Cricket Broadbandbroadband service is not what they claim

The only thing good about Cricket broadband is that you aren't stuck in a contract. I've had dial-up, cable, broadband. They all have their cons and Cricket is no better than any other service. The bars on your modem DO NOT matter. You can have four bars flashing at 2/second and it will still take you 8 hrs to stream a movie. The modem control display has worked for me only a handful of times. The rest of the time the display claims that I'm not even connected to the internet "0 sent; 0 received" Of course I have to disagree with them because if I wasn't online then I WOULDN'T HAVE A HEADACHE FROM RELOADING MY PAGE FIVE TIMES! (Note* I have used tech services to check my settings. So when "Cricket" says it must be my settings they are wrong) I'm not impressed with Cricket's Broadband. I have to say that I have good customer service sometimes and HORRIBLE service when I go into the Cricket Store but that has nothing to do with Cricket and everything to do with the individual. What is disheartening is when you think you've found something good and it turns out to be a dud :(

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