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what ever you do please be leary of cricket wireless really bad buisness practices. no contract dont believe it. they are very decietful. the only way you can get a hold of custamer service you have to act like you dont have a social security number or driver licence if they think you are an illeagal alien wanting new phone service you get a rapid response.. if not you get a robot responce.and god forbid you if your phone payment is one day late they will charge for the whole month.only if you want to cancel. i think everybody should get together and file a class action lawsuit againts cricket wireless.also you might think about telling your local news and national news like good morning america or the nightly news.good luck


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      Jul 23, 2009

    I agree. Not about the illegal alien stuff, but everything else is so true.

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      Sep 13, 2009

    I agree I just got off the phone with them where I was charged for roaming but i was in a covered area. The head supervisor told me he can NOT refund anything and told me that if it says roaming then i was roaming. I looked at the coverage area online. I told him i am in the covered area and should not be charged, I wanted my money back. He redirected me to the terms page and told me to look at #11 billing and payment Letter E. NO REFUND for anything is what it boils down to. I ask him (Max-Emp#1178) for someone higher then him and have to email corporate. Wheres the number? He dont have it and cant give it to me. Well I found it the internet is wonderful! [protected], I will be calling tomorrow.

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