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Made numerous "Advance Your Career" statements with plans for promotions. Insists on MINIMUM payment of 250$ for web site and Domain names. The target appears to be self promoting musicians or bands. It seems he looks for ambitious unknowns then lures them in with his offer to promote. I will send what emails I have from him. After he gets the money then his ruse is "medical Problems". He is handicapped according to the WEB, but I didn't find any negative reviews so I was baffled by his B.S. ! He admitted to working with several other bands so you can see where this goes. $250 is not allot but multiply that by 10 other bands and you have something potentially lucrative. He also works under the name MOJO Rising. Don't know if that is a corporation, or what. He is based in Bellevue, Washington. I probably am a bit wiser, but a bit poorer, but I think a place to lodge complaints about stuff like this would be nice for Craig's List especially when I was checking the guy out...Has he been on Craig's list with offers ? Any complaints about his services ? Perhaps there is something in place and I am just unaware ? Kevin

Jun 10, 2018

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