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Cricket Wireless / abuse, violence, and theft.

1 Cielo Vista MallEl Paso, TX, United States

Complaint against
Angel Martinez
Store #8024
Assault, verbal threats, and theft.

I went to the local mall kiosk to see about getting a Cricket Phone, 60 for a used phone $45 a month service and $15 activation...
$45 a month sounded like a decent price.
Suddenly, it is $135.
I ask the kid, hey where s the other $20 coming from?
He was too busy trying to get the account set up on the phone with someone one at that point to answer any questions.
So i asked they shyster looking dude there why my total and his total didn;t add jive.
"oh it is extra taxes on the used phone, federal taxes, not the normal 8.25%"
"plus you pay $3 for paying here"

Umm, no such thing as a federal sales tax on cell phones.
So I made them stop in the middle of porting and told them I didn't want it, and walked away.

I had written my personal info down on a piece of paper, and when I thought about them having my info, i got a funny feeling... so I went back and asked for the paper back.
"Umm, we gave it to your wife"
No you didn't
"yes we did"
No you didn't
"maybe it is in the trash"
Ok, hand me the trash and I'll get it
"no, I gave it to your wife"
No. Give me the piece of paper back.

After 5 minutes of arguing with me about whether or not they had given me back the paper with my info on it, guess what... they had kept my info there on the counter behind the display... It was right in front of me, out of my line of sight, and they just didn't want to give it back.
I dunno, I have my suspicions. Name Address Date of birth and Phone Number... there is a LOT you could do with that info.
The slimy guy became insulting and verbally abusive, saying he wanted to kick my ###, and I walked away at first, but then I thought, "surely I ought to report this guy."

I walked back and asked him for his first name and store number.
Again he became abusive, stating he was going to kick my ###, and refused.
So i pulled out my iPhone and was going to take his picture, so I could forward that identification of the person with my complaint.

Would you believe the son of a b-tch snatched the phone out of my hand, put it in his back pocket and refused to give it back unless I went outside and fought with him?
I ended up having to get mall Security and an off duty cop involved in order to get my iPhone back from him.

It would have been a lot easier to simple jump across the counter and teach him some manners the old fashioned way, but my kids were there. Turns out this guy was the MANAGER of the kiosk!
This is the kind of slimeballs Cricket employs to represent them...
So I would rather not HAVE a cell phone, or do a prepaid phone than deal with this company.

Cricket Wireless

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