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I'm complaining about two workers

I'm complaining about a worker name Emmanuel today at 4:40 PM around in about a worker told me to move...

Customer service

I was at one of you stores in Gilroy Ca today on Leasely ay 4:46pm The employees did not honor my safety...

drive through touchless car wash

atleast 2 months ago i complained to the station attnedent about the car was not putting out soap and now...

terrible all way around

I went into the snack schack to use the restroom after I filled up with gas. Both restrooms were closed. I was told that there was a restroom out the door and up the stairs. I went up the stairs, then had to go through the truck stop also owned by Chevron. There was grease where tractor trailer rigs had come and gone. By the way it was cold outside. I finally found the only restroom. There was a line of 3 people. I waited, went inside to a very unsanitary restroom. When I came out there were 3 people waiting and all were pissed.

I have been a Chevron customer for over 65 years. I have never been in a Chevron station that was this bad! I am sure it is a franchise. I think that Chevron should immediatley have a plumber and at least one rep from Chevron see what the hell is going on. Don't you inspect the stations with the Chevron name on It! I WANT TO HEAR FROM A CHEVRON EMPLOYEE OF WHAT AND WHEN THE PROBLEM WILL BE RESOLVED AND SOON. IF I HEAR NOTHING, I WILL TELL THE SERVICE CLUBS I BELONG TO, MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN ABOUT THIS INEXCUSABLE EXPERIENCE. WHEN WILL I HEAR FROM CHEVRON?? OR IS THIS ALL TALK, NO ACTION FROM WHAT I THOUGHT WAS ONE OF THE BEST CORPORATIONS IN AMERICA.

gas not received

On 01/30/2020 at 9:06 am I had to put at least $10 in my tank until I could go to my usual Costco location. I...

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emergency 911 responsiveness

While gathering recyclables at 4490 Central way in Fairfield, Ca. I was assaulted on camera by two...


As I pulled into high desert chevron on Montgomery and Eubank there was employee smoking a marijuana pipe...

owner running a nightclub in his video poker room

This is happening every weekend inside a Chevron Station in Opelousas in the already crowded video poker room...

something smells bad

Somethings smells really and like a dead animal or something and it's a disgusting &unsanitary and...

gas pump malfunction.

Pumping gas at pump (#1)…. gas suddenly began to over flow out of pump. Did not leave the pump unattended...

use of restroom

To whom it may concerns,

While traveling from FL to GA today, my bladder is full, I look for rest area I don't see any. As a pregnant woman I cannot hold my urine. As I see the Chevron, my husband and I stop at store location 2758 US HWY 27 Lake Placid FL and ask Liz, the cashier if I may use the restroom. She tells me I must be a Custumer to use the restroom in a rude manner. I tell her I'm pregnant and I need to use the restroom. She yields and said "I don't know if you pregnant you have to tell me you pregnant" I replied and said do I have to tell you I'm pregnant for you to let me use the restroom. She hands me the key finally. I was not the only person she was being rude to in the store but I am not getting into the other persons'

If in fact that it is the store policy for the restroom to be used only for customers, I'd like to see that policy so next time I won't stop to Chevron again for anything.

At the end I did purchase something to satisfy her and "the policy" if there's one that states that

Attached is the receipt

Thank you

use of restroom

Chevron Corporation
  • SubSquirrel Sep 29, 2019

    Restrooms are for customers only. That’s the normal policy of stores.

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Re: 301 Bearss Ave, Tampa, Florida 33613, United States Please investigate the service station located at...


On July 10, 2019 I purchased diesel fuel from the Chevron station listed above. Not even a mile from the...

Greenville Repair Services

health /wellbeing/safety

For a company that prides itself for being in the forefront of Health and Safety, it's astonishing to find...

aurturo and manager (unknown name)

I own and operate Alarmservicepros.com in San Diego County. I use Chevron gas in a my 5 company vehicles and...

substandard service station facilities & amenities

08/29/19 All fuel pumps were not pumping adequately - fuel trickling out the nozzles Rest rooms were filthy...

Winters Gas Stations

chevron discriminates against white men

It is time for us to have an open honest discussion of the massive discrimination going on in Chevron against...

professional etiquette of depot/terminal operator(s) against contractors

1. Poor Professional Etiquette e.g., abuse of power via radio communication (operators are fund of...

paying for gas

17106 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706 I was just at the gas station on 8/15/19 around 1:45 p.m. and I...

fountain drink area

I got there around 6:15pm or after. When I got there . I went to the fountain drink area.therevwas No Large...

Chevron Franchise