Dairy Queencomplaint about product

I went to Dairy Queen on Friday night at about 8:00 pm, my sister, mom, and I, all ordered the same thing. we ordered a Large Oreo Blizzard with extra oreos. When we got to the window I noticed that one of the cups did not look as though it had enough cookies. So I made mention to the young lady that handed us the blizzard.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Vidalia, GAHer response to us was, well we put 2 scoops of cookis, and I if someone wants extra. I said well it does not look as though you put 2 cups, needless to say the 3 cup that I paid for. she said would you like extra cookies, as in to pay for more, I said to her no.
Then on Sunday April 30, 2017, I went and ordered 2 small blizzard, and low ad behold when I got home to mine, there was hair in it.

Apr 30, 2017

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