Cricket Wireless / cell phone service

Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, VA, United States

We have been with cricket for at least 2 years. Cricket claims offer to switch I phones to their network. After 4 trips to the cricket stores and numerous phone calls and transfers, to cricket 800# and having paid for activation fee and sims card, which was $40 total. There is still no activation. We were told on the 800# to return to store for refund. This was at Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News. We were told at the store no refund by salesperson, Mr V.W. I do not understand why money was taken, we left the store with phone not activated and told to return to "work something out, " if we could not activate the phone at home. The phone was not locked but we were told there is a problem with the phone and lock as an I phone issue. Seems like there are huge issues with cricket CLAIMING you can switch another network I phone over, they take your money and then say-Ooh IPhone should have told you there are problems with this. CRICKET YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK A TEENAGES MONEY WHO WAS TRYING TO CONTINUE TO BE A CUSTOMER--SHAME ON YOU CRICKET AT PATRICK HENRY MALL IN NEWPORT NEWS. Why does cricket have an activation fee anyway? There is no activation fee with Verizon, which may be more but I GUESS YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR- CRICKET SUCKS-YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A TEENAGER WHO PAID YOU IN GOOD FAITH AND ALL YOU DID WAS POCKET THE MONEY AND GAVE NOTHING BUT A USELSS CARD AND NO ACTIVATION-THIS IS OUR LAST MONTH WITH CRICKET WHEN THE PREPAID TIME ENDS, WE ARE DONE-Were considering switching all family phones to cricket, instead there will be none

Jan 11, 2015

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