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There are so many spammers on this site you don't know who is real and who is fake. I found my second job on this site a few years back and everything went well. Recently, I have been looking for a new job (because I moved) as a teachers assistant/substitute. There were (what seemed to be) very legitimate and promising ads. When I sent my resume, the only responses I got were that I needed to send my credit report in order to "qualify" for the position. Are you kidding me?? Then, I kept getting junk emails from random, unknown sites that I never signed up for.

Furthermore, I tried to post an ad in the gig section and my ad would either never show up or would be flagged even though they clearly followed the rules and there wasn't profanity, etc. When you try to send CL customer service an email about it, they just send you a generic response telling you to look at the help forum giving possibilities on why your ad was omitted or flagged. They don't help at all!! No matter how many emails you send them it's the same response email over and over. I think it's too easy for people to flag ads. If you go on backpage, in order to flag an ad you need to specify why you are flagging, etc. That way, people take it a little more seriously. I found with CL if any little comment offendeds somebody or doesn't sit well with them, they can flag too easily. This site is just a hassle all around. Way to many spammers and scammers out there. My adivce is to be better safe then sorry, STAY AWAY!!


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