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CVS Pharmacy / my bad experience

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Got rain checks for sale item and out of 8 stores locally none sell on a regular basis only as sale item was out on 2nd day of sale what kind of scam is this all 8 stores out by 2nd day, the product was charming bath tissue 12 pack the basic design. All the eight stores had al the other kinds and packages of all charming but not the basic brand. Why would your stores only sell this product in that brand on a sale flyer, and then issue a rain check to purchase the sale item at another time?

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  • Vi
      30th of May, 2008
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    My daughter saw an ad in the CVS flyer Naked Juice Smoothies 5 for $5.00. There were none in the refrigerated area and she was told and given a "rain check" for that item. A week later we went to the CVS, brought the 5 Naked Juice Smoothies to the register and were told that they made a mistake in the flyer and that the price was 2 for $5.00 ! The clerk said he would check with his manager and took the rain check. When he returned he said sorry but they could not honor the rain check. The clerk had already rang up 5 smoothies at $2.99 apiece on my bill, and we told him we did not want them, and to take them off the bill.He said he did, but as we were about to leave I look on the bill and there are still 2 smoothies on the bill! NOW the clerk has to call the manager over who has such a horrible attitude and makes such a fuss because he has to scan the item. OH MY GOSH ! I will NEVER go to a CVS again.

  • Do
      14th of Feb, 2010
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    Toilet paper and paper towel items on sale tend to go very quickly because of the good deal. The rain check never expires, I don't see what the point of your complaint is.

    @Vicki: Cashiers make mistakes, I'm sure the clerk trying to honor your raincheck looked at the previous week's flyer and realized that was not the correct sale. Don't over react because you didn't get your way and had to wait for a few minutes. Cashiers do not have authorization to void transactions over a certain amount/# of items and I'm sure you didn't make their life any easier.

  • Cv
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    Charming? Try getting the name right, first off. Second off, our adds are written 6 months in advance, and we don't get them until the week prior to the sale. It takes us a week in advance to order the product, and most stores get their trucks on Tuesdays. Ordering day is on Thursdays. If we receive the paper on Tuesday before the sale, we can't order it until Thursday before the sale. The sale starts Sunday. We're out by the second day, because our truck hasnt come in. and won't until the next day. Hence the RAINCHECKS. Ask the associates when they will be getting their truck in, and ask for a raincheck. and know what product you're looking for before you complain about something you can't even pronounce or spell. Most people would be more than happy to help you out on that, so long as you're understanding. If you're too busy complaining to hear what they're saying, why would they want to help you? would you want to help someone who's yelling at you for something that's out of your hands? I don't think so.

  • Oh
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Wow is this sight governed by CVS or what. Sound like there is a big problem with communication in your company. If the adds and ordering days do not compliment each other, it makes things harder on the customers and emplyees. Employees should not have to answer the same questions all the time about why they are not stocked up on a sale item, and waste time issuing rain checks. Customers should not have to waste their time looking for products that are not on the shelves and come back at a later time to use a raincheck. Maybe you should make a suggestion to corperate to change the sale cycle to compliment the order cycle and be the company savior. Lighten up on the customers...She was not nasty or derogitive in her complaint. You should pass this complaint on to management, not attack the customer. She went to 8 stores.

  • Ol
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    You can't just suggest something to Corporate and expect anything to happen. You're dealing with a giant inflexible Frankenstein monster of a company and no one knows what anyone else is doing across the levels of management. When we try to access corporate we hit their customer service wall and a tiny simple problem takes a ludicrous amount of time to fix. I would estimate that it would take several years to get something big like delivery and order days changed -- I'm not joking. Ex: it takes them months to fix small problems like putting an item into our system so we can sell it. We got a call in August once saying that they fixed an item and we can sell it now -- it was a Christmas item that we threw away half a year ago.

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