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Countrywide Home Loans / wrongful termination

1 1515 w 14th stTempe, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8664474232

On 11/7/08 I was advised that a call center audit was done to see how long each person was taking in between out bound calls. I was advised that the audit indicated that I was taking excessive time in between outbound calls... Countrywide didn’t give me the opportunity to be coached for this issue especially seeing that previous clear expectations were never set. Instead it was immediately looked upon as intentionally avoiding calls and I was immediately terminated... After firing myself and a few others, on the same day Countrywide immediately coached the remaining phone agents and allowed action plans for some and rolled out guidelines and set clear expectation for others.

I was employed with Countrywide Home Loans from 1/22/08 to 11/07/08. I worked in Countrywide’s Tempe Arizona office. I must say this has been the worst job experience thus far Countrywide doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. You would think that the number one Mortgage provider is capable of operating a first class business. When I started I was in a classroom training environment for 6 weeks, in the classroom training environment we were only allowed to learn the bases of loan servicing. We were advised that the main part of loan servicing would come once we are on the phone in a on the job training environment. My first thought was my in the world would you let a non-experienced person with minimum knowledge service a loan that is either in foreclosure/facing foreclosure or in major turmoil. I should have known something was up when my interview for the job only lasted 15 minutes, and I got the job.

Working with Countrywide has been the most stressful event in my life. It’s hard having a job when all you do is talk to irate people who are experiencing a financial hardship. It doesn’t make it any better when the company doesn’t provide you with the support that you need. Now don’t get me wrong, Countrywide Home Loans spends tons of money on equipment and resources and other irrelevant/miscellaneous things, but it doesn’t do you any good when you are not properly trained on how to use the equipment/resources or when Countrywide’s trained Leadership staff i.e. Directors, Managers, Training Dept., Team Leads and TL Assistance through out the U.S. are not on the same page nor are they effectively communicating the same messages. Anytime you can ask 10 different team leaders the same question and get 10 different answers, or when management is more concerned about the dress code so that they can make a good impression for visiting investors in order to get more money, there’s a problem. Countrywide Home Loans is a joke and I encourage anyone who has ever been terminated, has lost a house to foreclosure or financed a home loan with Countrywide Home Loans to seek legal advice to have the issued reviewed for typical Countrywide errors.

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  • Al
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I began what I thought could be my career at Countrywide Home Loans on November 26th 2007. Throughout my year of service to Countrywide I was switched from team leader to team leader. In most of my evaluations (scorecards) I was above department standards.

    Now, on September 4th I was moved to a new team, Under a new team leader who did not address ANY of my questions or concerns for example per procedure I advised my team lead I was going to vote 3 Business days in advance he said "I'll take care of it" November 4th rolls around and I go to vote.. coming in 30 minutes late I get the response "well we can't change it but I wouldn't doc you on it haha" I was NOT satisfied with this answer what so ever.. so on November 6th, I went to a manager and gave her this situation told her I would like to be removed from the team an put back on the shift I came from (12-9) I told her I felt neglected, I was not given proper coaching & that I felt my performance levels are being effected because of his poor performance as a team leader. She agreed and said she will see to it that this is looked into.

    Friday November 7th at 10:15am I am pulled into another manager's office along with my team leader where he said "we recently did an audit & according to the report you have about 3 hours of call avoidance" I began to explain.. when a new representative is placed on the floor he or she is sat next to a more tenured rep. they sat a woman who I even questioned her TML if she had even gone through training (this is how bad it is) right in front of me this woman asked a question during EVERY call she also did not have access to many of the systems needed to service a call. I had already notified 3 team leaders of her poor knowledge of the systems & procedures and asked repeaditly that she be moved, (they replied bofa will not allow it) I asked if she would be able to go through training again, & I also asked if she were able to sit next to me to listen to me take calls to get a better understand I typed up countless sheets of information & call flow for this woman.. without letting me fully explain myself the manager SHELIA ALLEN became angry and proceeded with the termination. I then asked for a termination letter, she rose her voice & shouted "NO! WHY WOULD I GIVE YOU THAT?" I then stood up, I wanted to leave at this point I felt threatened. She demanded " YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW " I told her I no longer worked there and wanted to leave she then said "YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND YOU ARE GOING TO RESPECT ME" from the commotion in the room the AVP on site came to the room opened the door & I walked out onto the floor the AVP asked what was going on & I told her I wanted a termination letter. She asked me to step back into the room.. feeling threated I asked to be escorted out of the building.. before stepping out of SHELIA ALLEN'S office I notified her negative attention from the media will come of this. I walked to the parking lot, retrieved my vehicle and started driving through the parking lot, as I drove past the doors of my former employer SHELIA ALLEN emerges from the doors throwing her hands up in a threatening manner. These actions are shocking coming from a manager.

    Countrywide has now hired in 2 new training classes at half as much as I, & the 25 other employees terminated that day. I will be going to the Labor board for discrimination.

    If you were a victim of this attack performed by countrywide located at 1515 w 14th st. please e mail me with your response.

  • Ex
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I am a former Countrywide employee. I was just fired on January 5, 2009 after almost 4 years of service in the Lancaster Call Center. Most of the complaints I been seeing are about the borrowers...let me tell you what goes on in the call center. They are firing people for no reason. I was told I was terminated due to I hung up on a call. I was refused the chance to see the call and was not given any opportunity to explain anything. It turns out I have alot of friends in there and little did they know alot of them are Team Leaders. I was able to find out the next day what the call was about..the call was what we call a dead air call...NO ONE WAS ON THE LINE!!! The Team Leader I was under has it out to fire any one and they allow this to go on. I was then told when i filed a complaint with HR that I was fired due to the previous Office of the President issue I was written up for in 2007 and I am tenured and should know better...Unbelieveable. I have not ever missed a day of work and that issue in 2007 was all due to the borrower had PMI and CHL would not remove it so he took it to the next level and I was written up for following procedure. The procedure on dead air calls is called star 7...NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS PROCEDURE!!!. This was never trained. If you are currently in any call center and a dial tone, or dead air call comes in please please press *7 to return to the borrower or they will have your ###. Oh and another thing that the labor board is now aware of...they can not terminate you for previous write ups due to they have an expiration date, If the couunseling follows you the rest of your natural life it needs to state it without an expiration date, . I hope when B of A takes over, they wipe all the management and Team Leaders out because their 7 principles don't mean ### and they have no ethics or morals on how they treat people then maybe they will see what it is like to get ###ed in the ### with no vaseline. If there are any class action lawsuits COUNT ME IN. I am going to make it known on every website, radio and tv what is going on. Be careful when filing unemployment because their new scam is that you were never employed there so it delays the claim so they can find more dirt to catch u on to not pay you...Yes it happened to me they said I did not ever work there. I have proof I was indeed an employee. Slimy[censored].

  • Un
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I'm seeing more and more of these happening, specifically at Balboa Insurance, which is a subsidiary of Countrywide. From what I know, the department headed by Joe Penny, Leasa Cox and Merrill Brimley had just terminated 5 people. That's half the people on their claims team! There was an internal investigation done on one person with bad attendance, which then escalated into 4 other members of the team. Each person was called into Mr. Penny's office one by one, to possibly get a confession or confirmation of people allegedly doctoring their time cards. After 3 business days of "investigation", 5 people were terminated. No actual proof was shown to these people about their alleged misbehavior. Time cards were supposed to be reviewed through the supervisors prior to being sent through HR, however that was not done. Were the supervisors written up for neglect? And what of the other people in the building? Wasn't it possible that people in other departments were doing the same misconduct? Was there an investigation done on those? Is it possible that these people were terminated because Balboa Insurance Group needed to cut costs, but didn't want to cause a panic of "LAY OFFS" in people's minds? There was an announcement made that there weren't letting people go, however not even a week has passed and 9 people were let go! This would be a convenient reason to keep the people on their jobs and not look elsewhere, leaving their tremendous workload behind.

    And what about promotions in the workplace? People were told that because of the transition, there will be no increases or promotions. Yet Joe Penny calls an employee into his office, and offers him a promotion! A person who nonetheless works hard, but only knows one job function. Let me pose this question. How do you justify promoting that person, versus a person who knows multiple job functions, and has been with the department for several years? What would be a reason that this person would be passed over? Could it be that because she's a woman? For all those working in the claims department of Balboa Insurance Group, I suggest you look into Joe Penny's department, and ask yourselves out of all his employees, do the men have a better pay band than the women? And while you're asking yourselves this, here's another question. You have an employee that transferred back to your department, to do the same thing everyone else is doing with claims except their pay did not change. This person is getting paid as much as an adjuster, but is doing the job functions of someone significatly lower, and much less work than the others! Last I heard, poor work performance is a basis of termination. Perhaps things are different in Balboa Insurance, as it would obviously seem.

    What strikes me as more odd is how are the other supervisors letting this pass? Leasa Cox or Merrill Brimley, your silence behooves me to think that you don't think you have anyone in your teams worth promoting. What happened to the speeches in your meetings about how valuable your teams are, and how you appreciate everything they've done. Are you implying that there is not one person in your teams more competent than the person Joe Penny wanted to promote? Are you exceeding your monthly numbers? Are the teams meeting their minimum "quota"?

    Unfair practices and wrongful termination. I wonder what the Labor Board would think about this?

  • To
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    i too am a countrywide /boA employee and everyday i fear i will lose my
    job im am monitored constantly on hold time, number of calls, adherence, they do not want you to move from that seat. but yet i hear mangers laughing and enjoying long lunches. i hate this job and im so afriad i will lose everything once these ### take me out to slaughter
    im am a shortsale rep so you can only imagine what thats like most of
    the time they dont want to even speak to me, they want to speak with
    the negotiator handling there file but they will not take a call
    when theres nothing to go on in the notes from but maybe an entry they put in 2months ago so guess what we have to get them off the phone
    remember your average handle time lol we have to lie/improvise
    to satisfy them oh my god and dont let them ask for a manger
    because our tmls or mangers dont wanna speak to them either and do anything to avoid with transfering to there voicemail thats there favorite stunt

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