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On the 21st of January I took a work lunch break to go and buy my wife her 30th present for the amount of $2, 500 and at POS the transaction was declined. A second attempt was made as I am well aware of my account balance and it was also declined. I made a call for the first time to AMEX CS and setup my pin then was waiting for 7.5 minutes and was hung up on. A second call was made and got through to a team member who informed me that the account was under review and they need a specialist to call me back. I explained the circumstances of being at POS and on my work lunch break; I was told it would be 15 minutes, which I accepted. 45 minutes later with no phone call I made my 3rd call, I was then informed my mobile was incorrect and someone will call me back, I stressed the urgency and was "promised' a return phone call will be made in 5 minutes. 30 minutes later I still did not receive that phone call. 4th call was made fuming with frustration I was told they are trying to speak to the primary cardholder for 'verification' as this was an abnormal transaction. I explained that I have made tens of thousands of dollars worth of transactions and yet this was abnormal? If I knew this from the beginning I wouldn't be sitting here 3 hours into my break from work and could have asked my wife to make the call with precaution as I was buying her birthday present. Furthermore I then asked to speak to a manager and was informed "we do not have a manager her for you to speak to but we will have someone call you? Another call back? I said fine, no phone call was made. During this time my wife picked up the call before I could get to her to find she found the place of purchase, the amount and now knowing what I had purchased for her 30th birthday. My wife is furious and demanded the representative an answer as to how the transaction is abnormal knowing all previous purchases and the only response received was "hahaha sorry, I will arrange someone to call him in an hour?". My wife responded with "an hour? Are you kidding?". It was agreed a call back would be made in 5 mins. No call back received. I went back to work having to pay for an unnecessary cab ride and to explain to my boss the reason, which was deemed as unacceptable. I am now dealing with surcharges to direct debits as this account "being under review" has caused the direct debits to be declined. My wife now knows her 30th birthday present. I was lied on 4 occasions and my wife was lied to on the one call she made. Today is the 26th Jan, 5 days after the purchase now having to work on weekends to make up the lost time, I was informed that there is no management in customer service for me to speak to or was that a lie also? and worst of all I still haven't received that call.. Working in the digital media industry myself I will pursue every avenue to voice my opinion and experience with AMEX CS received, my previous work colleagues at Fairfax Media now have great interest and I will soon pursue this issue with the ombudsman for loss of work, unnecessary costs of organising a cab ride back to work due to the excessive time this event had caused, promising multiple call backs? no management for me to speak to? the expectation of AMEX to block accounts without probable reason and expect to wait for their customers to call them? Ruining my wife's 30th birthday present? I am lost for words..

Jan 26, 2015
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      19th of Feb, 2015

    Answer me one question: What did American Express ever do to deserve your business? If you can't immediately think of two or three good reasons, you need to set up a proper account with a legitimate financial institution and take your business away from American Express as fast as you can. There is NOTHING they can do that can't be bettered elsewhere. Additionally, haven't you noticed that using an Amex card makes you as socially acceptable to most merchants as smoking in a restaurant? Most merchants charge you extra to use an Amex card because American Express rip them off. And if you can't pay your bill, their collection operations are down there with the "cash train" and "motor finance wizzard" or any other loan shark operation recently featured on "A Current Affair". Think about it.

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