Cricket Wireless / wireless service procedure

San Diego, CA, United States

I have been with cricket wireless since January 2016, no issues until today, 21 September 2017 when this wireless provider suspended my account without hesitation and warning . I always pay my bills on time plus I am enrolled with auto pay. I spoke to customer service for 50 mins to resolve the problem but they cannot help me out due to it was a glitch in their system and I am being punished for it. My due date is 03 October 2017 and cricket wants me to pay it today to re activate my account . What kind of program this company is trying to do, suspending wireless service ( I have six lines), did not imply their standard operating procedure and it seems like my fault on their system error. Today, it cost me pain and suffering, anxiety and most likely will miss my doctor's call for my ongoing medical issue . Their customer service is out of the country, cannot help you without figuring out a solution. I need someone to help me out, a lawyer who can enlighten with the current situation .

Sep 24, 2017

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