Credit One Bankcredit card

When you think the account is closed they continue charging fees and interest. They do not notify you until it is sold to collections. The only balance is fees and interest on a zero (or near zero) balance. So, I get that but they close off access and lead you to believe that the account is closed. They will NOT notify you and when you try to call... "All lines are busy" all the the time. Online? nope you can't reset your password because "The account is closed" My balance was zero.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Castle Rock, COCredit One should be shut down! It appears they are misleading consumers by closing access or making access very difficult to maintain your account. Also, you can't pay online (auto) with our a fee to pay. we results in a balance!?! Weird. This may not be illegal per se but it is misleading as best. Very Bad Company! Now, this little balance is in collections which means I loose if I pay the balance, or if I don't. They may be just trying to get revenue be intentionally selling to collections at a discount.

May 08, 2017

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