CurvesTerrible company

The owner of Curves, Franchise, in Sacramento, CA exists only to collect dollars from desperate "fatties." I enrolled in the program, read the contract, and foolishly made a commitment for 12 months. Further, I authorized automatic payments from my bank account each month.

My issue is noncompliance with the contract by owner. Albeit it is stated above not to specify contract information, breach of contract is the issue.

There are 2-3 pages to the contract and the one section that made some impression on me was the need to have a physician's verification to enroll. While I mentioned some physical problems, the individual who reviewed the contract with me stated that it was okay to proceed with acceptance of the contract w/o medical documentation. As it turned out, I became ill during a workout session, was asked to "call it quits for the day", see my physician to see cause of wheezing and shortness of breath. Following an exam by my physician, I was asked not to continue with the program.

The above information was received by the owner of Curves in a very indignant fashion when I stated I should be refunded the start up fee since they did not insist upon a medical release as required in the contract. I advised the owner that the individual, a young student, simply took my word that I was physically fit and I started the program two days later. In backtracking some, when the owner learned that I needed to stop the program, she stated fine but you have to sign this, a small sheet of paper that she swept from my hands when learning that I wanted a refund. When I pursued the conversation by asking her for a copy of the contract where they were negligent, she refused stating that I signed the contract and they really didn't need medical approval. Her very unprofessional manner included a statement, "we did enough for you(?)" I'm truly puzzled by that statement, the short time I participated was work on my part w/o much guidance. The "trainers" were somewhat laid back in their role.


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