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S Nov 26, 2017

Perhaps someone at corporate can tell me where I can use my coupon in Illinois. Photo attached. This coupon was given to me by my family who travel frequently between their home in Madison Wisconsin and my home in Charleston Illinois, and who often stop at DQ for fast food along the way. There is no identifying store on the coupon, as you can see.

On Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, I was driving home to Charleston IL from Chicago. I would be traveling along I-57, and knew there were several DQs along the way where I could use my "Blizzard upgrade for $1" coupon. I just wanted to try the new peppermint choc chip blizzard.

DQ #1: The first DQ I went to was so convenient because it was in a gas station, and I needed fuel; I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. After filling my tank, I went into the station to get my blizzard and a grilled cheese sandwich. A young cashier waits on me, I present the coupon and she asks 3 other people who are standing by an open back door chatting, "can I use this coupon?" They say yes, I place my order, she rings me up, it doesn't work. With a disgusted look on her face, an older woman comes over, takes the coupon, goes back behind the cook area with another worker, comes back and tells me they can't accept it because they are a private DQ franchise and can't honor the $5 AND $6 Buck coupons, only $5 ones. Me: alright then, thanks. And I leave, thinking okay I'll look for a DQ that's a stand-alone, not in a gas station. Please see the coupon ... there is no qualifying language about private or public DQ acceptance.

DQ#2: The second DQ I went to was a stand-alone, I go thru the drive thru, and say, "I have a coupon for a $1 Blizzard, may I use it here?" He tells me to drive around to the window so he can see it, I start to say I might want to order other items, but he interrupts me and says "just drive around first so I can see the coupon." I do; he tells me no ... it has to be a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill. I confirm that and say, "I have to look for a DQ that's only a Grill and Chill?" Yes, he says. Me: alright then, thanks. And I leave, thinking okay I KNOW the DQ in Charleston (my home town, my destination after a 3-hour drive) is a Grill and Chill. Please see the coupon ... there is no qualifying language about only being accepted at a Grill and Chill.

DQ#3: Finally, I am in my home town, Charleston. I go thru the drive thru, tell them I have this coupon. May I use it? The reply was "Yes, of course." YAY! Finally, after 3 hours of looking forward to the peppermint chocolate blizzard. I get to the window. The person takes my coupon, closes the window. Along comes another staff member with my coupon in her hand, and tells me, "Sorry, we can't use this here. It's not from our store. Do you know where you got this?" Me: "Not at all. It was a gift." Again from the staff: "Well, I'm sorry. Our coupons are stamped with our name." Me: Alright then, thanks.

By then, they had my food fixed and waiting for me, and by then I was genuinely hungry, so I told her I would go ahead and pay for the regular price on my meal. I also didn't want to let her know that by then I was pretty angry and frustrated, and I didn't want to be the mean old lady complaining at the window. Please see the coupon ... the store where my family got the coupon did not stamp it nor put any qualifying mark or X or address on it, to give a recipient any idea that it couldn't be used in Charleston Illinois or anywhere.

I did not receive a receipt, and I paid cash, so I don't remember exactly what I paid for my meal. I had the small blizzard and an order of pretzel sticks.

So ... I have a coupon for a free small sundae or upgrade to a small blizzard for $1 that I apparently cannot use! I'm disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, angry, and as good as that peppermint chocolate blizzard might have tasted, I really didn't notice due to what had just happened 3 times in order to even get the small blizzard.

Following your direction listed under "complaint details, " I believe I've covered everything I can answer to the best of my ability, except for my desirable resolution. Here's what I desire: I would like 3 usable coupons (since that's how many stops I made attempting to use the one un-usable one) for a $1 blizzard. My suggestion to you as a corporation is that you figure out a way to make your coupons universally acceptable, or you include qualifying language on them, and you make stores insist on stamping them or putting an address on them. The consumer should not be the party that has to be responsible for making sure that coupons handed to them are usable coupons.

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