Dairy Queen / blizzard

Mission, TX, United States

Today my kids wanted DQ so I drove them to the next town over, because even though we have a DQ in Palmview, Texas the veggies are never fresh & that's a fact. Might want to look into that, however the DQ in mission, Texas awesome. But sometimes employees don't leave there problems at home & unfortunately I fell victim to her on this day. She placed my blizzard in cup holder along side with soft drinks to play it off .so that she wouldn't have to flip it over, for what ever reason blizzard was not up to par on this day, & when I asked for another one she went off on me. Drive Thru check1707188 6084 5/1/17 5:09 she stated that she didn't have to flip anything over & my blizzard is mealted due to the heat.

May 1, 2017

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