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I was trying to consult with the pharmacist at the local drugstore. She kept glancing at me with the rudest look on her face, like how dare I try and interrupt her schedule! It was quite evident that she was not going to ask me if there was something she could help me with. I called the local Kroger drug store from CVS and was given just the assistance I needed. I will NEVER go back into a CVS again.


  • J
      Jul 07, 2009

    You didn't state whether or not you were acknowledged by any other employee. Regardless of whether or not the pharmacist looked at you was she aware you were waiting for a consult? CVS pharmacist are CVS employees and you could have spoken to the store manager and even asked to be put in touch with coporate. If no one is made aware of the situation how can they correct it. It's better to speak up then go away unsatisfied and having no resolve.

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  • O
      Feb 25, 2010

    It was either Staci Williams or Dawn Hume

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