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I went here and found a wedding dress I adored, about 10 months before our wedding date.My dress had color in it, Wild Orchid. Within 3 months of me buying my dress, THEY CHANGED THE COLORS!!! NOTHING will match my dress now. So for Bridesmaids we chose a 'similar' color (i use similar very loosely). Lo and behold, as soon as we chose that they changed the color again!!! Azaela no longer exists. Who changes colors that much when people are planning a wedding? Its not like I took 5 years, its 10 months! Pretty average I'd say. And worst of all, there was no warning of the color change.

We ended up ordering bridesmaids dresses in the color watermelon and, of course, they arrived and NONE FIT!!! UGH. The size 8 in the store apaprently isn't the same size 8 once delivered... intersting. Whats even crazier is that 2 of the bridesmaids had ordered a size 8, AND THEY WERE BOTH DIFFERENT SIZES! They were both too small, one smaller than the other and there was a full inch difference in length between the exact 'same' dresses. Of course "all sales are final" so now I am waiting to see how screwed I am 3 months before my wedding. *sigh*

Bottom Line- David's Bridal is NOT a customer.

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  • An
      29th of Mar, 2010

    They actually don't change their colors that much. And those colors were UGLY, hence why they were discontinued.

    No one gets any warning that the colors are going to be discontinued. It's just how it is. Maybe you should have picked a color that wasn't barf-ugly and then it wouldn't have been discontinued.

    LOL re: the size 8 dresses... ever consider that your BRIDESMAIDS are different sizes? The ones ordered are all the same, it's not that one dress was smaller and the other was bigger, your bridesmaids were! And if there was a huge difference in the length... why didn't you, I dunno, go talk to the manager from the store that you purchased at? Sounds to me that a lot of these problems could have been fixed if you spoke with the manager. They're willing to help you if you're nice to them.

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  • Po
      26th of Aug, 2010

    to the previous comment...ITS NOT HOW IT must work there! Why are you seeking complaints but taking up and making excuses? ever consider...r u kidding me?

    You sound like barf! It has nothing to do with the othere bridesmaides...she said she wanted a particular color...stop making excuses and accept what she specifically ordered!
    DB is irresponsible and Im not wasting my time to call all over the world and never get a reponse from this sorry company! The manager doesnt care nor would she do anything...that's their motto! DO NOTHING & always price POOR SERVICE!
    I will validate it

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  • An
      30th of Aug, 2010

    Like I said... talk to a manager, they'll fix it.

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