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Cricket Cell Phone / fraud

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i bought & paid for 3 cell phones & 1 month service over the phone with cricket. when i recieved them they were refurbished phones which they didnt inform me (the packing slip did)but i said "oh well" then couldnt get them activated, so cricket said take them to the store where they also couldnt do it. i called back & discovered i needed tri band phones & they sent phones with a kansas city mo. area code when i live in illinois. i was told they will never work to send them back at my shipping expense & i cant get the activation fees back when the gosh darn phones couldnt even be activated!!! plus it will take 30-45 days to even get back what little money will be left. all i got out of a supervisor was "sorry but there is no complaint numbers or adresses. so i will be in touch with small claims the attorney general & thbetter business bureau!! stay away! its misrepresentation & fraud!! what a joke of a company!

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  • Ci
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    I will add my complaint here to Cricket's long list. If you are a Cricket client or even former client you should be aware of this.

    I was a many-years Cricket Communications customer, who recently switched to Sprint/Boost several months ago. When paying my monthly bill with Cricket (as with Sprint/Boost), I paid month-to-month as my bill became due, always paying my bill online on Cricket's website using my Visa debit. This morning, April 21, 2011, I was alerted by my banking institution that there was a $99.00 charge to my bank account by Cricket. I have NEVER authorized an automatic bill pay from Cricket ... nor would I. I immediately called the payment company Vesta, who accepts payments on behalf of Cricket and many other cell phone companies, whose representative explained to me that when Cricket signed the contract with their company last month to begin accepting payments, that when Cricket transferred their client/former client information over to Vesta, that anyone who has ever paid their monthly bill with a credit or debit card now or in the past, was automatically defaulted to the "automatic bill pay" option. This "opting in" to automatic bill pay was done WITHOUT having their clients' knowledge, permission and without prior notification.

    I double-checked my old account online and confirmed that the box for "automatic bill pay" is unchecked, as it should be. I have NEVER opted in to their automatic bill pay option, yet $99.00 in funds were automatically withdrawn out of my account this morning by Cricket Communications without my knowledge or permission.

    When attempting to contact Cricket Communications several times this morning, the voice prompt keeps you on hold forever and nobody ever picked up any time that I called. I have subsequently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Attorney General consumer complaints division, AND contacted my local news agencies. What they have done to their clients and former clients is not only unethical, but it is illegal. This company needs to be shut down.

  • Mi
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    I have been with cricket for over 9 years in phoenix az when i call them for a question about my bill they can never explain the bill. and you always get the run around from them and
    and their has been several times when they say my bill is more then it is and i have had to go to main corporate in sandiego ca I've threaten to turn them into to the attorney generals off in phoenix AZ and i got a quick response but any other complaints about their rude customer service them calling my wife a bi***** they have told us to [censored] off if you read this you should go to the BBB site to check out all the complaints and the only sad thing this is the only phone we have and i have major medical problem and they tell us they don't give exstetions on bridge pays they will just shut the phone off and 911

  • Ri
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    Ive had cricket for over 4 years now. Never had much of a problem until recently. My husband is on my account and he bought a $400 phone from them. Within 2 months the phone stopped working all together. We had insurance so we took the phone to a cricket dealer where I had to file a claim and pay a deposit of 80 dollars. I paid the 80 dollars and the best the could do for us was give us this cheap ### rebuilt nokia. We had that phone for a month and now its crap too, it just scrolls through the menu and freezes and they want me to pay another 80 dollars to get another have got to be kidding. Then this month I set up a pridge pay plan to pay part of my balance one week and pay the remaining balance I owed the fallowing week. Wheni apid the remaining balance of 86.56 I saw on my bank account they took $207 dollars from my bank account. Very pissed off at this point I called. I couldnt talk to a customer service rep because I was on a beridge pay plan, so then I tried going to a dealer, it was sunday so they are closed. Finally I had to drive all the way to my sister in laws to use her cricket phone just to talk to someone. This lady who hardly spoke english argues with me for about 30 minutes telling me I was in the wrong and if they refund me the extra money they stole from me they would interrupt my services. I was asking for a supervisor. she continually put me on hold and kept picking it back up instead of getting me a supervisor. Finally she got sick of hearing me scream in her ear an hour later she got me a supervisor named Allen. I explained the situation to him. He offered to get the refund of 120 dollars back into my account within 24-48 hours. So when I drove all the way back home I get a voice mail from Allen saying he forgot to get the account number, he didnt leave and extension or anything. So since I couldnt use my phone I again had to drive to my sister in laws to use her phone. When A rep answered I gave him Allens name and explained I was returning a call. He told me there was no Allen there and that If they do a refund it could take up to 14 days. So I again I had to argue for them to get me a supervisor again. I got ahold Of her and she put me on hold to look up the account. I sat on hold for 30 minutes and finally gave up. I had to just go through my bank and put a hold on my account for them to get my money back for me. Im taking my business to t-mobile.

  • Ni
      26th of May, 2009
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    The Cricket Cell phone service is the most unreliable service i have ever dealt with. The customer service is horriable, and I also went to get my phone activated and they told me I had to drive all the way out to lansing. I did just that, and they couldn't help me eather. They told me that they could not even activate the phones they got off the internet. I was like you have to be kidding me. So over two weeks i've called variouse places and got people who don't know their head from their butt, and can't answer any of my questions. Cricket is ghetto PLEASE Dont go with them. They also try to sell you crappy phones for tons of money. It is one big rip off. They don't know what customer service is as far as i'm concerned and they are not ready to even try to help!!!

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