Dairy Queen Simpson Aberdeen WAmushroom swiss burger

6/26/09 Ordered a Mushroom Swiss burger Solo. They did ask me, did I want "extra mushrooms?", I said, I want your Mushroom Swiss Burger (solo) as opposed to a meal deal.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Aberdeen, WAI got my burger and left, then, and only then did I understand why she apparently asked me if I wanted "extra mushrooms?" The burger was fine, the Swiss cheese was fine, the bn had no dressings except on one side was about a TABLESPOON of what appeared to be a Glop of Campbells Mushroom soup mix, literally a gray glop with a couple of miniture pieces of mushroom! That is apparently their concept of a mushroom swiss burger, no joke. A doggone Gray GLOP of mushroom soup, like what you see in a Campbell's soup can of Mushroom soup. It was gross simpson Avenue in Aberdeen Dairy Queen. I've been to Dairy Queen's before, I've never had this sort of thing occur.


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