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CreditOne Credit Protection / credit protection

1 PO Box 977122Miami, FL, United States

In October of 2010 I became a casualty of the economy and was laid off. I wnet on unemployment and tried to continue to make my payments on all my obligations. In January things began to get extremely tight financially. I started to look at many options. I looked at my credit cards and realized that when I opened them a number of years ago I had opted in for the credit protection. On January 26th I called my four credit card companies credit protection. CapitalOne was awesome, very easy to initiate the protection and theyh said they would go back to the event in October that triggered the need and credit my account from that point and continue the payments. I need to contact them when I return to work and if they need anything they will contact me. Discover, was another somewhat positive experience, they initiated the benefits and said they would send a form which I needed to complete and return with a copy of my unemployment benefits, not problem, done and benefits were activated. CreditOne, I applied the sane way, they told me they would let me know. I did not hear from them but I went online and noticed they made a minimum payment on the account on 2/2. Great, so I thought, benefits were activated. Not so fast. Shame on me, I did not go online and watch the accounts every month, but let's say I have not been in the best frame of mind as I am used to being fully employed. I receive a letter dated 3/21 stating that I received a letter 30 days ago saying a Benefits Activation Form was to be completed and returned to evaluate continued eligibility. They did not receive the form back so my benefits have been terminated.
How can I mail a form back that I have not received? Since I began the process of activating my benefits I have maintained a file with my original handwritten notes of the calls to all the companies, their response and what the process was. I have all my documentation filed in a folder with other items I need to keep track of during this time. Any forms sent for re-verification from the other companies were immediately returend. I am currently receiving my continued unemployment benefits and print my statements every week in case anyone needs them. Why would I not take advantage of a service I have paid for?

CreditOne Credit Protection is a scam!!! I have contacted them and now I am in the process to look at joing a current class action against them that is in process for not paying on their benefits. All I ask is that the company honor the services that are contracted and paid for!!

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