Cracker Barrel / service / atmosphere

Beachwood, NJ, United States

My husband and I just had lunch at your location in Bloomsburg, PA store #435. We usually enjoy the barrel whenever we travel since there is not one close to our home . Well this time we did not enjoy our experience. First of all, we had to run out to our car to get sweatshirts since it was colder inside then it was outside. The woman next to us had her winter coat on. Next, our server took longer than usual to take our order. His biscuit and muffin came out with his meal instead of before. The food took almost 30 minutes for pecan pancakes and peacon fried chicken which was brought to the table by someone other then our server. The chicken patties were hard and dry. Our drink were empty 1/2 through the meal but the server never came to table to check until we were done eating. At that point all we wanted was our check and to get outside we’re it was warmer. Not happy with this meal or this barrel at all!! Not sure we will be back for a while.

Oct 13, 2017

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