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I've been with cricket almost two years now. First the phone went crazy calling people at 2 am. When no one was touching the phone it constantly has said no download room even after that bought 32 GB SD. Three times they have changed my day that they bill me, saying oh we take it out a day early just to make sure, a day early has moved from the 3rd of the month to early as of today the 28 th my data was not changed from 4 to eight until I complained about my data for eight months, I still run out of data almost two weeks before my payment is due, I do not go on Facebook but 3 or four min. About twice a week I never hardly use my data and it just disappears the first two or three months when I had only 4 or 5 GB. I had no trouble but once I was seddled in it changed. This month it cost me 35 97 all together to pay for my phone because they took my payment another day early and it cost me 35 dollars overdraft fee. I know no one will read this because I tried reading the complaints and couldnt open them. But at least I can vent to no one cricket has become a nightmare.

Jan 28, 2017

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