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I have been with Cox for a while now and I have never been treated so poorly by anyone in this company. I had recently moved and had my home package transferred and also upgraded it. The technician did the install and ran the cable wire from one outlet, across the hallway and used slitters to the rooms upstairs. First off when I saw how he was running the wires I asked if there was another option because it is a tripping hazard and he told me no. That was the only way to do it. The internet kept kicking us off and the TV's would go pitch black in the middle of programs regardless if it was live, On Demand or DVR. I called a few times and they decided to send out a technician and he replaced a wire because he said that was the issue. Well to my surprise it did not fix the problem, so I called again and again. I continuously have to do manual resets and have them research the error codes on their end and reset it for me. Well my issues have been getting worse, my son cannot watch TV in his room and I am now getting errors that say there are no programs available. Then the box does a reset by itself every 5 minutes and the internet boots us off to the point I can't use my own wifi at home. I am paying extra for the contour, extra boxes, the bundle and premium channels. It pissed me off when they sent another technician to my house today and he goes upstairs and asks me who ran the wires and slitters? I told him that it was the guy who did the install and he said it was the only way to do it. He said that that was not correct and it was a safety hazard. He went outside and looked appalled that the installer wrapped the wires around my house. The way he did it was unnecessary and with all the splitters he used it is causing me not to have service upstairs. He said that he can come back a re-wire the connection for $75.00. First off why would I have to pay for a job that was done wrong to begin with, and when I called customer service Tim said that he would take $50.00 off my bill. That was nice and all but I am paying almost $200.00 a month for cable and internet that does not work, I do not understand how I am getting charged full price for half **** service. I asked to speak to someone else who could assist me further and he transferred me to Terri in Consumer Solutions. This is where I absolutely lost it. She was not listening to me, she kept saying that she wouldn't know about the wiring because she is not a technician. She wouldn't even listen to me speak but she says that either I would have to pay $75.00 or pay for the additional wire protection plan. I tried again to explain to her the issues but she got an attitude and said if I did not like it she can cancel my plan all together. She again repeated that those are my only options, pay 75.00 or pay for the protection plan or she will cancel my service. In a matter of minutes I was not only threatened but I was insulted as well. I have been a loyal customer for years and now I am looking at their competitors. I will not continue to pay money towards a company who will treat their customers this way.

May 19, 2015
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      24th of Nov, 2015

    I agree: the lack of service, inconsistencies (lack of truth ie. lies) has frustrated my family beyond disbelief how unprofessional the so called help call personnel have been to us for more than 2 days. Having the Cox bundle and also having Cox for our business does not mean anything to them. I have been without service and first I was told that the whole system was down in my neighborhood, but after checking in my neighborhood I found that to be just false (lie). Then yesterday I was told they would have everything fixed shortly (again another lie). This morning the help desk (or what ever they call it) was un empathic, an used the same (lie) that it was a neighborhood problem. Finally there is promise of a technician coming to look at my system tomorrow (3 days late for someone who claims the customer is important) . For someone who spends hundreds each month for service (residential and my business) it is time to check other options.

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