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Cricket Wireless / bad service. unorganized business practices.

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

Well, thought I'd post this for all the unsatisfied Cricket customers out there. I have three accounts with Cricket, two cell phones for me and my husband and a broadband internet account.

For the last two months, I got my bill in the mail for one cell phone and the broadband account. However, my second cell phone bill not not come in the mail for two months in a row. The first month, I thought it might have been my mistake (as I get the three bills and don't save my paper copy after I pay) and paid the reactivation fee. When it happened the second month (2 months in a row) I told customer service it has to be their error because it's the second month in a row and I paid attention.

I told them I wanted the late fees removed from my account for the 2 months or I was not paying. Store rep wouldn't do it. On the phone the first rep told me hw wouldn't do it. So I told him the least he could do would be to refund the $1.25 per bill that I pay extra for my apper bill. He eagerly agreed to get me off the phone.

I told him to transfer me to a supervisor immediately. When he came on I said, there is no way Cricket would let someone remove part of a bill if there was no cause. By telling me he would remove my paper bill fee that is acknowledgement that the bills probably never made it to my address. He said that he would not remove the late fees because I must have been told at any point during my relationship with Cricket when my bill was due (I had called several times regarding a crappy phone the wouldn't be replaced though under warrenty or returned within the first week). I told him, actually no, in fact, your employee who was just speaking to me didn't state when my bill was due and as I request all phone calls to be recorded you can check. He called me a liar. Then he said if I called the first month this happened they would have credited me as a one-time courtesy. I asked to speak to his supervisor. None was available.

I read the Terms & Conditions of the agreement, which says that you have 60 days to dispute any charge, which means he could have refunded me the second month. I wrote to Cricket stating I wanted my paper bills fee removed for 2 months, my late fees removed for 2 months, and two months of free service (which should come out to about only 3 months of free service) or I would chargeback on all my accounts, which would be over $500 for the past 120 days (maximum allowed by your credit card).

Some guy named Tom wrote me a letter giving me a complaint number. I called customer service. Apparently this rep was only allowed to remove $5 from my bill. I told her this was unsatisfactory. I got my bill in the mail (finally!) and it said I owed like $80 to keep my $35 plan on for one more month. I called about it and this time the rep said oh, that is a mistake, they reduced to about $42 (my normal bill after taxes and such), which means I did finally get the 2 months of late fees removed.

SO good news for anyone else out there in the same predicament. Just do what I did above.

However, true to my letter, I am still charging back on all accounts because they did not give me my 2 months free service for the hassel or remove the paper bill fee for two months. And had I not called, they would have probably let me pay that $80. Besides, it'll probably still show up on next months bill. Plus, he phone I use sucks and though brand new, it doesn't charge. They wouldn't return it because I used it for 31 minutes (it's a 30 min max). So far, they replaced my charger and my battery and it still doesn't stay on for more than a few hours when it's not in the charger. Plus, while it's in the charger it gets really hot. They're unconcerned. I have yet to get my rebates for my broadband or a second cell phone (cuz 1st one doesn't work). And the broadband disconnects for no reason. Tech support - they're typically nice, but are totally unhelpful. 'Is it plugged in?' 'Do you use your phone to make phone calls?'

Anyway, should I pay another $150 this month when they can't do a simple task such as give me free service for a little while when they obviously messed up? Honestly, I would probably stay with them if they did that. Or should I get my $150 for the last 4 months back? I'll take the $600, thank you.

Oh, and I hope the guy who called me a liar gets fired.

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  • Ti
      25th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Unfortunately he will not get fired. This is not an isolated incident. It is a way of business. They have poor reception but because they were unlimited they could get away with it. With the other services such as boost and t-mobile proper being around they are losing market share and doing NOTHING to keep their customers.

  • Oo
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company lies to its customers just to get them in the door, with crapy customers service and poor phone service im surprised they are still in bussiness, they are doing thousands wrong and not caring. Everyone with cricket should shut there phones off and force them out of bussiness.. they lie, cheat and steal from the consumers for there own gain...

  • An
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just an update, I lost my charge-back case :( The way Cricket is set-up with credit card processing, they do not need a signed contract, nor does your credit card even need to be swiped! The best thing to do would be to claim fraud and get a new card issued if you really need to get the money back :(

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