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Credit One / unauthorized charges

1 United States
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I was told to contact Credit One LLC when my credit score was low and I was going to get a bad rate. Remax in Elizabethtown suggested that I contact them. When I contacted them a guy (the owner and I will not state his name) told me he was my savior of the credit world and he knows how to manipulate the credit companies to do his will. He also went on to tell me how the government doesn't want us to improve our scores and so on and so on. I was a little wary of him but I was really out of options and thought that I would give it a shot and go talk to him. So that same night on the phone he told me that he needed 600 dollars to start the process and get going. I told him that I didn't have 600 dollars and he told me that he would take payments. So I gave him my debit card. So I go to talk to this guy and 4 days later and he doesn't even remember talking to me on the phone. We talked for almost 2 hours, well he talked and I listened. But what made me feel comfortable when I got their was that he was a Mason. Being that I am a Mason as well I thought well this guy couldn't be all to bad and he would at least lead and be straight with his own brother. I was wrong. I did all that he wanted me to do, I would request my credit reports each month from all three major agencies and send them to him. From there he would dispute any incorrect info. Also he told me to do something I was unsure about and that was to change my address to a realities address or friends address so that it would create a 'new file' if you will. I found this to be odd and asked him if this was legal and he said that people changed their address all the time. So my wife and I did. He said that it would take 6 months for the process to be complete and I should be shinning like gold. Well let me tell you, I didn't apply for anything during that time. I got a pay raise at my job and actually paid off some bills and my credit score and my wifes scored never improved. My wifes score actually went down. So, I called my savior of the credit world up and asked him why I paid him 600 dollars to actually lower my score and actually why I had to change my address. I asked him to give me documentation on what he did for the services I paid for. All I got from him was a lie that he never told me to change my address and that he didn't like my voice on the phone towards him and that he would fax me over something. I never received anything from him, and my future call to him were never returned. He was never there. This 'company' is still in business how I don't know. I have an attorney ready to do something about this but before I do anything I was just wondering if anyone else out there was asked to do the same as me.


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