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Oklahoma city, OK, United States

On Jan. 13 at 10 pm some cox cable workers came to my back yard to fix a problem and when they did they cut my phone service. I live with my 89 year old disabled grandma who needs her phone service because she is disabled. I have call ed everyday since the phobe service has been down to see when soomeone is coming to fix tbe problem that cox messed up to begin with. I have been given lots of different answers and told she was on the high priority list because she is disabled. When I came home last nite and still had no service. I cslled once again and talked to one guy that hung up on me and i called back and talked to a guy who was completed rude and no compassion. He told me they would be out tomorrow and thats all he can do. He talked over me while i was trying to talk and got rude with me because he said he cant do anything for us and me telli lng him my grandma is 89 and disabled and has been without her phone for 4 days his not his problem and we have wait for tomorrow. My grandma does not have a cell phone and i work during tbe day. Today is wednesday jan. 18 and we still have no service. If my grandma needs to call 911 she cant and she is at home by herself. Cox cable is the one who came house friday nite at 10pm and disconnected my phone service and now on one is coming out to fix it. I dont know what to do at this point. Its sad this is how cox is treating loyal customers for over 20 years of service and to a disabled elderly lady.

Jan 18, 2017

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