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Phone: 858-882-6000

On april 8, 2017, I purchased a cricket phone (Kycera lingo - for $261.25 which was to include the first month's payment) for my daughter. The phone was suppose to include an mp3 player, as stated by manny at gecko wireless - an authorized retailer for cricket - where I purchased the phone. I also subscribed for cricket service on an existing phone. Both of us were given a print out of our monthly bills ($45.00 per month plus taxes and my daughter purchased the handset protection plan for an additional $4.95 per month). Less than one week later, we both began receiving text messages stating that our phones were about to be shut-off for non-payment. The messages also included dollar amounts that made no sense - double our original payment amounts. On april 14, 2017, I tried calling cricket at their 800-cricket and 412.853.1055 telephone numbers that are listed on their monthly statements - they are disconnected. I finally called the arizona number listed on the back of the bill and spoke with fiona - who said it was a mistake and to disregard the text messages and the bill for both of our phones. A few days later, my daughter's phone was shut-off for non-payment. I called again and they re-instated her phone. On may 7, 2017 my daughter and I walked into the gecko wireless dealer where we purchased our service and paid our bills. My bill was approximately $5.00 more and my daughter's bill was approximately $6.00 more than what the total bills should have been. On may 12, 2017, my daughter's phone was shut-off again for non-payment. I called cricket on may 12, 2017 at 6:10am and spoke to nicole - who stated that she was sorry - the payment only showed $12.00 being paid. I told her I had the receipts and she said to fax them to 720.374.9125. I faxed the receipt and received a confirmation notice that it had gone through. She also stated that she would send an e-mail to someone in the 'fraud' department regarding the over-charging on our accounts. On may 17, 2017, my daughter received a text message from cricket stating that her 'flex bucket' account was overdrawn and that she had a balance owing. My daughter doesn't have a 'flex bucket' account. On may 20, 2017, my daughter's phone was disconnected for a third time. I contacted cricket and spoke to a guy named 'alex'. I asked four times to speak to a supervisor and four times he refused to transfer me. I had to hang up and dial again. I spoke to vilma (Very nice) who stated that someone documented the account saying proof was never submitted. I then spoke to a supervisor (Cedward?) who kept telling me there was a balance due and we never paid the bill. I told him that I was looking at the receipt in front of me. He then stated that I need to take it up with the people where I purchased the phone - that he couldn't help me. Are you serious? A cricket supervisor that can't help a customer? You have got to be kidding me. I am tired of having to call every two weeks to have my daughter's phone turned back on and resolve issues regarding over billing, over paying, paying for services not rendered and all the hassles that have come since joining cricket. (Just for the record, we decided to go with cricket because of the $45.00 unlimited everything - guess 'everything' includes the above too. ) since I see that I am not the only one this has/is happening to, perhaps a class-action law suit may be justified (For over charging - isn't that illegal - hummm?) my next course of action is to contact cricket communications, inc. 10307 pacific center court; san diego, ca 92121; 858.882.6000. The president/ceo is stewart (Doug) hutcheson. Maybe if enough of us complain, he'll actually earn his salary this year.

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  • Bo
      28th of Sep, 2007
    Cricket Communications - bad billing, worthless personnel
    United States

    What a crock of crap! Cricket says they charge 50 bucks a month for cell phone service. It doesn't mater is you pay it because they will show on their crooked system that you never paid for it. Then to make matters worse, if you call them and try to fix it, they treat you like crap and you waste your time and energy getting nowhere. Do these reps have to fail a simple iq test before they get hired at cricket? The store personnel are ven more dense. They can't handle one simple transaction. No wonder the lines are a mile long with angry people. If you are reading this - stay away from cricket. Don't let their false advertising lure you in. I have never been so damn mad at a service in my life. Oh ya, then I canceled my service with them and they billed me for another 2 months! What the hell??? I tried to fix it, but they sent it to collections and ruined my credit score.

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  • Ka
      14th of Jul, 2008
    Cricket Communications - over billing/poor cs/changes on accts. never changed
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    My son signed up with Cricket for cell phone service in April. In May, while I was on the phone with CS to pay his bill, I added ther web feature and call tones. ( an addtl. $5.00 per month per feature) I also requested that I did not want a paper bill as they charge .55 per month to generate.

    In June I was out of the state on travel. I contacted the 800 CS number to find out when the due date was. I was informed the bill much be paid by midnight on the 10th. Upon my return home, I called my son's cell phone. It was disconnected! (this was after I informed the CS rep that I was returning home the morning of the 10th and would pay the bill that day) I contacted Cricket and they argued with me. They told me his due date was the 7th, not the 10th and was now being charged a 15.00 reconnection fee! I requested to speak to a CS Supervisor, who again could have cared less that the CS rep had given me the wrong information.

    In the mail today I received a PAPER BILL ( remember I requested no paper bills two months ago.last month I didn't get one) I opened the bill and it was for $156.49!!! i was outraged as my son just paid a $93.00 bill last week. ( they said there were late fees...which I always paid the bill IN FULL)

    I contacted the CS at the 800 number, started to speak to the CS rep and he hung up on me! I called back and spoke to another CS Rep and she informed me that they had no billed for the call tones since april and that is why the bill was so large. ( I personally added the call tones in May, so this was GARBAGE)

    I searched the web and found the Corp. number ( 858-882-6000) and spoke to Channel. She was rude and abrupt and didn't want to hear what I had to say.

    She informed me that there were no notes in the account regarding the paper bill ( surprise surprise) and that although there were notes in the account when I added the call tunes and web, they were billed from the beginning as she stated they were added when my son initially started service! ( not true)

    I told her is seemed Cricket didn't care about customers and/o their complaints, even informed her as to the 100's that were online. She continued to be abrupt and I finally disconnected the phone call. I will watch next months bill and should it be not accurate ( since every month have been billed higher than what it is suppose to be) . I warned her that if the bill comes up inaccurate, I would be making a formal complaint with the FCC. She told me to go ahead!



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  • Pe
      6th of Apr, 2009
    Cricket Communications - pathetic customer service
    United States

    Cricket is the absolute worst customer service that i've ever encountered!
    After returning an inoperable product that I received from cricket broadband, I was instructed to return the product for a refund. It's a good thing that I mailed it w / a delivery confirmation because cricket initially tried telling me that it was never received. Imagine their surprise when I rattled off the tracking number & the date of the delivery confirmation. Something to the effect of... "uh, uh, uh, well sir... "
    In the past week i've continued calling these losers to get a status on my refund, only to be jacked around by customer service reps who promised that someone would call me back about this issue. No call backs received. Today, I insisted that I speak w / a supervisor & that in itself took about 10 minutes to get one on the phone. Initially, this supervisor wasn't real sympathetic toward my situation until I mentioned that I would leave it in her hands & if no one called me back again, I would then take it up to the next level, specifically, her boss. W/in the next 24 hours, I not only had my refund, a finally a return call from a cricket representative. I guess sometimes attention getters are necessary, at least w / this useless company.

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  • Ch
      29th of Jul, 2009
    Cricket Communications Inc - impossible to activate modem
    Cricket Communications Inc
    United States

    Do not buy from Cricket wireless- their customer service is non-existent and they do not help you after you buy their product. When their product would not work on my computer - the broadband A600 - they refused to reimburse me the activation even though there was NO activation. What a rip-off. BUYER, BEWARE!!!

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  • Pi
      4th of Sep, 2009
    Cricket Communications - no cust. service
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I have been working for WestatHome who sub-contract out Home Customer Service Agents. Since working with this company I have experienced not only the bad side of customer service you are receiving. Calls outsourced to India where they can not even understand to assist you properly and US home agents who really do not care about assisting you. I am not one of those uncaring agents. Customer Service is mmy first priorty to customers always. I know I have on many many occasions listen to customer complaints from other reps to the locations that are very rude to try and assist you the customer. Now, Cricket has someone and we are told that we can not be informed who they are assiting the customers and we the home agents have no work. This is straight up a bunch of [censored]. I would urge you to find another carrier to provide you with better service.

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  • He
      6th of Sep, 2009

    cricket for sure is a very poor choice to do business with.any other company of your choice would be a much better choice than a rip off company like cricket.i hope the feds shut them down!

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  • Si
      22nd of Sep, 2009

    Cricket charges full list price sales tax on sale is that legal ? You can't charge 6% (Pa.) sales tax on a $129.99 phone that you sold on sale for $69.99.You can only charge sales tax on the $69.99 not $129.99. My next question is what are you doing with the money ?Is it being turned in to the state? I doubt it...These guys at Cricket are out of hand...they even charged me tax on the $5 discount my account currently is offering.Cricket puts the term "double dipping" back in my vocabulary .Maybe Cricket is really run by Crickets since they appear to be as smart as one.Keep up the good work Cricket with all the disgusted customers you have ...crickets will all that YOU will be hearing soon.

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  • De
      7th of Oct, 2009

    i am having the same problem, they lost my on-line payment for sept. i faxed them my bank statement, the rep. wanted my credit card info. i refused to give it to her, my phone was shut off, rude ignorant idiotic customer service. they finally found my payment and then charge me 10.00 to re-activate my phone, it was off for 15mins. and shouldnt have been off in the first place. numerous faxes, phone calls, complained to b.b.b and f.c.c. . still the 10.00 is showing on my bill, now i have a text to pay bridge payment??? what is this?? my bill is not due until 10/21/09. cant reach anyone on the phone at all, all reps are busy even calling the coprporate store in my area, all reps. are busy. this is the worse customer service i have ever dealt with, unbelievable !!! i will not be paying my oct. bill and will be switching to boost, all unlimited 50.00 a month. STAY AWAY FROM CRICKET!!!

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  • Wo
      11th of Nov, 2009
    Cricket Communications - impossible to activate modem
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I purchased a computer modem from Cricket. After it arrived I spent yhree days trying to activate it. This entailed talking to reps over the phone and running around town to three different retail stores to try and activate the modem. I finally gave up and called the company to return the modem. They gave me an RMA number to return the product, which I used. I also sent it back via US postal service with a receipt required mailing. The company received and receipted for the equipment. I did not receive my refund after waiting the subscribed 30 days. I called and Cricket said they had no records of the equipment being returned. I supplied there rep with the postal tracking number which showed the day, time and person recipting for the modem. I keep getting the run around about them not being able to fine the euipment in there system. I want my refund it's been five months.

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  • Pe
      12th of Jan, 2010
    Cricket Communications - fyi to all
    310 ED CARY BLDG B
    United States

    Reason for never getting customer service: you get locked out of their system after two calls in one weeek...

    Reason for not telling you about fees: thats their commision

    Reason for asking for ssn: fraud there is no need for your ssn if there is no credit check or contract with them

    Reason for not helping customers at store: careless people hire rude people
    Cricket does not have respect for your wallet, they do not even have respect for each other the managers and employees of cricket all talk poorly about on another, next time you walk into a cricket store act as if you want over ten phones for a business, then someone will pay attention to you and act as if they care

    Reason for this site: to inform other about the bad service that cricket has overall!!!

    Rudess retail sales representative petra alvarez phone: 9566400089

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  • Pe
      12th of Jan, 2010

    I agree i have visited the store and have dealt with that sales person, i have no clue why she is employed there.

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  • Pe
      12th of Jan, 2010

    Has anyone had to deal with the man n the grey hair, he is super rude! I notice all the nice people are no longer there. The manager previously was helpfull and showed empathy, I have yet to see the new manager he is always in the back in his office i assume. Do they even have a manager now or did the rude people take over?

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  • Ed
      19th of Jan, 2010
    Cricket Communications - bad service
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    Just got a Cricket phone Saturday. It's Tuesday.

    My old # has still not been rolled over to my new phone...

    And it took an act of congress, and several days to get my internet broadband set up (complicated!). I am in school, online, so this was frustrating for me.

    I have called customer service four times. Twice I was transferred to a foreign land call center and the english of the tech was horrid--communication was terrible and I was told transferring my # was "impossible" -- finally got someone at an Ohio call center who spoke clear English...and understood what I was asking. I'm still waiting for that # to roll over, though.

    By the way, the Ohio call center will soon go out of business and all the customer calls will go to...?

    So far, the signal has been ok for both the phone and internet.

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  • Tg
      9th of Feb, 2010

    I'm an attorney, and I would love to see the billings you have where Cricket charges you the taxes referenced in your comment. [protected]

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  • So
      15th of Feb, 2010
    Cricket Communications - I will never ever sign up again and tell others the same
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    From the beginning it was all mis-information, which I can understand to an extent since they just launched in Chicago. They are nice when they are selling but as soon as they see you with that cricket bag coming back to the store, it’s a different story. This is not excuse for what I experienced.

    I signed up for the broadband at the Lansing, IL store, spent quite some time reviewing the terms and details. After I got home I spent several hours with customer service to get it activated properly and it barely worked with very slow speeds. It would not connect at EVDO, only 1xRtt, which is the like dialup speed. I called customer service, no help and proceeded back to the store the very next day, since I had ordered late in the day and the store had closed. I had tried it on 2 different computers and it different areas.

    At the store, the first thing I was asked barely in the doorway was “Did you buy this online?” in an effort get me out. Second thing that I was told right away was “What do you expect, we are not fully launched for another month!” I said, then why did you sell this to me! Then I was given a number to call for broadband help, which I was told was different then the regular one. Being the last chance to return this I called from the store. I was on for 25 minutes while I explained the problem when the representative finally said she could not help me because she was phone support! So I went back in to the store to return everything. I had even tried it outside the store and it would not connect faster.

    I was there over an hour in line, the store now closed, and I made it to the front. There was another person that had I had seen signed up the same day as me and was there returning it with the same experience! It took 30 minutes to cancel everything and process the refund, only to find out that I was not going to get the activation fee back. I made several attempts to talk to the manager and he decided he was going to completely ignore me and walk away several times.

    The policy as stated on the receipt and as I was told was you had 24 hours to try it out before the activation was not refundable. I would have been happy with a store credit since I was planning to sign up again in a month (since they told me the service was not fully up yet) or at the very least put it towards phone service. But after mentioning this neither manager cared. The agent processing the return told to call the 800 number and that the computer would not allow the refund. I called the 800 number 10 times on different days only to get about 10 different answers regarding the policies, basically telling me the store needs to handle it. I went to the store during a different time and spoke to the other manger and she just did not want to hear any of it either.

    Basically now, I will never ever sign up again and tell others the same.

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  • Pe
      24th of Feb, 2010
    Cricket Communications - hidden charges
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I feel violated, Cricket has left no oriface untouched. Need a monthly statement? Cost you additional 12.50. Like to pay with card thats a 3.00 charge.You say you did not request the insurance policy on your Modem ? For a meir 15.00 it can be cancelled. By the way, If you do keep the insurance it is not inforced untill the modem warranty is exhausted, 2 years. You prepay 118.80. and finaly, you didnt really expect to cash in on that 50.00 rebate did you? After waiting 40 min at a Cricket store to attemt a discussion with a customer service rep I was rewarded with these words of wisdom " That's the Business."

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  • An
      7th of Mar, 2010
    Cricket Communications - wireless internet
    Cricket Comunications
    United States

    I signed up for Cricket broadband internet. For the first two months it worked fairly well. The third month I started having extreme difficulty. My speed dropped to under 200kbps. Thats hardly a high speed connection.

    I tried contacting tech support at their 800 number. Thats a nightmare. I waited on hold several times for half an hour only to get another recorded message telling me that due to high call volume they would be unable to assist me and I should call back later.

    Finally I got a tech and we spent an hour going through different attempts to correct the problem with no success. Then I could hear a muffled conversation between the tech and someone else I believe was the call center supervisor. The person the tech was speaking to seemed agitated. The tech came back to me and suggested I uninstall and reinstall the software and if I still had problems I should call back later. I explained I had already tried that but he insisted I try again and refused to help me further on this particular phone call.

    I went to the local Cricket office thinking perhaps the modem was defective. Cricket refused to exchange the modem. They "tested" it and as long as it made a connection they said it was fine. They checked my account which showed "provisioned". They said this might be the problem so they changed the status. I explained to the rep that even from the beginning I was unable to view any sort of video due to the speed of my connection. He told me Cricket broadband wasnt designed for video. I asked why then do their commercials show happy customers watching videos on their laptops and he couldnt answer.

    I got tired of Cricket quickly so I dumped them and went back to a landline based DSL. Cricket broadband is lousy, Cricket customer service is lousy and according to their sales rep Cricket misrepresents its broadband showing users watching video while it wasnt intended for video. If I decide to go with mobile broadband it definitely wont be with Cricket and because of this experience I have decided not to switch my cell phone to Cricket.

    In their agreement theres something about a refund within I believe thirty days if you are unhappy with the service. It may be sixty days. I wonder if Cricket provides high speed service during this period to avoid having to issue refunds then provisions service down to lower speed to conserve network resources. I was told they have a 5 Gig per month limit and if you exceed that you get provisioned to a lower speed. Maybe their bandwidth counters dont reset properly to zero at the beginning of each billing period. Whatever it is it stinks.

    If you research Cricket you will find they arent a new company. Theyve been around for years operating under different names. Seems theyve had problems from the beginning and apparently change names to avoid the stigma attached to all their problems. I hope they go down the tubes so they cant keep deceiving and cheating people.

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  • Ba
      10th of Mar, 2010
    Cricket Communications - billing
    Cricket Communications
    1020 sw military dr.
    San Antonio
    United States
    Phone: 210-922-5465

    I made a payment for $67.33 at and did not get confirmation #, instead it said that it cannot take my payment at this time due to secure reasons. Two days later my bank states that $67.33 was withdrawn from my bank account and paid out to cricket. My cricket account does not show the credit, I have called and went into the main office with my bank statement and nobody can do much for me without a confirmation #. I suggest you guys do what I have done, I went online to bbb.Org, the better business bur. I made a complaint. It takes a couple of days but they contact you and get any problem resolved and the more reports on cricket the better for us customers.

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  • Be
      16th of Mar, 2010

    I ordered a phone from Cricket through the internet. The phone came to me completely activated and now when I try to call the 800# to get information about my service they keep telling me that I have to tell them the password. I never placed a password on my account. They told me that I would have to go to the main location in Austin, Tx and show I.D. stating who I am and that I want to take the password off of my account, that I never placed there in the first place. I did what they asked me to do and the main office told me that I had no password on my account at all and that when I call the 800# I should not have anymore problems. Well that was the biggest joke on me today. I called Cricket once again and I get the same BS. There is a password on the account. I told them that I would like to make a payment and discuss my bill but they will not talk to me. Get this BS, they will take my credit card for a payment. CRICKET IS A SORRY A** COMPANY. They will not tell me anything about my account that is under my name and ss#, but they will take my credit card for a payment. GO TO HELL!! The customer service sucks! This company is no good.

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  • It
      10th of Apr, 2010

    Cricket is a very poorly managed company, run by a CEO who can think of nothing but himself. He runs the company by brow beating, manipulating, beating down and bullying senior level people. He has been quoted as saying that the only way to keep people doing their job is to keep them so busy that they don't have time to raise their heads to ask a question. He doesn't believe in families...oh, except his own when he leaves the corporate building at 3:30 to attend his sons volleyball game at a very prestigious private school. My husband, of the original company spun off from Qualcomm, was fired after 12 years last year and committed suicide exactly six weeks later. The CEO humiliated him in front of the rest of the senior staff as well as the regular staff, his subordinates, his peers and his friends. The CEO never had any intention of hiring my husband into the CFO position after he'd been Acting CFO for a sufficient amount of time. The CEO used my husband and set him up to fail. He had left an impossible situation for my husband to try to clean up and when my husband failed, he was not given the CFO position. Everything went downhill from there. My husband had been bullied and beaten down to the point that he almost believed in what the ### were telling him. My husband was the smartest man at the company. He cared about the company and the decisions made on behalf of the company. He was a loyal and truthful employee. His honesty and integrity were well known beyond Leap and into Wall Street and bankers from around the country. Leap made a terrible, terrible mistake firing my husband. They will not recover from their loss. Employees are mistrustful, leery and extremely cautious, to the detriment of the company. Good luck to all who still work in the corporate is NOT a nice place with some of the most cutthroat manipulation backstabbing game-players in the business. Doug, AL, Walter ... I hope you don't sleep at night...I hope you carry the burden of guilt on your shoulders for the rest of your days. You deserve it.

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  • Mo
      18th of Nov, 2010
    Cricket Communications - failure to refund money
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I ordered the new smart phone from cricket communications using their online ordering process and never received the product. When I spoke with their outsourced indian call center I was told that once the phone was received it would be three to five days until a refund would be issued. Here I am 31 days later and no sign of a refund! They failed to inicate anything to refund me the $250 they owe me. I have called their foreign call center every week and have been lied to every single time until day 30, that nothing has been done to refund me the money. Even going into a corporate store nothing can be done they call the same outsourced call center I have to deal with.
    This company is a rip off, they lie and steal to make money. I had to go back to my bank to receive my money back and they are filling wrongful charges against the company. And the call center employees had the gall to cop an attitude toward me for claiming they are dishonest and theives.
    I would recommend no one deal with this company!

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  • Ca
      10th of Jan, 2011
    Cricket Communications - never trust crickett wireless
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I paid my cell phone bill with crikett on time. Then a couple of days later my cell phone was off, so I took it to the corportae location closet to me. The manager was ertremly rude and refused to turn my cell phone back on because she said that I did not pay the bill, when I showed her the printed receipt from the same store we were in, she did not believe me. Why would I waste time on trying to get out of a $50 cell phone bill, if I was going to steal it would alot more than that. This is just half the story. Don't trust crickett they are charging people when they shouldn't.

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  • Bi
      28th of Apr, 2011
    Cricket Communications - billing problems, rudeness
    United States

    Cricket's customer service has always sucked. I have had multiple issues unresolved with promises to "call you back" on several occasions. I'm still waiting. They claim someone did maintenance on their server, messing up bills across the country. My personal line is $49.95 per month, including tax. I have two other accounts with one phone on each of them at $47.64 each. On march 18, I ordered a second phone on my personal line. The total cost was $126.78, which includes the actual charges for all items ordered, including service and features plus sales tax for the days remaining in this billing month plus the next full month of service. After their so-called maintenance, they are now saying I have to pay them over $200 in the next few days in order to keep my service on just my personal line, even though I should only be owing them the regular $50 monthly fee, since the second phone is paid up through april and shouldn't be due again until mid-may. They were all paid up on april 11th. I have the email receipt to prove payments! My son paid the regular $50 on his line a couple of weeks ago and it says he still has to pay more than $50 to keep his service on! The other one had the regular $50 bill due, but they want me to pay more than $100 to keep his line on!! This is not ethical! I called and talked to "steve" and was promised a call back within 24 hours. That was over a week ago. Even the cricket website says they can't retrieve any bills and nothing is getting fixed! Cricket has to answer to someone!!! Please help! I have six kids and there is no way on god's green earth that I can possibly pay $400 for cell phones, when the absolute most I would be paying each month is half of that total! What can I do? Just get my phones shut off? When I have paid them and can prove it?? I can produce every emailed receipt proving that I have paid every single cell phone bill every single month up to now.

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  • Cr
      2nd of May, 2011

    Hi BikerAngelMom,

    My name is Ryan and I work on behalf of Cricket Wireless. We are sorry to hear about your most recent experience with our billing system and ordering process. We are happy to assist you directly by having a member of our corporate team contact you directly in order to assist you further. We appreciate your feedback and patience.

    Ryan on behalf of Cricket

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  • Ju
      6th of Jul, 2011

    I HATE Cricket!! The service is TERRIBLE, the people that work there have tunnel vision, and their customer service, there is none! We live in America, put some english speaking people in your call center. I ended up throwing my Cricket phone in the trash. I would NEVER advise anyone to use Cricket. You're better off with Verizon. DIE CRICKET!! YOU STINK!!

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  • Wi
      15th of Aug, 2011
    Cricket Communications - twisted policies
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-922-5159

    Cricket Phone/Internet Communications have gone WAY too far with thier bulls### policies.

    They allowed me to sign up for their internet (paying 150 dollars for modem and first month) without telling me that I don't receive service in my area - and then refused to refund the 40 dollars paid for the first month, and they won't let me return the modem for any money back... even though I had only used the internet for about an hour in three days time because I couldn't get service.

    Cricket Communications is a rip-off in many different ways. After speaking with an agent that resides somewhere in the third world - and waiting for two weeks for my account to go to "special circumstances" to see if any money could be returned - word came back that no money would be returned.

    I think this is ridiculous - and Cricket Communications should be sued for this crap. I've looked around the internet and have found countless complaints about this company, and to be honest, I'm very surprised they're still in business.

    Cricket had also sold me a phone while I lived in another city - insisting that I could get service, but never telling me I couldn't activate the phone where I was until AFTER selling me the phone!!

    Hey Cricket Communications!! This is NOT how you treat your customers!!

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  • Ka
      15th of Aug, 2011

    Have complained to the appropriate department? Do they have a BBB webpage? If so, you could submit a complaint there as well. I looked at their return policy and there is no reason why they couldn't take your modem back within the 30 days of purchase. It says so in their policy. Also you could complain on their Twitter (!/Cricketnation) or Facebook ( I know it seems childish but it is a way of getting their attention. Post their policy link and tell your story (in a nutshell). I am sure someone from the company will reply. In the meantime, I would keep calling their customer service line and speak to management until someone helps.

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  • Da
      8th of Sep, 2011


    My name is Danny from Cricket Wireless.

    I'm sorry to hear your experience with your Cricket Modem has been unsatisfactory. Please feel free to email us at cricket.suppport.[protected] so we can best assist you.

    Thank you,
    Danny on behalf of Cricket Wireless

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  • Ma
      2nd of May, 2012
    Cricket Communications - cricket communications client scam
    Cricket Communications
    United States

    I have been a cricket communications client for over two years. Months ago all three cell phone lines started having issues with the text messaging as well as the data. After 8 months of calls, tickets, emails, taking the phones to stores the texting was resolved. For the last month I have attempted to no avail to resolve the data portion and was told by the technician who finally fixed the texting it was probably an equipment issue.

    I spoke with national sales operations manager at cricket regional customer operations manager at cricket communications on friday 12/9/11 and with the usual condescending attitude of the san diego office and similar accusatory voice I had received previously he stated our phones were in actuality not having any issues. I ended the conversation with him offering to meet him to show him the error messages two of the phones continue to receive and in hopes we could resolve this problem once and for all. He called me back and set up an appointment the next morning.

    I met at one of the stores and provided him a detail list of site we attempted to go on both phones the day before, times and error messages. As we stood there, I also showed him on the spot the problems we were encountering just hear him say & ldquo;it seems you expect a 3g service when you have a 1g”, I explained that no, we simply wanted a service that did not have multiple daily messages when attempting to log on yahoo, hotmail ect. And he proceeded to amongst other things to inform my husband and I that and I quote:”you are receiving the service that you pay for and for the kind of phone that you have, this kind of issues are expected, you will not be able to get on many sites’

    According to him even his wife had the same model phone [msgm8] with similar issues and all though there are pre-set settings one should not expect to actually access it.In his normal accusatory tone he scolded me for & ldquo;my behavior by contacting his higher ups” after he stipulated your company would not do any further attempts to resolve this situation and he had received the okay from all his superiors to cancel our service and send us a letter of termination.

    Today 12 days before christmas my daughter, husband and I awake to find that this kind of bulling strong arm tactics and intimidation are not rare with cricket communications a subsidiary of leap, as easily planted on every sight you go on when you goggle the company information. My phones all have been disconnected, this morning I made a $135 payment just to find out that the month they credited has been reversed and now I am being charged more than that and a full cancellation notice appears on the screen when you speak with customer service.

    I have been sending emails to the corporate offices as well as executive team to no avail. 2 of the phones that still have issues were provided by the company when we continued to have issues with the texting and data in july 2017 and I purchased my android for $99.99 that same month which removed the data problem only. Up until november 2017 the texting had not been working properly on any of the three lines.

    Sadly as with many clients who have worked hard for their phone service we are being bullied because yet again this corporation seems to believe that they can do as they please without any accountability virtually saying that you and your family do not deserve a reliable service with customer care. Help me and others say & ldquo;no more” to such practices and telling big corporations to remember that we are the reason they are so big, customer service is a right not a privilege!

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  • Un
      24th of May, 2012
    Cricket Communications - no service-no credit-no kidding-still billing
    United States

    I paid 2 days early on my prepaid broadband internet service with cricket. For 15 days after that I had no internet service. I had been using it for 8 months. I called 800cricket and spent many hours, and many phone calls, on many different days to cricket's technical department. They said it was their problem but could not fix it. I told them to cancel my account, and was told they wouldn't as it was a prepaid account. I had paid the monthly charge, 50.00, on march 7, 2017 with my mastercard, so I called mastercard and told them I was disputing the charge as I had no service since the day I paid it 2 days early. Cricket did not protest the credit that mastercard issued to my account and mastercard told me in writing that the conditional credit they had granted me was not permanent. Cricket issued a 25.00 credit for no service, and showed that I owed 25.00 for the nest month (April, but changed my monthly billing date back to the two day early payment date in march, instead of the original date it should have been, thus cheating me out of two days of the monthly service. After paying the 25.00 on april 9, 2017, I still had no service so I called mastercard again to dispute the 25.00 payment. Same thing happened. Cricket did not dispute credit and it became permanent on my account.
    Now cricket says I owe them 85.00+ which is 50.00 for march, 25.00 for april and service charges for no payment. Out of those six weeks I had internet service intermittently for a few days. One day I would have it, the next day no service.
    The chargeback manager asked me yesterday if I had requested credit. What a laugh, try to talk to anyone that knows what is going on with your account and they don't exist. Yes, I asked for credit, yes, I asked them to cancel my account. Was told it couldn't be done, but after hours and days of phone calls to the technical department, they did issue 25.00 credit, which has now gone away. I was also told that cricket never answered requests from banks (Mastercard) about chargebacks to crickets account by the banks.
    Must be too numerous to respond to, or maybe both, english as a first language, employees were busy working with the president of the company.
    I am filing a complaint with the ftc as soon as I am through writing this. I hope someone will join me in suing this company and make them understand, this is america, not india, not china, and we have laws to protect our citizens from fraudulent business practices.

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  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2014

    I was told that I would receive a refund for $70 for a PayGo card I purchased at Walmart on 11/21/13 and never got it. The service area map and flyer from the company showed that my location was covered under their service. It was not. I returned the phone to Walmart the next day. My card pin # is 732 987 4647.

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  • Me
      11th of Jun, 2014

    Very poor customer services can't call out or recieve calls or voice mails. Can't even get a phoned waiting for two days, only To be told to pay full retail price on an old phone or go for 10 days waiting on one. I depend on my phone for business, school, and emergencies.

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