Cricket Wireless / overcharging

United States

I did a bridge pay 45$ to start I was a few days late with the other half but I did pay it55$. My service was back on until the next morning, they said I have to pay 58.88 to connect my service! That because I was late the new month cycle moved. Well it a new month bill had to be payed then it will be 100$ no 58.88. The person then said the 45 was for 7 day use of my phone and 3.88 went to the 7 day extra charge! I'm so pissed! I payed my 100$ now they want 58.88 !? This place is a scam runaway from cricket wireless! All they do is steal your money and they don't cate a damn about the coustmer! !

Feb 4, 2017

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