ripped off by her back in 2004. Collected money and then did nothing. She claimed she would make it right. Never happened. It is sad to see that she is still in business. :(

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This business needs to be shut down. I ordered over $400 worth of silk flowers from them. I received a partial order. I contacted Susan Ketchum and she was very abrasive and offered no help on the matter. She insisted she mailed all the items in 4 separate boxes. I only received 3 boxes. I requested she track the missing box, but she never responded. She mailed me a money order refund despite my repeated requests to send the flowers not a refund. I complained to the PA Attorney General. She responded to them saying all items were in 3 boxes and that the USPS confirmed delivery. Unlucky for her, I have the email from her stating they were mailed in 4 boxes. Cant wait till I provide the AG a copy of that email. I hope they are prosecuted for fraud. BTW during my chit chat with Susan she informed me she used to be a nurse but got injured and is receiving 100% disability fron Social Security. I am in the process of notifying their fraud unit to se if she is receiving SS unlawfully.

Resolved Do your research on this company before giving them any of your money

Please do your research on this company before giving them any of your money! You will find multiple complaints that all say the same thing. I placed my order Feb 6th, agreeing to an order time of up to 8 weeks. I sent multiple emails asking for the status on my order. The shipping date kept changing over and over and the finally I received the response "I think they shipped Friday" along with a tracking number. That tracking number was delivered to Michigan, I am in Tennessee!! So at that point I asked for a refund which she says I can't have. She says I agreed to her policy when I placed my order, but she did a lot of things I did not agree too! I am filing complaints everywhere and contacting the Attorney General. She's crazy if she thinks I'll give up that easily and let her steal my money this way. Please do not make the same mistake I did, doing business with Custom Silk Creations is a HUGE MISTAKE!!

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Resolved UNREAL! HORRIBLE!! Im sick to my stomach

I am trying to have a dream wedding on a budget and up until now I have gotten everything worked out...

Resolved Wedding flowers

I also have had issues with Susan. I have emailed her several times about my order and never recieved pictures. Each email came a promise of 10 days or fourteen days. I cancel my order and recieved a conformation from Susan that she was canceling my order in May of 09. I to this date have not recieved a refund from Susan. All my emails to her have gone unanswered. The best part of it all is she has block my phone number. I have attempted to call from other numbers and get the stores answering machine but when I call from my cell phone I get a message saying the mailbox is full. I have moved on and used another option for my wedding flowers. I will be proceeding with a civil case to get my refund for my order. I wish I had did more research on this company before submitting my order.

Sherri Fuentez

Resolved Poor Quality product

Like many other disillusioned customers of this website - my daughter and I were also given the run around...

Resolved Frustration and aggravation

I have been dealing with this company since February 22, 2009, when I placed an order for a 20 pc wedding flower set. It has been nothing but aggravation, frustration and ruined wedding dreams since day one. She does NOT return phone calls or emails. I was promised a picture of my flowers on or before March 29th. When I never received the picture, I started calling and emailing on a regular basis. When I did get in touch with a receptionist, all I got were after another. Weather, family emergencies, swamped with orders, etc. Finally on April 14th, I contacted a newspaper in her town. Not only did I get the information for the Attorney General in PA but a reporter called Custom Silk Creations. Later that day, I received my very first email from email telling me that she has canceled my order and would refund my money in 7-10 days. This is 50 days before my wedding and after I waited 7 weeks for her to deliver her flowers. Her website states 4-6 weeks from start to finish yet after 7 weeks I still had nothing, no flowers, no picture of the bouquet...NOTHING. Now I am receiving emails from her calling me names and being very unprofessional. I have filed complaints with the Attorney Generals office and with the BBB of Pennsylvania. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CUSTOM SILK CREATIONS. SHe is a rip off, she promises so much yet fails to deliver. She causes undue stress for brides. She is unprofessional and not worth the time or trouble. BEWARE DO NOT USE CUSTOM SILK CREATIONS!!!

  • Me
    Melissa Rumbolt May 25, 2009

    I had the same problems with her, my wedding was in December, I didn't get any flowers, she emailed and said she canceled my order in August of last year and promised a refund and I never ever received a refund. I also filed a complaint with the BBB, never heard anything in return.

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  • Gl
    Glitter6m Jun 18, 2009

    I had similar troubles. I placed an order in March and emailed her a very detailed list and description of what I wanted. She called two weeks later to say I would have a picture of my bouquet by April 15. My wedding was June 14th, and I didn't get the picture until June 2nd, after numerous phone calls that were either unanswered or not returned. I also emailed her several times and it took her days to reply if she even did. When I finally got my flowers on Wednesday (3 days before my wedding) they were all wrong. The bridesmaids bouquets were supposed to be white and yellow roses, but they were white and red. They were wearing green dresses - the red roses would have made it look like Christmas!! I was supposed to have an arrangement of white roses to put in a vase - instead I got a kissing ball - no how is that supposed to go in a vase? I didn't get the headpieces for the flower girls. And I asked for garland in red, yellow, and white. I didn't get the red. Needless to say, I ended up redoing what I received with other flowers that I bought, and everyone complemented on how much better my version looked. They thought her flowers were horrible. And her customer service sucks!!! DO NOT use her for your flowers or you will have a nightmare!!!

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  • Am
    AMBER G Aug 03, 2009

    Ditto on your complaints - I also ordered at the beginning of year to have flowers by April and when I kept questioning her by email, all I got was sarcasm. Better I found out now than a month or two before the wedding. I have gone elsewhere. Susan Ketchum of Custom Silk Creations is a very big ripoff, scam, con artist and I believe she changed her name last January due to the numerous complaints under her old name...which is why not too many complaints showed up when we researched her before we ordered. What goes around...comes around.

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  • Ki
    Killer Bubbles Aug 11, 2009

    I've posted our own experience with them. Larry, I'd like to know how you managed to get your money back. How does one contact the people you used so efficiently. My son and his fiancee are in minimum wage jobs and can ill-afford this. They've lost their money and received no flowers. And being Canadian residents I don't think we'll ever see one dime. I'm glad this website is here for those of us who like to check on a company before dealing with them any further.

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  • De
    DeAnnaK Nov 19, 2009

    I am in the same boat as you and she is so rude. have you got any where with the attorney general?a ll i want is my money back. my wedding was june 13 2oo9

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  • Sh
    Shanon C Jan 25, 2010

    i had went through with ordering flowers with susan and i just have to say im sorry that it didnt work out for some of you. Susan was really nice to me she helpd me out alot and answered all of my emails with in three hours or less. also i got the flowers three days after she said she had shipped it, they were great !!!

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  • Un
    Unhappy Bride in Canada Mar 30, 2010

    Shannon you seem to be one of the lucky ones.

    I dealt with Susan 2 years ago. I still have not received my flowers or my refund that I was told I would get when she sent my flowers to Australia instead of Canada.

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Resolved BBB rating

Here is an excert from the BBB hot topics for February 2017- I have included the url so you can see it for...

Resolved Product Not Recieved

I was supposed to recieve my flowers by 11/17, they came in 2 days before my wedding. The toss bouquet was missing and the bouts were so ugly (not at all like the website pictures) I had to buy new ones, they weren't even usable. The one e-mail she finally sent me back on the subject said that she'd mail me a check that day for the amount of the toss bouquet (of course it never came) and that the bouts were exactly what I'd ordered. This woman doesn't reply to most e-mails, no one ever answers the phone - even when you're going nuts because your wedding's in a couple days and you have no flowers!

  • Cs
    CSC Mar 09, 2009

    sorry wrong company not our customer

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  • Su
    SUSAN IS A LIAR AND A CHEAT Aug 29, 2009

    Come on Susan- do you really think that people will believe that she has the wrong company? This is exactly what everyone else is saying about your company- you have a proven record of being a liar and a cheat. Why would this person write this about yor company if it wasn't your company- that makes no sense- she would have written the complaint about the company that she paid. Get a life and just stop scamming brides and you won't have this problem!

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No answer to email

The bride to be found this business on online and decided to use them. I admit the work seems very well done. We ordered in like February. We went through the entire process and everything seemed fine. Until now. We are getting married Aug. 30th and have yet to get our flowers. We have emailed and called to see if we can get a tracking number only to be ignored. We did get an email from "Debbie" at CSC that said "There is nothing wrong with your order it is done and it does look shipped but I am writing her a huge note. For her to call you this evening." That was the last thing we heard. I waited up to 12am EST (1am here) and nothing. This on a work night too. Looking on this board it seems that Susan has spent some time here so this is what I'm forced to do.

This complaint is not against her workmanship as I have YET to see it first hand.
It is not saying I have not received the order before the wedding as we have untill Friday for that.

It IS what feels like being ignored. A simple "Hi. Your order was shipped <Blank> and here is the tracking number. (If any)

With the wedding only days away and budget tight I would hate to have to go local and try to get something thrown together. If the order doesn't arrive on time we'll refuse the shipment as part of the special notes in the order was that the wedding was the 30th of this month. We should of had these a month ago.

  • Ch
    Charmaine Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CSC is not professional at all!!! I have been supposed to recieve my orders a month ago and here it is a week from the wedding and i still haven't even recieve my picture of the flowers. I have tried several times to contact her and no answer and she doesn't return calls at all either. And the emails i do get really don't tell you anything or they lie about that they are working on the order. PLease Brides do not use CSC!!! I think she's a scam!

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  • Al
    Aleta Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please post if you heard back from her. I placed and order and was told that it would be delivered by Sept 11th, but it was not. I have sent emails and left messages and no response when I asked for a tracking number. I am considering calling my credit card company as well.

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  • Je
    Jenna Sotomayor Sep 16, 2008

    My advice is to email her and cancel your order and dispute the charge with your credit card- since the flowers were not delivered by the 1th as promised she breeched the contract and you have every right to your money back. You will most likey have to sign something with your credit card company stating that she did not deliver by the date it was promised and hence you chose to pursue other options as she has a proven track record of not fdelivering what she promises. She will argue this with you, but it is the law plain and simple- she claims her husband works for a law firm, but she doesn't know much about contracts if this is true. Once you dispute it with your CC company and fill ou the paperwork the matter is out of your hands and the CC company will deal with her. She keeps claiming she's going to sue me for fraud, but I haven't been served yet- I even emailed her to ensure she had my correct address for the server.

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  • Sh
    Shane Goulden Sep 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I had someone email about making a new order and with a few questions. They got back to her with in 24 hours.

    She finally got back to us 2 days before the wedding. She said the flowers are in Canadian Customs because the address wasn't right. I gave her the new address. Then spent the rest of the day trying to get the tracking number from her. Finally got it and here's what we found out. Keep in mind we ordered this set in March:

    Electronic Shipping Info Received, August 21, 2008
    International Dispatch, August 25, 2008, 9:53 am, NJI
    Into Foreign Customs, August 29, 2008, 2:50 pm, AUSTRALIA
    At Foreign Delivery Unit, September 02, 2008, 5:29 am, AUSTRALIA
    Attempted Delivery Abroad, September 02, 2008, 1:31 pm, AUSTRALIA

    Too bad I wasn't getting married down there. So the bride and a bridesmaid grabbed what money they could and rushed to town to find silk flowers. $150 later and hourrs of work they made enough to get us by.
    So I wrote her wedding day to let her know and she said she would refund the order if and when it arrived. As of now I don't know where it is but it seems it may still be down under. I will give her every chance to refund for now.
    I wouldn't recommend using Custom silk creations. I think she has bitten off too much and just can't keep up with it all. Too bad as most of her work looks good.

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  • Je
    Jenna Sotomayor Sep 23, 2008

    Beware she has a new website out there and is now selling under the name Wedding flower store- with a website of

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  • Me
    Melissa Rumbolt Oct 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good luck getting money back from her, she canceled my ordered and said i would get a refund on August 22nd, it's almost been 2 months and she won;t return my calls or emails. Where does she get off taking peoples money and not delivering.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Bride in Canada Mar 30, 2010

    It has been 2 years since I paid for my wedding flower set and I have yet to receive them or my refund.

    Now that I am helping my friend plan her wedding, it brought back all the memories of having to make my own wedding bouquets 2 days before my wedding (which I must say, for not being very crafty, they turned out really well).

    I decided to search and see if Susan was still running Custom Silk Creations and ripping off innocent brides. Well, turns out she is till around but one thing has changed, she no longer accepts credit card payments!

    Please, all you brides to be out there, make sure that you do not order from Custom Silk Creations. Save the stress, headache and added cost of new flowers.

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Resolved Product never received

I ordered flowers form her on 25 Jun 08 after receiving an email from her telling me that I can pay a rush...