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I bought a 6 pack sessions for training when the special was going. After I purchased the package I set time and date to come into the gym with the trainer named Saul. He never showed. I proceeded to try to reach him and so was the other trainers with no response. Finally when he did respond he had no idea who I was or that even had anything set up. I asked for another trainer at this time as I felt with the money I was providing for the service I needed someone I could relay on to do the job. At this time I spoke to one of the managers named Derrick. At first he was very arrogant and didn't want to help until I had to get loud. I proceeded to explain and show text messages from the trainer showing clearly he had no idea what was going on. The manager decided to give me two free sessions to stay as at that time I wanted my money back and he wouldn't do what I wanted. Clearly I could see at the time it was about the money not the client. They set me up with someone else named Mandi. She was ok but seemed very side tracked. When training she would be looking else where and having people come over to chat during my sessions. On one specific day I had set up with her I was running a few minutes behind and reached out to let her know that. When I arrive she's sitting at a table with all the other guy trainers eating and talking. I come out of the women's room as to the right is the training area. I stand across the way advising I'm ready to go. She never gets up or anything. Across the room she proceeds to state "you need to go get warmed up" I stated "I'm good to go as I already have" she proceeds to say " no you haven't" while she's laughing and the other trainers are laughing along with her due to the way she was speaking to me. I said that's it. I'm done here. I will never come to a place to train where I feel disrespected and clearly like I don't even matter. Just another person for the day. I refuse to feel like that or be treated like that when I'm a paying customer. I worked hard to even get the money together to get the sessions so I could do something for myself and that's what I get. I'm very disappointed and I would like my money back for the sessions as I have gotten no where with no signs of even getting the progress I signed up for. I will be canceling my membership as clearly there is some issues with the managers and trainers at this location. I don't feel as if I should of ever had so many issues in the first place here and nothing was smooth. I felt taken advantage of and have tried to reach out to managers multiple times to express the concerns and ask for my money back and all I keep getting is "I'll call you back" and then nothing. I would like to be fully refunded for the issues I have had from the beginning. Thank you for your time on this matter.

Jun 02, 2018

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