Cricket Wireless / cricket iphone 5s

Henderson, NV, United States

I just recently bought a iphone 5s from the cricket store in henderson nv on w sunset. When purchasing the phone I saw something that seemed like a crack on the top of the screen. Phone was just brand new out the case. I asked the employee ivan if it was a crack that I see on the top of the screen next to the camera lense and he said confidently "no it's just th screen protector over the scren" which I believed cause it could've very well been a air bubble or something in that category, but later that night as I was charging my phone the protector started to peel off so I took the whole case off and little did I know the crack was still there and as visible as ever. As soon as I realized that the employer sold me a crack phone I went back and tried to return the phone in less then 24 hrs of purchasing it which was the very next day as soon as the store opened I went and returned the phone and the employee and manager both said I couldn't return it or get a refund on the cracked phone they sold me because it wasn't in "good condition" when they sold it to me like that. I was extremely unsatisfied and upset that someone could sell me a cracked phone. The managers name is juan and said they couldn't do absolutely nothing about it so I lucked out and bought a damn iphone with a crack. Because yes I was dumb on my part for being gullable for believing the damn employee, but the employee shouldn't sell a damn cracked phone. Extremely unprofessional. Never again. Hope you learn from my experiences.

May 10, 2017

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