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Countrywide Home Loans / mortgage servicing faud

1 United States Review updated:

If you want to keep your home, if you want to put a stop to the criminal activities by this compay, then it's time to DECLARE WAR ON COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS NOW!!! Contact your congresspeople, the President, every homeowner's advocate you can. the FTC and the FBI, HUD, and, if possible, an attorney, and write them again and again. If we act en masse, we can bring down these creeps and put them where they belong - IN PRISON!

I apologize for the length of this, but I think you will find it good reading, but don't just read it. TAKE ACTION!! The home you save may be your own!!

You must understand that YOU are NOT their customer, the lending companies and investors are their customers. Part of what they do (which comes from to steal people's homes and much of which is happening to me now is this:

"The below and other situations are not errors, mistakes or situations where a servicer's managers or employees failed to do their jobs. Their systems are well-designed and state-of-the-art in terms of analytical technology that helps them choose and process their victims. These scams generate enormous profits from a business that is difficult to run, people and litigation intensive and normally only marginally profitable. Many have failed and been acquired (Fairbanks bought several).

What you Must Understand...

You, the borrower are not their customer. Lending companies and investors are their customers. Most of the borrowers that fall victim to these abuses are classified as "subprime" borrowers (borrowers that either because of credit or income cannot qualify for a conventional loan). The vast majority of "subprime" borrowers are not well off enough to fight when abuses do take place.

The path toward losing your home to this scam is actually quite simple. The first phase is designed to fabricate the default and typically beings with one or a combination of ways to arm the servicer's records with false data:

When the servicer decides to manipulate the date the payment was received in order to artificially create a late payment.

When the servicer doesn't post payments made or improperly applies them

When the servicer applies part of the payment to something other than principal and interest and creates a partial late payment or deficiency

When the services decides to "force place" an insurance policy on the property by claiming the homeowner has not provided proof of insurance.

When the servicer pays your property taxes late, the adds their late penalty to your account without your knowledge.

Any or all of these processes result in at least one month of the account being past due and a negative note is made in the credit report (which effectively prevents the borrower from refinancing). "

***Below is my story, which went to my congresspeople as well as the FTC, my state attorney general, and a number of advocacy groups and executives at BOA and CW:

I pray that you will withdraw any and all bailout money from Countrywide Home Loans and allow them to die, as they continue their abusive behavior toward borrowers. They are not using the bailout funds for the purpose intended, in fact they are attempting to steal people's homes rather than keep people in their homes. Below is my story.

Thank you for hearing me out.
Please help.


I sincerely hope you can understand my anger, fear, frustration, and
confusion at the situation I face as detailed below. I apologize for
the length of this. Please read the bottom as well. Thank you.

I received a voicemail from Countrywide this morning asking for a
return call. I am very leery of doing this without a third party
involved to make sure we are ALL on the same page, and for good reason.
Whatever is going on with the accounting at Countrywide makes zero
sense to me. First of all, just a month ago, the system showed me well
ahead on my payments, and papers to put me in a lower interest fixed
rate loan were on their way soI was told by a CSR. But this week, I get
a notice of intent to accelerate letter from CW telling me my loan is
in serious default and that I owe now for December, January and now
February. So what you are telling me is I have missed THREE
payments???? Or more???? That is absolutely NOT true. Furthermore, your
letter of intent to accelerate mentioned "other fees" I may owe but
said NOTHING about what those fees were nor how much. So how exactly am
I to tell where I stand with CW??? What do I owe, why do I owe it and
when??? I have no idea what to believe or that whatever is told to me
is correct or not.

I never ever received any letter stating I was behind, no calls or
anything else indicating there was any problem with my account. In
fact, I had a good relationship with the Countrywide CSRs and found
them cordial and at least appearing to be helpful.

I would like to again have a good relationship with Countrywide, as I
did for a couple years...but I cannot be blindsided by this sort of
thing. I need to know.

I did hear from Lori with the MO Attorny General's Office, and thank
her for her help. Hopefully this can be straightened out. I know I
cannot do it alone.

As I said before. I am sure there are many very fine people who work at
Countrywide who care about their jobs. But there appears too to be some
who either don't know what their doing or don't care, regardless of the
people whose lives are unneccesarily ruined by their unwillingness to
do their jobs.

I am not trying to be a jerk here, I'm really not. I just love my home
and wish to keep it, and it makes no sense to lose it just because
someone isn't doing their job right or intentionally manipulating the

I'd like to get this straightened out as soon as possible. Thank you
for your help.


Below is a link to a piece of news you might find

Countrywide admits to LYING!

To Countrywide,

Just a month ago, according to your system, I had no payment due to you
until March of 2009 (as a result of a loan modification and advance
payments made by me), and you were supposedly in the process of moving
me into a low interest fixed rate loan. So imagine my surprise when I
got a letter from you tonight of an intent on your part to ACCELERATE
my loan, DOUBLING MY PAYMENT AND charging me late fees!!! How can you
charge late fees on payments not even due?????? Could someone there
explain to me exactly what the heck is going on???? You don't even have
a representative available after 5:15 PM Central Time!!

Further, your website says you have not received a payment from me
since 10/31/08. That is completely untrue!! In spite of the fact that
you showed me three months ahead on my payments, I still made payments
faithfully, only skipping last month after your CSR told me my payments
were not being applied to my balance, but put in a holding account
while the loan workout was going on. He explained I might as well wait
since the package - which never came - was to be sent out shortly.

So would someone please explain to me exactly what your intention is
regarding my loan????? Do you want to foreclose so you can sell my
house and keep my equity, is that what this is all about? Since this
isn't the first time you've done this sort of thing - such [censored]ding
payments late so you could charge a late fee, for example - what
exactly is your endgame here? Well I will tell you what mine is. This
is my home. I love my home, and have done absolutely nothing to deserve
losing it just because someone at your company, whether they be
completely incompetant or unbelievably evil or not giving a rat's
behind about their job or the people it affects, cannot or will not do
their jobs right. I have every intention of keeping my home - and I
dead body being removed from it, then so be it.

I will give you credit on one thing - your CSRs have always been
cordial, helpful and friendly to me; it's too bad they cannot do
anything about what goes on over their heads. But whoever is
responsible for such shenanigins as this, which I read is common to

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  • Ja
      30th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Countrywide Sucks! As soon as I can re-fi with
    some one else I will. I have a fixed 30yr with CW.
    They were always sending me letters saying I was
    pre-qualified for re-financing and they had great
    deals. I wanted to lower my payment. I called and
    was put throuh to a Brian Holland in Arizona. He
    checked my credit as we talked, he told me my
    credit at all three bureaus was around 820. I
    told him I'm disabled, had low income, but that I
    did earn undocumented income pet sitting, and
    selling some of my art. He sounded so positive
    and encouraging. He insisted I pay $410. up
    front for an appraisal fee. Reluctantly I agreed.
    During the appraisal I learned that Land Safe,
    the Appraisal Co. Is a Subsidiary of, guess who?
    Countrywide. Inspite of the fact that I own 70%
    of my home, pay my taxes and insurance, and
    never been late on a payment and had a really
    high credit score I was turned down to refinance
    by the Bank holding my loan because I didn't earn
    enough. But hey! They had a good look at my
    property, at my expense, and they put my money
    in their pocket through Land Safe. Brian Holland
    said he would try to get my money back, but I
    have yet to see it and it's two months.

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