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Dairy Queen / unethical behaviour

1 Raton, NM, United States Review updated:

Today I made an order via the drive through at Dairy Queen, here in Raton NM. First of all the restaurant was NOT busy other than a few costumers dining inside as well as 1 car in front of me. When I got to the window I noticed the cashier already having a bad attitude with me. She rudely handed me my change and asked me to pull forward and park to wait for my food even though there were no cars behind me. I agreed and pulled forward behind the car parked next to the OVER FLOWING trash can. After 10 mins. the woman working at the window comes out and brings the car in front of me their food and (with attitude) asks me to "pull forward by the trash can" I answered "ok?...even though there's no one behind me?" she ignores me and walks inside. Noticing her attitude and the disgusting condition of the trash I stay parked exactly where I was to CONTINUE waiting. After another 10 mins. she comes out again to tell me to pull forward. By now there was a car at the window. I was not in anyone's way and I had already been waiting 20 mins. for a small order. By then I was sick of her attitude and asked for my money back. She YELLS "Well if you come inside I'll give it to you" So I roll my window up, turn off my tuck which is still in the same spot, get my toddler out of his car seat, lock up my vehicle and go inside. Even after doing this it took several minutes for ANYONE to help me. Mind you there were only a couple people in the dinning room and the car behind me had already gotten their order and left. The coward of a woman couldn't face me and had the cook come out to deal with me. He was polite despite him being interrupted from his job and asked me what I needed. I proceeded to tell him that I either want my food or my money back. He asked if I had my receipt, I said "no I left it in the truck but if that's my food right there I'll just take it." As I'm saying this the rude window woman interrupts with "I gave her the receipt!" Finally after almost half an hour I get the food I ordered for my son and wouldn't you know it...IT WASN'T EVEN FRESH! I wouldn't have minded waiting for the food even if it was a ridiculously long time but it was the fat girl pestering me to pull forward that got me angry. Again it was not busy and there was no reason to rudely and repetitively tell me to pull forward. There were no cars behind me and the trash can was full and smelly. I will never go to this ghetto restaurant ever again in my lifetime.

Jan 14, 2016
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  • Li
      2nd of Feb, 2016
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    Went to the Dairy Queen on Central An in Albany, NY I couldnt beleive that with the training these kids get of the job the have they still can mess up 2 simple ice creams 1 BANANA SPLIT & 1 PB Parfait... asked for peanuts on the Banana split didnt get it so I asked for them, Amalury L said he would bring them to us and from our table to the counter he got a phone call on his cell phone took the call was on the phone for a good 3/4 minutes while still waiting for the peanuts I go up to the counter and asked for the peanuts, and told them they should be soing their job and not answering the phone.. I feel cellphones should be turned off or left home if they can't handle the job with them..

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