Dairy Queen / worse service

Richmond, KY, United States

In my hometown we have two Dairy Queen's, Granted the one by the interstate is a little better. I was disgusted at the service I received today at the one in town. I went in there with my dad, we weren't greeted. There was a line of customers and the employees were ignoring them just talking. Then once we order, we were told the soda machine didn't work(which was a lie). I received our meals, my sandwich was wrong and they didn't give my dad his fries and his bread looked disgusting and his gravy was cold (he order the chicken strip basket. I proceeded to back to the front, they agreed to fix it. I watched as all the employees just lolly gagged around, they finely got to the point of correcting my order. Only once I got back to my table it was still wrong. I only order a double bacon cheeseburger plain people. First they gave me no cheese. The second time they gave me no bacon. I was too the point I went up there. I told them I wasn't waiting another five minutes for them to sit there with their balls in their hands and not fix my order. I just simply asked them to give me the bacon and I'll correct it myself. After choking my meal down, because I refused to pay for a drink and only get water. An elderly man went to the soda machine and worked. I was beyond pissed at that point. The employees lied, were rude and not even doing their jobs. I will never go back to that Dairy Queen again. I'd rather drive 30 minutes to the town over and get good service and a better meal at a different Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

Oct 15, 2018

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