Credit One Bankthey cancelled my account saying they returned my payment.

E Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

On the 8th of November I paid Credit One Card my payment of $25 and was confirmed, Then on the 16th I received notice that Credit One did not receive the confirmed payment and now I needed to pay $50 this was paid again and confirmed again. Then I get this letter in the mail saying they returned the first payment of $25 due to unable to locate. My question is if you cannot locate my account where did you return the payment? But wait there is more, the last sentence in the letter I received today was advising me that there was a returned payment of $25 and if there are any future returns would result in account closure Do you even have to ask, the day I receive this letter, I check my account and sure enough it is closed. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The best resolution to this matter would be to just shake hands on it and I will never do business with them again. Their part is they will not try to collect on the closed account. From this day forward it will be like we never did business together. No turning me over to collections or any repercussion's to my credit score Because I was paying my bill on time and was not given the consideration of explanation. My Packard is with my employer and I assure you it is locatable. There is no excuse for not handling my account properly and here at the start of holiday season. Shame on Credit One for being so callous.


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      Nov 21, 2017

    You will want to contact the bank directly to discuss your account. They most likely will not see your complaint here. If you have email records and/or confirmations, that will definitely help you in getting this resolved.

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      May 25, 2018

    I have a problem finding the e-mail for credit one Bank I am trying to correct my password it will not let me do so I try calling all the phone numbers, no one there to talk with. Can anyone help please . My e-mail is [protected]

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      May 25, 2018

    I am having trouble with my e-mail logging I try to log it won't work . I try to go to reset a new pass word nothing happen it won't let me thru... I try to call for help but no one is there for live conversation.
    Can anyone help . How do you correct a ploblem with credit one bank if you can't talk to anyone

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