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scammed me

On, Craiglist this guy said he wanted to buy my bed. I said it was $600. So he sent me a chekc in the mail for 1, 999 and said to money gram the rest back to him. I did this and I think it was a scam b/c he never picked up the bed. He has the money and I'm afraid that the bank is going to find it a fraud and charge me the 2, 000 dollars out of my savings. I am a minor and only have like 2, 375. My mom went w/ me to cash the cashier's check. We asked the lady to make sure it was real and showed her the letter from the man. The check was from a Kentucky bank, not someplace like Nigeria. So she looked at it and made the other ladies look art it and said it was real. My mom asked her if we could wait for the check to be cleared, but the lady said that it was already cleared under a certain amount. I am sooooooooooooo worried and need advise on what actions to take so I can catch this bad guy and get my money back.

Also, he said to send the extra money via money gram to the movers to pick up the bed. That was his reason for paying extra.

OK, i just got the fed ex box that the scam artist sent the check in. It has his name and address. His name is Philip Andreula from richmond, NY. When he was e-mailing me he said his name was Henry Barrie. I think that his name might really be philip Andreula. I googled his name and I found the name was real and the guy was selling a motorbike on Domestic Sale in 2007. What should my next steps be in this investigation?

failure to post ad twice

I tried to place an ad on Craigslist on Monday Nov 15 and again on Tuesday Nov 16 for a portable dishwasher...

total scam buying on craigslist

Be aware of an Arianna Mercer trying to sell a Sony 46" Bravia TV on craigslist. I fell for the same scam. I sent 370.00 to Italy to find out it was a scam. She promised to pay the shipping through a company called TNT Express and it all sounded legite...and come to find out, it was a scam and I am now out 370.00. I will do all I can to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else. BE AWARE!!!


Beware of this craigslist/ebay scammer. The person posted NFL tickets for sale on craigslist and then says he can only do the transaction through ebay... but first he needs my name, address and ebay id. I gave him a fake ebay name and address to see where it would lead. Then, I receive an email that is supposed to look like it is from ebay saying that the ebay transaction is confirmed (which is impossible since I provided a fake ebay name). The email said the sellers PayPay account is currently not working so I will need to wire cash to the seller via Western Union. The email instructed me to wire the money to the name Martin Pratt 809 Romford Road London, UK. The original email communications listed the name Julia Barton in the email address but it was (which means it is from a country where the gmail domain is not available) and now I am supposed to wire money to a man named MARTIN PRATT in a different country and then the tickets will be mailed to me. Yup, that sounds pretty legit.

Right now I am in the process of exchanging emails with the scammer because I gave him a fake Western Union MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). I made sure to give him a 10 digit number so it looked legit... but guess what, he is unable to find the money with Western Union. Tomorrow, I will email him again to say that I transposed one of the MTCN numbers and he should call Western Union again.

Anybody can make up an email address to use for scams, but I assume it is difficult to create a name with a matching picture ID to use at Western Union... So if I can help people beware of Western Union transfers that involve MARTIN PRATT we may be able to make this guy go through the trouble of creating another fake identity... as I am sure he will not quit trying to scam people.

  • Li
    likeitOrNot_ImSayinIt Jan 21, 2011

    LMAO I LOVE HOW YOU SCAMMED THE SCAMMER!!! DON'T TELL HIM I'M ON TO YOU!!! TOY WITH HIM!!! GET HIS HOPES UP FOR CASH AND WASTE HIS TIME!!! MILK IT AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!! THE TIME HE WASTES ON YOU HE CAN'T MESS WITH OTHERS!!! That was really a great test you had to see if it was real. If he contacted you saying it didn't go through you could give the real numbers then. I've never bought anything online like that, but I'll have to remember this if I ever think about it. HEY YOU SHOULD PUT HIS INFO ON HERE SO ANYONE, ... WITH TIME ON THEIR HANDS, ...WANTING TO MESS WITH THE SCAMMER FOR REVENGE, ... COULD HAVE FUN AT HIS EXPENSE!!! MAYBE HE'LL GIVE UP IF HE WASTES ENOUGH TIME PROFITLESS!!! I DON'T EVEN LIKE SPORTS, or have an ebay account or ID, but I can make up a fake name and address and ten meaningless numbers for western union. Tell us how to make up an ebay ID too. If I did this I could always say the tickets are a gift for my pretend husband, so my cluelessness in sports won't matter. Doesn't the name PRATT mean some kind of loser or Weeny? The guy named himself right.

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  • Li
    likeitOrNot_ImSayinIt Jan 21, 2011

    Hey here's a thought, if this Martin Pratt or Julia lives in London, what is HE/SHE/IT doing with NFL tickets for a game in america? London has a different kind of football I believe. Rugby I think.

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  • Co
    corey lorenzo Mar 30, 2011

    I have located the owners and scammers / contact the Utah BBB / Utah Consumer Protection / & the FTC as they have cases open currently to file criminal charges against the owners.
    NJ Corporate / Nicholas Johnson
    7440s Creek Road #300
    SLC UT 84093

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  • Ma
    martinclong Aug 20, 2011

    Non complince with promotions

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matthew j. davis

I thought this Craigslist ad sounded a bit too good, but I inquired about it, keeping my postal address off...

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scam job postings

On September 9, 2010 started receiving numerous phone calls and emails about jobs posted on I advised the callers I don't post jobs on craigslist too many scams there. I went to take a look in the state of NY where the caller was calling from and found under the position of Theatre Box Office a job posting. When you click to apply it jumps you to another page that had my company name, company logo, company slogan, company pictures and color scheme, but it wasn't my company. The domain name was instead. And, the jobs were posted in Phoenix for Airport Valet, San Diego for Restaurant Dishwashers, New York for Theatre Box Office and Washington DC for Salon Receptionist-Guest Service Coordinator under 3 different categories.

I notified everyone that the jobs were not posted by The Fair Recruitment Agency LLC and that they were check cashing scams. The second web page with the same set up lists the above jobs as well as Classifieds Advertiser. You click on the jobs you want to apply for and it says to mail your resume to [protected] or [protected] To see what the jobs were about I applied for the Classifieds Advertiser for $500-$700/week. Sent my information in and received an email that my employment was confirmed.

I then got another email stating they would send me a check for $2410.55 to cash immediately at my own bank the same day I received it. Then, to send an email stating I got the check and they will send me the information where to post the ads. Well, a week later I got the check from postmarked from Canada, sent the email I received it and they replied to me. They said to buy three money orders from the US Postal Service and send them overnight to an address in Canada. But send them overnight from UPS. But the money orders at the Post Office but send them from UPS so they get them the next day.

This was obviously a scam. And, it's rampant on craigslist. So, Consumers beware of who you send your information to when applying for jobs!

scam job postings

job scams

With so many Floridians out of work how can craiglist continue to let SCAM ads for employment contiue. There are people looking for legit jobs, and the scammers have taken over. It states if you can find and ID to report it, well guess what there are non to be found, and the scammers know it. Each time you fill something out for a position on line, thinking you are sending a resume to someone, then you receive junk mail and no real job interview. Can't anyone do anything?


This craigslist posting seemed legit at first, "cash deal only, meet and exchange".
but of course the pricing for a brand new macbook was just too good of a deal to be true.
When I got a reply email it was from a Laura Owen, (laura.[protected]@hotmail) stating she is from the UK. (red flag right there). She sent pictures of the macbook and although they look intially legit as well they were small thumbnail versions like something you'd get from taking the pics from another website.
I googled her email address to find multiple complaints about her postings being fake. dont fall for it.

She says she is Boston but she has posted in a bunch of other states trying to scam people.

  • St
    stop these people Sep 09, 2010

    Hello i also recieved a email from a posting i had on craiglist the email had a Laura Owens as the head of a shipping company in Clarkston Washington the email came from a person going by the name Amy Themm so watch out it seemed like a scam to me Amy wanted me to western union money to Laura for shipping on a vehicle never wire money if you dont know the person because it is probably a scam they had went as far as sending fake emails from paypal about money in my account and if i didnt send the shipper there part the fbi and ic3 would get me for running a scam if you recieve something like this it will look like [email protected] notice he space between pay and pal that if you use paypal it will be all together NO space

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tom alpha

There is a job posted on that advertises for a clerk which pays 17.42 hour. It says you must have reliable transportation. It turns out that they want to hire you and offer all kinds of benefits after two months of employment. So you have an interview online and then they e-mail with some questions, and then tell you that you have the job. You must use Yahoo messenger and ad Tom Alpha so that you can receive the training online. I believe he is there to try and convince you that you have a real job. So then he or they give you a list of the equipment or "tools" that you will need. Computers, printer, fax, desk, file cabinet and software. They say they will mail you a check for training and to purchase the equipment. Suddenly a check in the amount of abour $ 2, 000.00 arrives in your name in the form of a cashiers check. Mr. Alpha wants you to deposit this check, which he says clears in 24 hours, and then you are suppose to Western Union all but $200.00 to a place up state where the Vendor is located so that you can purchase the equipment from them - they call this person the companies vendor.
It is a scam and please be very, very careful. I feel they want to use you to get cash sent fast and then you will find out the check is no good. It will be your responsiblity then to make it right with the bank.

  • Ir
    irishgal Aug 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Of course it is a scam, the checks are never "good", although they are real, they are not legitimate, and you wind up losing all your money. There are NO COMPANIES that hire people to work at home and then buy them office furniture and equipment, people please stop falling for these scams and put them out of business.

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possible scam

I (like a lot of other people) really want to get an iPhone 4. I'm not an at&t customer and don't feel like waiting 3 weeks to get one so I figured I'd look on craigslist to see if I could get one for a decent price. I've found a couple for under $500, but they seem a bit too good to be true. One of them said they were going to be using a shipping service called TNT in the UK saying that it'd make it easier for both of us. Turned out that was all a fake/scam/whatever. I found a couple of others that were under $500, but they were being shipped from within the US. Here's an email I got from one of the people:

My name is Jeffrey Todd. I am located in Fort Worth, Texas. I sell over 350 phones a month to people all over the United States on craigslist. All of my phones are brand new and still in sealed factory boxes. I do not sell clones or fakes. Every phone I sell comes with a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

I ship all my phones via UPS Priority Overnight for delivery by noon the following day as long as payment is made before 7pm central time. If payment is made after 7pm central time the phone will arrive the second day by noon.

At the present time I am only taking payment by Western Union or Money Gram. If you have any questions or would like a phone please do not hesitate to email me anytime.

Jeffrey Todd

I found this on craigslist and all over the site they always say "Never pay for anything via WU or moneygram" or something to that effect. Does this look like a scam to anyone else or am I just being paranoid?

  • Ro
    RockyR Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got an email from another guy saying something similar. I googled the email he was using and nothing scam related came up, but I'm still playing it safe until I hear otherwise. He's also wanting payment via WU.


    How are you doing? The Phone is Authentic Original not clone from China or copy. I'm located in Georgia United State i can have the Apple Iphone 4G 32Gb shipped to you via FedEx 24 hours delivery service, it comes with all accessories new in box... its

    500usd each including the shipment... so get back to me with your total unit order and your full shipping address so

    that i can have the iphone label and ready for shipping.

    The enlgish is kind of broken which, at least to me, is a bit off putting but like I said I haven't found any kind of negative feedback on him anywhere. The email is [email protected] If anyone knows anything about this guy please let me know. I don't want to make a stupid mistake.

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  • Ed
    EddieRKA Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are too eager to find a phone for cheap and you are looking past the very obvious signs of a scam. Nobody that lives in Georgia would have written an email like that, this is most likely an overseas scam. Although there might be some people selling their new iPhones, because of the shortage they will not be any cheaper than new in my opinion. I hope this helps.

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  • Qu
    QuinC Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a scam. You will never recieve anything in the mail and they have your personal information.

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  • Ce
    CertifiedAnonymous Apr 30, 2013

    This is a DEFINITE SCAM that I, unfortunately, was a victim of. I just thank God, I didn't pay him what he was really asking for because I would have been done for. Looking into filing a police report now.

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  • Ce
    cecil kornegay Jul 16, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my car is listed on craigs list a foreign accent called and wanted to sell my car for a fee of 90 dollars to a local indian man for cash sounds fishy to me he said the man would pay cash i have the long distance number he called from can you advise me what i need to do

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personal assistant ad

I responded to an ad on Craigslist on got a response from a US "business owner" away in London. I didn't listen to my initial grumblings about her not listing her business name, plus mentioning that I would have to use my own bank to cash checks she sends for purchases made. I sent her my contact info, though no bank account or social security number, but now I'm paranoid. I received a similar response to another ad regarding the Angel Investment Network, which raised my red flags one posting too late. Should I be worried about identity theft at this point?

Here's the response to my Craigslist inquiry:


Thanks for your response. My name is Denise Evans. I live in US but presently in London on a business trip and I need a part time personal assistant urgently to run my errands until I return back to the US by fourth week in August. I own an electronics and clothing store in London, United Kingdom. Here below is the job description.

1. You will run errands for three times a week and two hours each day.
2. You will do my business shopping.
3. You will receive my packages which will be shipped to the nearest UPS office to you. You will go to the UPS office and pick up the packages. The content of the packages are electronics, clothes, my business and personal letters. You will open the packages and confirm the contents for record purpose.
4. You will ship out some of the packages where I want them to be shipped to. (You don't have to pay for the shipment. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me)
5. You will receive payments from my clients on my behalf which will be written payable to your name so you can cash them at your bank. The payments will be in either check or money order. The payments will be for the services you will be rendering and to do my business shopping.

Job Requirement
1. You must have good communicatin skill.
2. You must be efficient, reliable, responsible and trustworthy.
3. You mush be able to perform your tasks effectively
4. You should be able to work 3 times per week and 2 hours each day.

Payment and Work Duration
The Job will last for three months. I want to open another electronics and clothing store in the US when I return and If there is need to extend your services, an ammedment would be made to your wages and you will be notified accordingly. I will meet you in person by August when I return back to the US. I am willing to pay $300 per week. Your weekly payment will be deducted from the payments sent to you by my clients.

I need the service of a personal assistant because I am always out of town for business trips. The lists and pictures of what to shop will be sent to you via email when am ready. No heavy packages are involved! The shopping will be done at any nearest stores to you. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothes. My personal UPS account number will be provided for shipping. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task to be done and funds to cover them.

If interested, Please confirm the following details:

Your Full Name:
Your Full Address with apt # (Not P.O.Box)
Your Cell phone number
Your Home phone number
Present Occupation:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Denise Evans
Tel: +[protected]

  • Ms
    MSgt in Turkey Jun 03, 2010


    Anytime there are typographical errors on ads, BEWARE.

    Anytime checks/money orders will be made out to you and you NEED to cash them, BEWARE!!

    Especially if you are to DEDUCT your salary/expenses and then send a money order using the cash you received from the money order/check to someone else, BEWARE!!

    Anytime you see the words "MYSTERY SHOPPER", BEWARE!!

    I replied to a mystery shopper ad on Craigslist. The individual wanted my mailing address so that he could send me via FedEx. He sent me two checks totalling $1300. I was supposed to go to a Western Union office and send a wire transfer to someone else (after deducting the wire transfer cost and $350 for my 'trouble') who in turn would conduct a Mystery Shopper visit with another Western Union office.

    When I went to my bank to 'cash' the money order, my bank said that I would have to DEPOSIT the money order into my account and then withdraw the cash. I asked the bank manager if my new job seemed a bit quirky, and he said, "Yes."

    He made a copy of the money orders and called the money order company. They had no record of the money order numbers and said that the money orders I had received were FAKE!!!

    Good think I didn't cash the money orders...otherwise, if I sent the money forward, I would have been out the $1300 once the bank received notice that they were BOGUS!!!


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  • Br
    bran11x Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    got the same email. sounds too good to be true i guess.

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  • Ad
    adthomas Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also recieved the same email! I thought something was fishy.

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  • Ta
    taikenby Jun 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    if I already gave the person some of my personal info (name, address, phone number, age, occupation) what should I do to stop the scam?

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  • Wh
    WhoCaresAboutYou? Jun 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What should you do? Not be as gullible. Read this stuff and watch for spelling errors/grammatical errors and stuff that just sounds odd, and you'll prevent this from happening in the future.

    For now - block this person's phone, emails, mail, anything and everything. If they send you stuff, shred it (make sure you shred it) and burn it after if you're still feeling unsafe.

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  • Da
    damon daniels Jul 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    someone is posting photos of me on craigslist m4m ads!!

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jul 06, 2011

    why are you cruising the personal ads anyway? not to mention the M4M portion

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  • Gi
    giuseppesim Jul 06, 2011

    lol. Yeah, how did you find out?

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rental scam

this is a scam running through craigslist and has been reported in other stated across the USA, her is what...

ripped off!

This company is run by a man named 'Jaree Ullah' - it's a complete rip off! We are a marketing...

info scammer

I found an interesting property for rent that sounded too good to be true. After hearing back a couple days later from responding to a craigslist post I recieved the following.
Hello James, (my name is Amanda)

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner! Things have been so hectic for me these last couple of days!

The good news is that the rental is still available! We had an offer from the first person we showed it to, but now it appears that they are changing their mind, so we need to start showing it again as soon as possible. You were the second one to email me about it.

The property was just cleaned, and it's in great condition. We know a lot of prospective renters want to do a quick look of the property, but my husband doesn't want me to mass send out the address as a measure of safety. Last time we did that without verifying people, another vacant property was broken into and vandalized. We don't want that to happen again! I CAN tell you that it's a very special property, which would normally rent for quite a bit more than other comparable properties in the neighborhood.

For utilities, your electric, gas, water, sewer and trash will be transferred into your name upon occupying the property. You will be responsible for cable, internet, and phone, if you decide to have these services. Just to confirm, we DO allow pets at this property.

The rental term is 12-month lease, but can be switched into a 6-month lease if preferred. We just ask that you give us fair notice if you are moving out.

If you would like to set up an appointment, go to the link below and request the free copy of your rental / credit report. We use this company for all the properties we manage. Just fill out the form and indicate that you want the free credit report. The actual scores on the report aren't important to us; it's more of a formality to have it on file, to make sure you are who you say you are.

Get your report here:

Remember, we only need to see the page about the rental history. That will be all you will need to bring with you to the showing.
As far as getting together to see the property goes, I am available to show it any time from 10:00 am on, for the next couple of days. Let me know when you've printed out your credit report, and we will set up a time to do your walk-through.

Thank you once again for your interest!

Leslie Scotts

I was so excited but being unable to acess this site from my blackbery i was forced to used my laptop and found another complaint> I am so thankful i saw this I am a sucker and this one didnt get me HELP all you can to STOP these lifeless SCAMMERS!

people who answer ads

Why is it that when you place an ad, you only get responses from people just to be stupid? Like from deyhaati just to harass you about your political views or from people who claim they know the person you are trying to find on missed connections when they don’t anyway? Can’t people be serious anymore?

scam listing on craigslist sf bay area

Scam Posting:

teenager here, want somebody very soon - w4m - 24 (all neighborhoods)

Here you will find me who am both sober and wild, so make your sleeves ready. To tell you frankly I love casual dating only. I really do not care if you are single or not. I care about your love making methods. I like cigarettes but not too much

I hope to soon see your photos

my reply:

Hi, I am interested. I have been hit with too many spam replies. If your real then hit me back i will give you all the info you need.


Her Reply:

Hey, just got ur message back abouy my ad, i got a whole lot of emails from that lol... what plans do you have tonight, interested in getting together?

btw i attached my pic



  • Bo
    BobTheDog Jul 21, 2010

    And why is this a complaint? Seems like you tooks someone up on their offer and they gave a human-reply. Are you just trying to brag that you got casual sex? Or to show off some girl's booty?

    Either way, keep it within your circle of friends next time.

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A person contacts you, then says they need you to verify your age etc by using a code, they want your phone...

craigslist joke!!! false advertising!!!

Please read the scam alert!!! At the beginning of craigslist because this is just one of many scams that get you on craigslist. I was almost scammed out of my blackberry to someone in nigeria and now after looking for a job on craigslist I found a position I was interested in and sent an email of interest. Within 1 minute I received an email stating to click on this link and fill out the application so I did so ans also submitted my resume and gave references to this website. Nothing has happened yet but after researching the website I have found that it is not a real jobs website. People have stated that they get at home work offers and college offers but no jobs! I consider this website to be false advertising and fraudulant!!!

  • Li
    likeitOrNot_ImSayinIt Jan 21, 2011

    I just had a bad thought. I agree with Mica. Angela you better watch out if you gave too much on that job application. It's standard for most applications to ask for your Social and DOB. If you think these guys are scams, I hope you didn't give that. That could be bad. I'm looking for work too. Glad I know not to trust Craigslist. I better be more careful about some of these sites with online applications though. So far the worst scams I found were college pushing instead of jobs. is pretty good though. They send leads to your email. You get some of the junk but I got some good leads off it.
    I went online to search and check out apartments and the best rents. It pulled up some marked Craigs list. They were the best DAMN deals I ever saw!!! Even rent to own with no good credit!!! It asked for you to earn 3 times the payment, but don't worry te down will just be higher if you don't. ONLY $400 per month for a 3bdrm house!!! Yeah Right!! In my dreams!!! I immediately saw that warning and realized there wasn't even a way for direct contact. I can see how people get scammed. Send them the money and get nothing. I WANTED TO BELIEVE IT!!! THEY PROFIT OF THE DESPERATE!!! WE CAN ALL USE A BREAK IN PRICES NOWADAYS!!!

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There are people posing as landlords offering property that they dont have and attempting to gain deposit...


This is not a complaint, but a warning. Please beware of a person posing to sell cars online. A relative of mine was naive to believe that this was a "good" deal. The bottom line is this guy name Lamar Guinn/Lamar Williams/Brian E. Guinn aka Scam Artist sold a stolen car to someone.

He has several priors to label him a criminal and I wouldn't want anyone else to be scammed by this imposter. If your gut says, no ...go with it!

Located in Philadelphia, PA.

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